I can fill in one box

I am not sure yet if I have the nerve to open the Christmas Spreadsheet. You know, the one that I swore I’d open way sooner than this last year.  Last year I was going to get on this way sooner. Last year, I said that this year would be the year that I got out ahead of the thing.  Last year, I knew that this year was going to be the pinnacle of my Christmas success. The least amount of work and stress, the biggest amount of organization and relaxation… it was going to be a poem.  I was going to have stuff wrapped by now.

I know what’s on that spreadsheet – or at least I know enough of it that I can continue to procrastinate for a little longer, long enough that I can do some of the stuff that I know is on there, and then when I finally open it, I’ll have the satisfaction of filling in a bunch of the boxes all at once, which I think will probably be encouraging. This is one box that I will be able to fill in, a little sweater, done and dusted.

princessdone 2015-11-24

It’s the Princess Smocked Cardigan, and I knit it out of Brooks Farms Mas Acero – the colourway is Taste of Berries, I think. This one came along quietly, in the background over the last few weeks, as my hotel room knitting.

princessdonedet 2015-11-24

I blocked all the pieces the other night, then seamed them up, and I’m pretty happy with it, considering what a quick knit it was. Perfect little buttons were found in the button bin, and voila.

princessdonebutton 2015-11-24

There will be at least one more little sweater to knit before Christmas, and I can feel some other significant projects lurking in the spreadsheet, but this is a nice big chunk to take off. I think I’ll wrap it.