We are so good to our parents

Over the last few years, both Joe and I have found ourselves with Snowbird parents, of a sort. My mum is pretty good at it, she rents a place by the ocean in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, for a month each winter. Joe’s parents are really good at it, and they have a place in Ajijic, Mexico where they come for several months a year. For a few years now, I’ve been going to be with my mum for a while every time she goes, and Joe’s been making a point of visiting his mum.  I go to my mum, he goes to his, divide and conquer – it works really well, except that he doesn’t visit my mum, and I don’t visit his, which is a shame because I really like Joe’s parents, and he really likes my mum. Still, we had it all under control.

Then this year my mum rented her place for slightly different dates than she usually does, and that ran into two work things that I had to do – and so my daughters all went down to visit my mum, and Joe planned a trip to his parents, and I… didn’t.  That was until a few weeks ago, when Joe realized that if we tweaked things just a little bit – if he came and went at slightly different times, then I could go with him. It seemed too good to be true, but it was, and on Sunday afternoon (having wrapped up an awesome Birthday Bash for Ken) we got on a plane and flew to Mexico City, and on Monday morning

onourway 2016-03-15

we got on another plane and flew to Guadalajara. A short-ish drive from there, and we’re tucked into Joe’s Mum and Dad’s house in Ajijic, and we get to stay until Friday Morning, and we are having a pretty nice time. We are living like retired, snowbird Canadians for five days, and that means that for the last 24 hours we have been the youngest people present just about everywhere we’ve gone. (This is a refreshing thing to try in your late 40s, and I highly recommend the feeling it gives you in a bathing suit.)  Today we went to some hot springs, and last night out to dinner, and right this very minute, things are very tough indeed.

toughday 2016-03-15

That’s a finished Capture, hanging on the chair in the background.  (You would not even begin to believe how fast things dry in Mexico.) Two skeins Woolfolk Far, one skein silk cloud, and I’d show you a modelled shot except it’s 28 degrees and nobody here is putting that on their body.  You would not even believe the way that mohair sticks to sweat. (Maybe when we’re back in Toronto I’ll enlist the Worlds Top Knitwear Model.)

capturedone 2016-03-15

It is soft, and gorgeous and perfect, much like visiting your in-laws is,  in my case.

Mañana, Knitters.

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  1. Lovely knitting, lovely flowers. Have a great time and happy knitting. Spring is slowly making its way to the North East, there are crocuses and robins in Upstate NY

  2. Hooray for awesome in-laws!

    Every time we go away with my husband’s parents I end up having to explain that “we’re going away with my in-laws…who I really like” because people get this look on their faces at the word in-laws that seems to require some sort of explanation that this isn’t some sort of torture.

    I’m so glad you got away, and the cowl looks lovely.

  3. Now I have to know how to pronounce where you are. because in my mind it’s a hiccup. Hiccough. Ahh ahh Ahh ajijic. Sneeze? !

  4. Yay for things working out, and for the advice of hanging out with people of a certain age for confidence in a swimsuit. Although I will say that my 92 year old granny totally rocked a swimsuit, not because she had a perfect body but because she could not give less of a flip what anyone thought!

  5. I respectfully caution you against doing any technical knitting. It has been my experience, sadly, that tequila and knitting lace is a bad idea. Just saying.

    • I am so supporting this hypothesis. Sadly learned the hard way on what I *thought* was a simple lace pattern on a sock. I have stayed with plain vanilla socks in this situation after that sad event (can we say total frog of a sock?)

  6. Lucky you! I’m so glad you get along with your in-laws as well – I agree with Karen above, that many people think it’s odd. I hope you have so much fun ! :))

  7. You’ve finally said something that makes me think I shouldn’t abandon the idea of wearing my swimsuit forever! Now, to find an enclave of retired vacationers. Enjoy your visit!

  8. Those sunny pictures tell me you’ve got the best antidote to the grey, wet week we’re going to have here. And the cowl is beautiful. Hope you brought some cotton or something for the rest of the week.

  9. Oh Stephanie! The suffering! How can you stand it? 🙂 Enjoy yourself dear Harlot! How I envy you the sunshine. It’s starting to feel like it will never stop raining here in the PNW.

  10. Wow, you are an independent lady. I must be with my husband for traveling. If he goes somewhere and I must go to be with him. I don’t like left behind. I supposed that you have a courage to travel alone.

    Yeah, it is slowing for Utah to becomes a spring.

  11. “I highly recommend the feeling it gives you in a bathing suit.”

    Uh, huh. No further comment on THAT one…!

    P.S.: The cowl is lovely. Can’t wait to see it on your human knitwear model. (Your furry model for knits continues to plot how to conquer the world because that’s what cats do.)

    • Not to bring anyone down, but (due to a comment made somewhere along the line) did I miss the demise of kitty-the-first [of the blog, Miss Milly], and the advent of kitty-the-next? As I’m owned by 3 felines myself, I’m constrained to ask.

  12. You just made me miss my dear x-in-laws. X-mil once thanked me for not making them choose between me and their son (my X) — because they would have chosen me. We had a great Xmas with them in Texas when the kids were grade-schoolers.
    Wonder if Mexico would take me, my grown kids and their kids in while Trump reigns.

    • You could always come to Canada, but you’re all going to have to help us build The Wall. Actually, we’d be grateful if each of you brought some bricks with you. (If there are more sane people than Trump supporters and he doesn’t get in, please disregard the ‘bricks’ and ‘Wall’ parts of this comment.)

  13. Could you share with me what the black and white sock yarn was that you showed on your post of December 16, 2015? I just love it!

