Update: gained

1. At the meeting(s) last night, Cameron returned my knitting.

camfoundit 2015-12-02

(Observation: People with long arms take better selfies.)

2. I finished the sweater, including a little button run, to get the perfect little accents for the wee thing.

littlesweaterdone 2015-12-02

Pattern: Baby and Child Sophisticate, size 18months. (Wee Frankie is only 5 months old, but a little chunky.) Yarn: 1.2 skeins of Longmeadow Farm merino, colour “Brick and Mortar”.

detailsweater 2015-12-02

I have wild and happy feelings about a whole sweater being done, even if it is tiny.

3. I finally broke and went to the store. This is the pile that must be knit by Christmas.

thehaul 2015-12-02

It’s a sweater, four hats, a (sort of) little sweater, three pairs of socks and (not pictured) slippers.

4. I’m so screwed.

5. Not as screwed as I’d be without #1.