Maybe Not

I swear, on every scrap of yarn in this house, that I thought the baby sweater I’m working on would be finished today.  I really did. It was sheer delusion. I see that now.  I thought that I was going to knit the heck out of it yesterday.  I thought that the whole time that I was running errands and knitting on something else.

sockstreetcar 2016-02-05

I thought that when I accepted an invitation to dinner (though we did knit at dinner – the upside of teaching so many of my friends to knit is that they now figure it into the schedule) and I thought that even as I went to bed without it anywhere near finished.  I thought that when I had to work at my desk this morning instead of knitting. I thought that this afternoon, as I worked on my class prep for Madrona instead of knitting.  I thought that as I did Bike Rally work, I thought that as I cleaned the bathroom. I thought that as I sat down to write this to you.  The only time the reality of the situation hit me, was as I sauntered over to take a picture of what was in my head “an almost finished sweater.”

sweaternotdone 2016-02-05

That sweater’s nowhere near finished. The body is barely started, the sleeves?  There’s no sleeves. There’s just a yoke, and a few pathetic rows of the body, and in my head, it was “almost finished.” Now, it gets better, because as the reality of the situation washed over me, as the delusion I’d created cleared like a mist, I didn’t think “Oh man – that’s not going to be finished today. You’re a lunatic.” I thought “Oh man. I’m really going to have to hustle (after I make dinner, serve dinner, do laundry, and finish at least two hours of desk work that should really be nine hours of desk work if I could stand it) to finish this by tonight.”

I might need to revise my plan a bit.