I’ll put it away later

Good news. Spring is on its way. I know, if you live around here it might be hard to believe, what with the dingy snow malingering in the yard and the safe planting date being two months away, but it is totally coming, and I can prove it.

I have Startitis. I want to knit all the things. All of them. The same thing happens every spring, so I know it must be coming. Right now I have no less than four active projects, and I feel like it is not even remotely enough.  My stash is a beguiling force that keeps calling to me, though it’s hard to hear, what with all the noise that buying new yarn makes. I thought I just wanted to knit a lot right now, but that’s not it. If it were, then I’d be content with the four projects I’ve got rotating through my day, and those, my knitterly friends, are not cutting it. I want to start things. New things. Gorgeous things.

Capture 2016-03-07

This is the latest to hit the needles – Capture, knit with one strand of Woolfolk Får, and another of Shibui Silk Cloud. (It’s taking two skeins of the Får, and one of the Silk Cloud.) I am desperately in love with it – it’s so soft that I’ve forced about eight non-knitters to touch it.

I haven’t even bothered to put away the yarn that I bought in Texas, and that is because my startitis is a delusion that says that I’m going to use it up so quickly that there’s no point in putting it away. I look at it, I contemplate taking it to the stash room and making it a spot, and then something comes over me, and I think – heck no. I’ll just take a minute and make a shawl/socks/cowl later. No point in carrying it upstairs.

There are five skeins of yarn for a cowl, four skeins of sock yarn, and two balls of laceweight cashmere. I added it up – that’s 2858m of yarn, and I’m not putting it away because I’m going to start it later, and it won’t count because it will be finished quickly.

Oh, Spring. It must be right around the corner.