Randomly on a Wednesday

1. Thank you, thank you, for your lovely response to our blogiversary. We’ve been together such a long time now, but Blog, you made the day chock full of magic. I loved the idea of charities being inundated with $12 donations. Count on you lot to always figure out the right thing. Thank you.

2. I thought things weren’t so bad over here, but I was wrong. When I got sick during the week I was supposed to use to catch up from being on holidays something went really, really sideways over here.  There’s not a single room I can go into that doesn’t make me flinch with undone work. This place is a mess. My inbox is a mess. My desk is a mess.

3. You know that thing where someone tells you their place is a mess- maybe you’re knocking on the door, and they say “Ok do come in, but I apologize, the place is a disaster” and then you walk in, and immediately realize that the two of you don’t share a meaning for the word “disaster”? Like, you wish your place was as tidy as their disaster? This is not what I’m talking about here. This place is trashed. I’m at the pretend-not-to-be-home-when-the-doorbell-rings phase.

4. All attempts to get my life and the place I live in back under control have resulted in either knitting or naps. My to-do list now spans three large post-it pads, and I’ve started writing things on it like “get control of life” or “fix everything”.

5. This is as effective as you imagine.

6. I’m still plugging along on Siren Song – I’m just over halfway done, which surprises me because I feel like I’m knitting on it a lot, and being super faithful to it. It’s a lot of knitting though – long rows, and the only way I can actually tell that I’m making progress is that I’m onto the second ball of yarn.

7. I didn’t take a picture because it looks exactly. the. same.