For Immediate Release

Daughter to Marry – Parents Get Grip

May 9th, 2016, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Following nothing short of a near miss in the raving insanity department, the parents of Megan would like to announce her engagement to Alex.

megalex3 2016-05-09

From all reports, the initial response of the parents involved was ironically immature. “We almost lost it” remarked her mother, when reached for comment. “I mean, who in their right mind gets behind the marriage of a mere child?”

megalex1 2016-05-09

Apparently this knee-jerk reaction was followed by a period of reflection, during which the family refrained from the immediate use of the telephone, email or text.Β  “We had to think about it” they claimed, while clutching a folder of important papers marked MEGAN. “It seemed so crazy that she could consider doing this thing, I mean… she couldn’t possibly be old enough, but she was acting like she was, and she’s usually such a reasonable child. We decided to look into it a little more to try and make sense of it.”Β  Encouraged by their other daughters who suggested they get “some kind of a freaking grip” the parents consulted Megan’s birth certificate, only to discover – much to their absolute shock, that Megan is actually on the cusp of her 25th Birthday, and while they aren’t sure when the (*&*%^ this happened, it turns out that she’s totally old enough to marry – and that even more unbelievably, they themselves are somehow old enough to have a child who can wed under Canadian law.

megalex5 2016-05-09

The parents now retract their planned statements of “Get your hands off our little Boo-Baby” and “Stop kissing her you jerk” and regret the tentative plan to have the gentleman in question arrested – mostly because of the birth certificate, but also because he is very nice, they have known him for years, and he has always treated their daughter with dignity, love and the respect she deserves.

megalex2 2016-05-09

Having gotten the previously mentioned grip on reality, Megan’s parents are now happily planning her wedding. “It turns out she’s totally an adult” said her mother, while replacing the cool, damp cloth on the back of her neck. “We love her, and she’s an amazing person, and we trust her to make great decisions like she always has. Megan is a wonderful baby woman.”

megalex4 2016-05-09

The family also extends a warm welcome to Alex, a similarly awesome person who will be a great-son-in-law, and reassures him that any previous plan to report him to authorities was a misplaced reaction to the truth about their own shocking mortality and a predictable reluctance to let their sweet girl grow up.



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  1. Congratulations to the lovely couple. So glad to see that Mum and Dad have gotten a grip. Now try to remember where said grip is over the next few months because you will need it again and again. Repeat the mantra “I am the mother of the bride. I am the voice of reason and calm. I will not lose my cool no matter what happens.” Much love and best wishes to all.

  2. Congratulations to all involved for reaching an amicable solution to this paradoxical proposal!

    Also? Steph = Mother of the Bride. Please wear the most ridiculously chiffony dowdy-drag-queen dress and hat combo you can find. Preferably in lilac.

  3. Now that I (and surely the rest of your blog readers) have had two seconds to get over the shock of realizing your children have grown up before our very eyes…

    WOW! Best wishes to the bride-to-be! Congratulations to the groom-to-be! What wonderful news.

    Pssst: I got married at 24. My hubby was 29. 18 years later, we’re still here.

  4. I suspect I will feel the same way when my baby get engaged – he is 11 now and the baby of 6. My oldest two are married, 4 more to go!

  5. Congratulations!!! And brava on your grip. May you maintain it for the duration of the planning period.

  6. Congratulations to Megan and Alex (and her stunned parents)! And what a lovely set of engagement photos!

    (And amusingly…my verification code was to click or touch the woman…!)

  7. Congratulations to Megan and Alex, and to all the family, have fun planning the wedding, and enjoy knitting the wedding shawl. I look forward to seeing the bride on her wedding day

  8. As someone who got engaged at 22 and married at 24 (to the horror of my parent and the exuberant joy of my in-laws), she’s going to be 100% fine. HUGE congrats to Megan and Alex πŸ™‚

  9. The happiest of wishes and buoyant Congratulations to Megan, Alex, that beautiful dog in the photos, and all of the families involved.

  10. Congratulations to all! (Boy, does all that sound familiar!) Truly, you are all about to enter an entirely wonderful new phase of your lives.
    And does that confirm my suspicion that that beautiful beaded white project is somehow wedding related?

  11. Congratulations to all!
    Glad to see that your priorities are straight and shawl was planned, the yarn and beads purchased even before we, The Blog, were notified!

  12. So happy for you! So why am I crying? Is this the big project in question? Are you going to yarn bomb the wedding?

  13. Congratulations to both the happy couple and the gob-smacked parents! A happy life to all. I got married at 21 and am still happily married to the same guy almost 27 years later. Megan’s practically an old lady compared to that.

  14. I was thinking that your post yesterday looked an awful lot like a wedding shawl….were you holding out on us with this great news?

    Congrats, congrats Megan!