  14. I’m impressed that you can knit in the heat! I’m struggling to think what to take to knit/crochet when I go to Vietnam next week

  15. Ooooh …. that looks lovely …. now my (charming) parents-in-law live in Oceanside, New York, which somehow isn’t that picturesque (or warm, at the moment). But perhaps I should focus on my cousin with the house in Spain …. have a wonderful time!

  16. My dear auntie lives just down the way from where you are, so if you happen to meet a retired nurse by the name of Ruth, that’s her! I really need to be a good niece and go visit her. She has said she would enjoy a visit. 🙂

    • Exactly how many cranky, tired of winter knitters does Auntie Ruth have room for? I’d like to reserve a bed. A single will be fine because I’m a bit tired of the old guy too, plus he doesn’t knit. I get this way every March, I’m sure he won’t mind.

      • This is too funny! You’re tired of the old guy and he doesn’t knit anyway!! Thought my chuckling would wake the dog. BTW, I’ll reserve a twin bed too.
        Oh, and I got very lucky with my in-laws. So glad to be welcomed into such a great, larger family all those years ago.

  17. Hi Stephanie

    We live in Ajijic too in the winter. There are even a couple of knitting groups. Que tenga un buen dia!

    Paula 766-3548 for drinks, if you like

  18. What a lovely spot with a fantastic view! Last March we visited my in-laws (also lovely people) at their rental in Green Valley, AZ, and it was so much fun. We learned that snowbirds can really hold their liquor, and they “roll-up the streets” by 8 pm. Oh, and you have to watch out for javelinas!

  19. Puerto Morelos would be at the top of my personL list-and I’ve only been there in July (3 times, will I never learn ) !! A month in the winter would be heaven! Maybe someday….

  20. We became full-time RVers in July of last year. We summer in Montana and snowbird in FL. It’s a perpetual case of youngest snowbirds ever at 35. We love it! All of Gerschubie’s yarn gets dyed at campsite around the country. It gets a little wild.

  21. I think you should encourage your mom and your in-laws to flee to the same spot…then you could always visit together:-)

  22. Divine – I’m happy for you and Joe. How sweet of him to make the dates work for the two of you.

    I like the brick patio, view and cool table. I look forward to seeing The World’s Top Knitwear Model show us the very attractive cowl. How wonderful to be in a place where t-shirt, shorts and flip flops are the standard. Enjoy!

  23. So glad you were able to have a vacation with Joe (and your in-laws)!
    Your destination looks lovely indeed.

  24. I suspect that finally taking your honeymoon trip made you and Joe realize how much you enjoy going on holiday/vacation together, which you don’t seem to have done since your daughters were born (your times at the cabin don’t count because they involve a large group). May you enjoy many more wonderful trips together!

  25. Oh my! This post has made me miss the area so much. I lived in Ajijic, and nearby San Juan Cosala, for a few years! It’s a great place. Enjoy your time there!

  26. Firstly, I bet your parents were good to you too. So enjoy them while you have them. They are running out of runway. Said this before , but you and Joe Really look related. And enjoy him too, you never can know when something like an illness will snag him from you. Don’t ask how I know, sniff. Enjoy every second.

  27. It looks fabulous! And we never doubted that you’re good to your parental units. When you get home, it may be time to put your boat into water. Spring is coming!

  28. Dear Ms. Pearl-McPhee –
    I thought you might like this story, I have been meaning to send it for a while. Not sure where to send it, though.
    A number of years ago, my wife Claire was taken by her niece Deb, an avid knitter, to a talk in Madison, Connecticut given by the “Yarn Harlot.” I thought, yarn? Harlotry? Puzzling. To my surprise, she didn’t just enjoy it; she was inspired by it. She learned to knit, joined a knitting group in Madison, and taught a local group of friends and neighbors to knit. Knitting brought her a lot of joy and a lot of friends.
    When Claire died of cancer last March, one member of the local group, Julia Lagace, started a cause in her name called “Caps for Claire.” They knit baby caps and donate them to hospitals; they have involved knitters in several states. They are nearing their first anniversary and have donated well over 600 caps. If you’re interested, you can visit the “Caps for Claire” community on Facebook.
    So … thank you. And know that what you do ripples out to make a real difference for many people.
    Which, eight years ago, would have surprised the hell out of me.
    Rob Newbold
    P.S. Please feel free to post, or not, as you see fit.

    • Oh, Rob, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your wife. But what a wonderful story of her knitting and her legacy. The Harlot has inspired so many people to do good in the world. We are all blessed to be part of her community. Thank you for sharing this tale with us!

    • I am so sorry for your loss. But what an inspirational story and how marvellous to know that not only did Stephanie’s work in this instance spread out and bear fruit with so many knitters but that your wife’s legacy lives on in all those whom she taught to knit. My sister once wrote that someone who teaches (anything) becomes immortal; because part of them lives on in all their students, and in all the people those students teach, spreading forever outward. Sending you my thoughts and blessings.

  29. So glad you got to get away to warmer weather, the shot of you in the snow just made me shiver! I have been in the 70’s and 80’s with dips into the 30’s this week and next, not bad for some late winter temps. The area looks inviting.

  30. Just made my first flight into the Mexico City airport, and it was as good as I have always found Guadalajara to be. And the temperature couldn’t be better.

  31. You know what Red Green says about parents. “Be good to your parents, your children are watching.” A?
    Enjoy the time they can be gone so quickly.

    • So true. And we should remember that our children are the most likely ones to choose our retirement home – or build a granny flat. It behooves us all to follow the Golden Rule.

      Chris S in Canada

  32. Yeah, really late catching up on blog reading. But MY GOODNESS! The Man in My Life has a house in Ajijic. I’m going there with him the first week in May.

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