Update from Closer to the Edge

This is a fast one, since I’m headed for another round of parties today. (Somehow we are roped into thirteen of them this year. I thought it was twelve, but it turns out to be thirteen, and I’m trying not to think about that. I have been reprising my award winning role as “Joe’s Wife” at many of them, and have only been called Mrs. Dunphy once. The ones today won’t have much knitting at them, but things are coming along anyway, I think.

almostdonesocks 2015-12-18 allthreehats 2015-12-18

I know those pictures look a lot like the last batch, but the astute among you will note that all three hats are done (only one more hat to go!) and that there is the second sock of the pair, and I don’t care how many parties I have to go to today, there’s just no way that the pair isn’t going to be completed today. (I know, I shouldn’t have said that.) That leaves just one more pair of socks, a pair of slippers, and….. well. A sweater. Still, the worlds top knitwear model has agreed to help do the baking and some of the wrapping tomorrow, and I feel like it’s possible that the light I see at the end of the tunnel might not be a train.

Monday – that’s when I’ll know for sure. Hang in there knitters!