  15. Do I see a bridal shawl with 2500 beads on it being worked??? HMMMM. Congratulations to the couple!

  16. Congratulations Megan and Alex!

    It is amazing how, even thought Stephanie and Joe undoubtedly feel that they are not much older than Megan is now, she is indeed of marriageable age!

  17. Congratulations to Megan and Alex! As my dad pointed out to me when I was small, you now have the one family member you get to choose. Parents, siblings and children are all luck-of-the-draw, but your partner is your choice. Congratulations and may your life together be rich and interesting and filled with love.

    And congratulations to Steph and Joe on welcoming the first child’s spouse into your family. I’m still on the child (at 30+) end of the spectrum, but watching my parents and my husband’s parents enjoy their family growing through no work of their own is pretty cool. (Full disclosure: we have a running joke that my husband is my dad’s favorite child. He (my dad) literally negotiated a verbal prenup with me that whatever happens in my life, he gets to work out his own relationship with my husband. May you be as blessed in the choices your daughters make.)

    • lol…my brother has a similar arrangement with his new (March 19) daughter in law….we LOVE her. She is 21, but mature beyond her years and has taken my 31 yr old nephew in hand πŸ™‚

  18. Well that’s wonderful news – it really wasn’t a matter of IF one of the ladies was getting married, it was a matter of which one. She is one lucky bride, and he is one lucky man to be marrying into your family.

  19. How is it possible that neither facet of the happy couple are wearing ANY handknit gear for their engagement photos?!?

  20. Oh wow! Congratulations to Megan, Alex, Stephanie, Joe and all concerned. Wishing all the very best. Do we have a date set yet. “The Blog” is happily surprised.

  21. This is basically the reaction that my mother had when I told her I was engaged. The first thing out of her mouth was “You’re too young!” To which I replied, “Mom, at my age you were married and had a kid already!” It turned out great.

  22. It’s hard to know what’s more surprising — Megan old enough to marry or you and Joe old enough to be parents of the bride.

    That’s how life goes sometimes (all the time).

    Congratulations all around!!!

  23. Congratulations to Megan and Alex…

    (And Steph, I really know where you’re coming from. When my daughter announced her engagement, her godfather offered to hide the body. He was a Marine. He’s a bit direct.)

  24. Congrats! to the lovely couple and the parents!

    So, is the white shawl with the beads for your daughter the bride???

  25. My parents were 23 and 25 when I was born (exactly 10 months after the wedding, tyvm) and I turned out FINE. (Well, aside from all the wool, of course.) My father is still FINE at the age of 88; my mother did have the gall to die at 84 (after smoking for 60+ years). It will be FINE. Besides, he’s cute and he obviously has a touch of snark – these are good things.

    The real questions are: 1) So, this is what the white/not-white yarn was for?; 2) Have you started laying away layettes yet?; and 3) Have you found your bra for the wedding yet?

    • Most important, one must have the right bra. It must go with the mother of the bride’s (MOB) dress and still be comfortable. Enjoy the shopping

      • There is no such thing as a comfortable MOB or MOG bra. Nope. The dresses are shameful too. I wore a silvery gray lace that took on a greenish cast as the day wore on. Ghastly.

  26. Best wishes to Megan & Alex. May you be blessed with many years together! (And good luck with someday announcing to your parents that they’re about to become grandparents! )

  27. Well, of course she’s old enough. They’ve gone and had a dog together. πŸ™‚ Glad the grip was achieved. Now on to party planning!!! Hope it won’t be during the bike ride event.

  28. Wonderful and congratulations to all. And I know how you feel mom. My baby was only 32 when he got married.

  29. Congratulations!

    Love the picture where he shows he has a sense of humor. Now knit like the wind, so that shawl is done in time.

    • I’m so glad that I’m not the only one to have this thought!

      Mazel Tov to all involved! They look like a wonderful family (dog and all)!

  30. Congratulations to Megan and Alex. And mom, hang on to your grip throughout the wedding planning. Your family is so good at celebrations, I’m sure it’ll be a great party.

  31. Awesome! (She is still a baby but she won’t think that for another couple of decades.). Best wishes all around!

  32. Congrats to all! With a wedding in full view grandchildren are a small cloud on the horizon. This is the crowning achievement of raising adults.

  33. Congratulations! A bright and shining couple too – looking quite pleased with themselves in every photo. How do children do this? My oldest nephew is 39; stunning to us all.

  34. YIIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!
    This will be nothing compared to the news that you’re going to be a grandmother!!!!! That baby will be afloat in wooly goodness.
    Congrats and Long Life to all!!

  35. Maternal milestone greetings from a woman who will see her son married this Saturday. You raised her well enough to choose a good husband, that’s no small thing. Wishing you joy.

