Capping the year

This is, I think, the second to last time I’ll be in an airport this year.  I’m just about to embark on my last trip – and I can’t tell you how lovely the feeling is. I’ve got no plans for this weekend beyond work, and I’ve put a million tons of yarn into my suitcase, and I’m planning a wild knit-a-thon.

sockstart 2015-12-04

As I typed that, it occurred to me that only knitters would accept that “wild” and “knit-a-thon” are words that absolutely belong together in a sentence, but there’s a lot about knitters we can’t describe to the non-knitting and have them believe us. In two minutes I’m posting this, and then I’m picking up that larval sock and letting the yarn rumpus begin. We’ll see where that gets me by Monday.