Update: gained

1. At the meeting(s) last night, Cameron returned my knitting.

camfoundit 2015-12-02

(Observation: People with long arms take better selfies.)

2. I finished the sweater, including a little button run, to get the perfect little accents for the wee thing.

littlesweaterdone 2015-12-02

Pattern: Baby and Child Sophisticate, size 18months. (Wee Frankie is only 5 months old, but a little chunky.) Yarn: 1.2 skeins of Longmeadow Farm merino, colour “Brick and Mortar”.

detailsweater 2015-12-02

I have wild and happy feelings about a whole sweater being done, even if it is tiny.

3. I finally broke and went to the store. This is the pile that must be knit by Christmas.

thehaul 2015-12-02

It’s a sweater, four hats, a (sort of) little sweater, three pairs of socks and (not pictured) slippers.

4. I’m so screwed.

5. Not as screwed as I’d be without #1.


89 thoughts on “Update: gained

  1. First, first, first! Anyway, I LOVE the wee little sweater. The collar makes it very sophisticated indeed. So glad you conquered your MINE, MINE, MINE because the yarn it is made of makes it even more sophisticated. Frankie will be the most dapper baby in the park!

  2. You amaze me – I have 2 pairs of socks, a shawl and a Ross Poldark to knit and I’m freaking out. Lovely orange colour, btw – what is it?

    • Where can I get a pattern for Ross Poldark? I’ve been craving one ever since I first saw Robin Ellis.

      And the new model is even yummier!

  3. Amen! So glad you got it back!

    I just finished re-reading “All Wound Up.” There are times when without your books and blog, I would not survive!

  4. So beautiful!! I always love your choices of colors for babies– they are so untypical ( eg pastels), and always look amazing!

  5. Oh, that pile makes me so happy. I can’t tell you how many times I reread the December archives of the blog (for fear you would think less of me if you knew the number). Your Christmas knitting is my most favorite. I hope it goes well for you this year.

  6. Knit like the wind! The sweater looks absolutely stunning, by the by. Your nephew is going to be styling, even if he can’t appreciate that yet.
    I’m bogged down between school and Christmas knitting.

  7. Love, love, love the grey wool with the brown buttons. And of course I love the shawl collar (Some people think I specialize in those). Reminds me of Harriet’s Jacket, only perhaps better. My neighbour is having a baby in March, and you just found me the sweater I plan to make. Best of luck with all that knitting. You’re a glutton for punishment (knitting and cycling both).

  8. I just saw a beautiful picture of 6 month old Princess Charlotte wearing a tiny cashmere sweater. It was darling. Your sweater for Frankie is on a par with the royal sweater. Beautiful.

  9. Love that tiny old man’s sweater!
    P.S: I just finished a pair of men’s socks in the white, grey and black striped yarn in the last photo. It’s sooo soft!!!!

  10. I knit the Baby Sophisticate for my son when he was born in a beautiful grey wool; it was one of my favourite ever knits. Yours looks great!

  11. So happy for you. Its good to have good people in your life you can count on. Wish I had your knitting skills. I am newbie but been crocheting for years. Being a textile artist is a way of life. Thank you for your bits of your life that you share. You are inspirational.

    • It is the holiday season, perhaps a little pate, a little cheese, some crackers? A bit of a festive upgrade?
      I love this time of (the knitting) year.
      Chris S in Canada

    • You know, I’ve always been virtually sitting beside you and I never thought to ask. Red? Or white? I’m a Cab Sav girl myself. Goes particularly well with the butter and salt, I feel.

  12. Your pile of yarn makes me feel a whole lot better about the idea I just had to knit a man’s sweater before Christmas. Dh is going to be out of town most of next week, so surely I can knit him a surprise sweater while he is gone, right?

    • I did that last year and it was the most intense knitting ever!!! My husband is 6’6″ and 250 lbs, so the only way I could pull it off was big yarn and big needles. I think I got it done in about a week-ish, and I about made myself crazy. If you hop over to Ravelry, you’ll see it in my projects, lovingly titled The Sweater of Delusion. Good luck!

      Aka MamaDreads on Ravelry

  13. I have got to tell Sandy that you used her yarn for that small and perfect cardi.
    Cameron is an exceedingly nice man.
    Your pile of future knits is bigger than mine and that comforts me.

  14. 1. Be glad that the “(sort of) little sweater” is not a set of footed ‘jammies for Joe.

