Capping the year

This is, I think, the second to last time I’ll be in an airport this year.  I’m just about to embark on my last trip – and I can’t tell you how lovely the feeling is. I’ve got no plans for this weekend beyond work, and I’ve put a million tons of yarn into my suitcase, and I’m planning a wild knit-a-thon.

sockstart 2015-12-04

As I typed that, it occurred to me that only knitters would accept that “wild” and “knit-a-thon” are words that absolutely belong together in a sentence, but there’s a lot about knitters we can’t describe to the non-knitting and have them believe us. In two minutes I’m posting this, and then I’m picking up that larval sock and letting the yarn rumpus begin. We’ll see where that gets me by Monday.

83 thoughts on “Capping the year

  1. Safe travels! Happy knitting! You Can Do It! I have two viking hats to crochet and a s-load of baking to do. Not to mention working full-time, school full time which requires two massive essays in the next 9 days, and a whole lot of other Christmas-type responsibilities. Let the games begin!

  2. Yarn Rumpus is our new band name. Our first single will be called “I Played Chicken With My Ball of Wool and I Won!” For my instrument I call the snare drum carder.

    Safe travels!

  3. I have informed all family members knitted Christmas gifts will be with chunky yarn. Thank goodness for Coles being so popular.

  4. I’m about to board a 15hour flight. Was stopped at security to show them the 2pairs of addi circulars (2.5mm, 3mm) I had in my carry-on. Don’t know what I’d do if they had to confiscate them.

  5. At the incredible speed you knit, I would pay to watch a timelapse video of you knitting ALL THE THINGS during this knit-stravaganza. Good luck!!!

  6. Things NonKnitters Don’t Understand:

    1. Stash
    2. Keeping your stash logged online
    3. Mystery Knit Alongs
    4. How we don’t save any money, not at all.
    5. Huffing Wool Fumes
    6. The Paradox of Knitting: Both Calming AND Infuriating

        • My daughter, in spite of my best efforts, is a non-knitter, but I’ve taught her to pet and snuggle yarn and hold it to her cheek for maximal appreciation. It’s always refreshing to know there’s at least ONE non-knitter out there who understands!

          My husband doesn’t understand, but at least he accepts. And he’s grasped the concept of needing to buy a special skein of yarn for memory purposes only, never to be knit, on each trip we take, and has even started suggesting places to stop and look for that memory yarn. It’s important to train the non-knitters around us to accept or even participate in our odder habits. 🙂

          • My hubby can match dye lots, and knows the difference between straights and circulars. The training was so worth it!

  7. It feels like every knitter is right there with you, the “wild knit rumpus” that is Knitmas. I have chopped the list some because when life explodes and you find a lovely gift that will buy you back a couple hours of (sanity-restoring) sleep, that’s what you do. But half-started WIPs can be birthday presents if they must.

    Mostly, the last while of news, has inclined me to be a light. More charity donations in names of folks I know who will love that. Random acts of kindness and fighting the despair beast.

    Still, I have a Hansel (throw), 3 shawls, and two hats that remain on the list. A couple Etsy orders and bottle of wines will see me through the rest and able to have some fun.

    Best of luck to you, safe travels, and thank you as always for sharing your life and knitting with strangers!

  8. “I’ve got no plans for this weekend beyond work, and I’ve put a million tons of yarn into my suitcase, and I’m planning a wild knit-a-thon.” This sentence says so very much about your life. There are those of us who would think a weekend spent on a work trip meant less time for knitting.

  9. People just don’t understand that knitter’s are the life of the party. A very big wooly party. Okay, it’s yarn, but that basically counts as a party.

  10. When I read the last night about the yarn rumpus my heart jumped in my chest in joy. I’m sure the fact that I am this excited and happy for you to spend some serious time knitting is probably something I should avoid telling my best friend as she’s both a psychologist and a non-knitter and would probably have some long words to describe me.

  11. Wild knitting rumpus.
    Sounds pretty awesome.
    Maybe I should do that too.
    In between the band concerts, potluck supper, and dance rehearsal.
    Oh dear.

  12. I once described my purchase of a knitting magazine as representing a “rich fantasy life”. Yeah, the clerk thought I was pretty weird. Yes, I understand “wild knit rumpus”!

  13. I found out from a friend that her 17-yr old daughter Emmalie has turned into a non-stop knitter who sits and watches movies/binge watches tv episodes while knitting…..I didn’t mention that I taught (ahem) this child to knit about 3 yrs ago. I’m now plotting how to get said child to Strung Along with me and have her Mom pay for it….heh heh heh….I envision some wild rumpus(es) in her future! Knit on Oh Great Harlot….

  14. Funny, I always thought a “yarn rumpus” was what resulted after you tied one end of your ball of wool to your finger — and then played “Twister”. . .

  15. I am working on a knit a thon too! Packed my boyfriend off for the weekend and am marathoning vicar of dibley. For to finish the holiday knitting somehow. Good luck and safe travels

  16. Hm… May have to turn this next week into a wild rumpus of knitting as well. I’ve got a pair of socks to knit for mom, and a smallish scarf and dishcloths to knit for Christmas gifts for neighbors. Now, to get the headache I’ve had for the last several days to cooperate and leave me alone, we’re good.

  17. “and then I’m picking up that larval sock and letting the yarn rumpus begin. ”

    he he he he he he 🙂
    BEST quote of the day, “larval sock”, I’m gonna use that.

  18. OK I see that you prefer double points for socks and I agree double points are faster than magic loop. But how do you manage double points on a plane….. Having just done a plane from DTW to AUS and happily knitting on my horse ear net (last Christmas present) – happily magic looping feeling very smug that I can’t drop a needle – I wonder how do you cope with dropping a double point on a plane? Do you take sacrificial needles? Do you wake the rude man beside you? Do you wait until everyone gets off the plane to search for your needle? Just curious…. Excellent yarn store in Austin…..

  19. I can’t Twitter to your comment about the USA having so much terrorism. But, I do ask you to pray for us rather than criticizing us.

    Thank you.

      • I read it not so much as a criticism as a plea for the gun lobby to come to its collective senses and work towards some kind of gun control. Stephanie hasn’t said anything that your own president has not said. The nation needs to get together on this to make it stop. And praying while you work on that would also be a good thing.

        • Hear, hear! As a resident on this planet, I am saddened by the shootings of innocent people, as I’m certain Stephanie is. As a citizen of the USA, I am frustrated that many of my fellow citizens and our legislators oppose gun control measures that have kept people in other countries safer.
          Of course people in other countries are wondering what is wrong with mine that we can’t seem to do what statistics have shown work in other countries; I wonder the same thing.

  20. Regarding your Twitter message, I’m not able to do that. But would appreciate it if you keep the USA in your prayers, rather than criticizing us concerning terrorism. Thank you.

  21. I don’t mean to poke, I mean, you’ve clearly stated you are very busy and I DO read your posts. But that’s why I’m poking- I’m somewhat buried under my knitting right now, but I’ve taken a moment of my fragmented attention to poke you for an update– it would be lovely if you would take a few minutes to respond….Just wondering how it’s going, and in need of a little knit-rumpus-update myself…. 🙂 (friendly poking only, no cranky poking!)

  22. Sooo, what happened? We’re waiting to see how the rumpus went. My life is non-stop yarn rumpus, LOL. But I like to see how others do it. Maybe next year the long range planning box needs to get some love over the summer. A few pairs of socks knit on the boat can make all the difference.

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