Into each life

Today is a rainy day. Not the kind of rainy day that I hate least, where it mists, then rains, then clears, then rains, but a dismal, constant, cold, heavy rain that’s demoralizing and eventually leaks into the basement.  The remains of Hurricane Patricia are passing though, and it’s been raining steadily since the wee hours, with no apparent intention of letting up.

Have I mentioned that I hate rain? I do. I like water under me, like in swimming and baths, and so today I’ve spent the day in, cursing the grey, dark skies, and drinking pot after pot of tea. It’s been a long, slow day – spent mostly at my desk, catching up on email and paperwork – and that at least feels productive and has been a decent rest, which is brilliant, because as spectacular as the weekend at KnitEast was (and it was spectacular, with lovely teachers and clever students and lovely scenery) I came home so completely knackered Monday night, that yesterday I had several involuntary naps.

tidein 2015-10-28 tideout 2015-10-28

(That’s the tide going in and out on Passamaquoddy Bay. It’s off the Bay of Fundy, home of the worlds highest tides – I think this one was 28ft.)

I got up this morning (early, for something that turned out to be cancelled) and sat at my desk, and realized that I was cold. My new sweater was on the back of my chair, and I shrugged that on, and then thought about how cold my hands had been over the weekend. I’d forgotten to pack mittens. Then I thought about why I hadn’t packed mittens, realized I’d never made good on my promise to myself to make a pair of mittens over the summer, and that I was at serious risk of spending another winter wearing a leftover pair from someone else’s kit. That’s a crappy place for a knitter to be, so I hunted up a few oddments that match my coat(s) and today, as I’ve worked at my desk, I’ve managed a row here, and a row there…

moreaccuratemittens 2015-10-28

And with any luck, by tomorrow I’ll have a pair of Cloisonee for myself, I’d forgotten how ridiculously fast they are- and if that doesn’t stop the rain and make it warm up – I don’t know what will.

*PS: If anyone fancies it, we have a few spots open for the Strung Along Retreat in November. We were totally full, with a waitlist, and then forces conspired. (Judith’s doing wheel maintenance and mechanics, amongst other things, and it should be more than worth it just for that.) If you fancy a bit of a treat and a rest before the rush of the season starts – have a peek and see if it’s for you. You can send an email to strungalongATyarnharlotDOTca if you want to talk about it.

*PPS. Yes. I did finish a pair of socks and a bit over the weekend. Two all done pairs (one was started when I left) are drying after a nice bath, as I type this. I’ll show you tomorrow.