    2. Go get a paper bag.

    3. Breathe deeply and slowly into the paper bag until you stop hyperventilating.

    4. Round up the cat, some soothing music, and your beverage of the day (hot chocolate, beer, screech, etc.).

    5. Put the music on, drink you beverage, and have a good nap with the cat.

    6. Rename the “Christmas knitting” as the “St. Patrick’s Day knitting.”

    7. Repeat step 5 until you calm down.

    • LOL!! That would be my way of dealing with it! (though I would have to move that pile further away than St Patricks Day!)

  15. I don’t know how you do it, Harlot, but you always manage to pull your Christmas knitting together just in time! The little man sweater is adorable, and Cameron looks like a super guy! He should definitely join our ranks.

    • Ah, see, if Cameron learns to knit, he can always make hats for himself. “If you teach a man to fish, etc.”

      Three cheers for Cameron, I think we all rely on our friends this time of year. Good luck with the knitting!

  16. Hero Cameron!! Great little sweater!! Pretty yarn!!
    Now, for the love of wool, stop reading comments and get to knitting!

  17. Love the sweater. Think I will knit it after Christmas for my granddaughter. My socks will not be finished in time for Christmas so this year they are getting single socks. I have done this before I even gave my son a skein of sock yarn last year. We all had a good laugh over that one. He got the socks mid January. Good luck with your projects.

  18. If you ever decide you need a few extra days to knit, maybe you could consider moving your festive celebrations to the Julian calendar. You wouldn’t need to have your Christmas knitting done until the 7th of January – plenty of time! 🙂

  19. That’s an awfully big pile. But then again you knit like the wind, and have much more knitting time than I do. Even though I’m home all day, I’m constantly amazed how much time a 3- and a 1-year-old eat up. Let this year’s insane knitting marathon commence!
    P.S., love the sweater.

  20. Look, I’ve got a pair of Rumblebottom Monster pants for the grandson that only need the eyes. I’m not knitting him anything else for Cwistmas, but, but, de wee tweater… (slap!)

    Um. Nice job. Looking forward to the B&W socks, as I keep buying it and not knitting it…

  21. I only have 2 pairs of socks and one pair alpaca fingerless mitts and I’m feeling panicky. I can’t imagine what you’re feeling!

  22. That is an impressive pile you’ve got to work through!! From my impressive pile to your impressive pile, here’s the a Happy Season of Gifting (and a sore bum from sitting so much!)

  23. The sweater is lovely. Perfect for a wee linebacker. You’ll fly through all this. You knit in your sleep. It’s all good.
    Your first gift to your friends and family is YOU.
    The second gift is leading an army of cyclists to help defeat HIV/AIDS.
    The third gift is traditional gingerbread.
    The fourth gift might be knitted.
    After the first two gifts, even knitting pales in comparison.
    Of course, I’ve never had your gingerbread. 🙂

  24. I am so pleased that you have been reunited with your knitting. I once left an almost complete shawl in a coffee shop. Thankfully I noticed when I got to the car. I raced back to an empty table and a WONDERFUL waiter who had been keeping the bag for me.

  25. 12/4 I’m sorry, but after years of following you with great enjoyment, something you wrote (your latest tweet) made me angry. While I agree that something about the availability of firearms in our country must be done, terrorism is not an exclusive product of the US. We are simply the big juicy target. But that is not the reason I am angry. You lumped all the US in one tweet – something I don’t think you would do with those of color, homosexuals or other groups. That frustrates all of us trying desperately to “do something” against long odds. Please try again.

    • The truth hurts, I’m afraid.

      And yes, I’m a US citizen.

      I know that Steph usually steers clear of politics here. But how can you blame her, as someone who knows and cares for many people in the States, for voicing her concern and frustration? God knows, I’ve voiced mine.

    • At the time of the tweet. the San Bernardino incident had not been linked to terrorism. Regardless of that, as Canadians for whom firearms acquisition certificates are difficult to obtain, and any automatic weapon is restricted, we find it difficult to grasp the events that are reported. A young girl shoots herself with a loaded gun found between couch cushions? That happened in the same week as San Bernardino. We wonder, how is that possible? I don’t think YH was lumping all Americans into one bad entity. I think she was expressing sorrow at the fact that weapons of destruction are so available. True that guns don’t kill people; people kill people. The Canadians wonder why it is so easy for people to get guns to kill other people./ end rant. I know I have crossed the line into politics. I’m not sorry.

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