  36. I knew it!! Congrats! Only you would start a wedding shawl uhm, days before the wedding! Got my popcorn and wine!

  37. Megan: Congratulations!
    Alex: Time for a sanity check — you do know your future MIL is known as The Yarn Harlot for a good reason, don’t you? And, will the dog be joining the family, too? (Millie will be SO P*SSED!)
    Steph & Joe: I understand the freak-out. My godson is getting married this weekend. Seems he was watching “Batman” re-runs just yesterday. . .

  38. Congratulations to Megan and Alex!
    How much time do you have to plan the family & friends reception musical? Waiting for the video.

  39. Congrats to Megan and Alex and to the aforementioned parents who know have a grip on the idea that their baby, Megan, is indeed old enough to get married. And now mum and dad have more to do, than just work.


  40. A Monday laugh! You may not know how much I needed it! Congratulations on/to the grown-up trustworthy daughter, the soon to be son-in-law, and to the getting accustomed to the facts parents. Be sure to put your grip in a safe place. You never know how soon you will need it.
    Joyous news!

  41. Aw, that’s awesome! I just hope they have given you sufficient notice for the knitting of the beautiful shawl you’ve started! Congrats!

  42. Congratulations to you all and good luck with the ensuing mayhem. This should be required reading for all parents receiving similar news!

  43. It is so delicious that you share your milestones with the blog readers and genius that you frame it like a late-breaking news bulletin. Fun times ahead, enjoy!

  44. Congrats to Megan, Alex and the whole family. What lovely happy news. May there be lots of smiles, deep breathing – coupled with letting go (on your part), music and knitting!

  45. Newsflash to Harlot: When our daughters do this amazing thing and get married, then the next thing you know, they want to have a baby. And then that transforms US, WE become Grandmothers!!! Having been through the aforementioned change myself, I can assure you it is wonderful. You think you love babies now. Just wait until Megan hands you a grandbaby!!!!! Over the moon happy!!!!!! She’s probably thinking, “Simmer down now, blog, I just said getting married. No word of baby yet”. Yes, but I know how these things progress. So congratulations and get your knitting needles reved up. Enjoy the white beaded lace shawl knitting. Then secretly cast on a blankie.
    Hugs and kisses to all from San Diego,

  46. Stephanie – I have followed your blog almost from the beginning and I have seen Megan grow from a 13 year old girl to a very lovely young woman. I got teary at the announcement – where the @#$#$# did the time go? Wow! They look crazy happy and in love. I send them my best wishes. What are you going to knit for the big day? Bless you all!

  47. What a beautiful couple! Wishing them every happiness, and lots of calm for you and your husband πŸ™‚

    Is this who the wedding shawl is for?

  48. Congratulations Megan and Alex! What wonderful news!

    As to the parents in question, congratulations as well. You’ve done an excellent job turning her into the woman she has become. Although, as a mom myself, I understand the immediate response whole heartedly!

  49. Best engagement announcement ever! πŸ™‚

    I was 23 when I got engaged, 24 when I got married, and now that I’m 42, I think, “Holy cow, I was so young!” I’m sure my parents did a bit of their own handwringing, but they had known my fiance for some time, and managed to keep any worries to themselves. And given that we’ve now been married for 18 years, I think we’ve proven that we will stand the test of time!

    • I’m 42, and had my first child at 20, got married at 21, and my next child at 22. My oldest turns 22 this year, and my youngest will be 19, and it’s not lost on me that they are both old enough to have children and be married by my “standards” (well.. almost with the youngest.. Where has time gone indeed???

  50. Congratulations from another mom who went through the same thing last summer and is now only weeks from having to add “grandma” to her own identity.

  51. Another person to love! And another knitwear model! How wonderful! And the veil/wrap will be lovely….she’s giving you a year to knit it right?!
    Love the announcement…so true…how can she be 25 when you’re only 35? This is why we stop doing math after 30.
    Congratulations to all. How wonderful to have more joy in your life!

  52. He’s cute!
    Does this have anything to do with all that white lace weight and thousands of little beads?

  53. Oh, how wonderful! What great photos of a couple blissfully in love. (My favorite is the one of Alex pointing at the ring on his lovely fiance’s hand–very funny.) Thanks for sharing the news. Hurray!!

  54. How lovely that you’re sharing this stupendous news with the blog! And congratulations to the pair of them, and to you and Joe and the rest of your family, may the celebrations be blessed and the shawl/veil block wonderfully. They look so happy it’s fabulous x

  55. Congratulations! You know what they say : First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Grandma with the knitting needles.

  56. That’s hilarious – when my son and his girlfriend of 3 years announced they were getting married, I had to stop myself from saying “Do people still do that?’
    But they did and by all accounts are quite happy – so happy in fact that they are pressuring me & my partner to get married… seems unlikely but I guess you never know…
    Congrats to them both (and you and Joe!).

  57. PS I’m 35, and in a few months, my husband–age 34–and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. So, engaged-at-24 doesn’t seem particularly young to me;-)

  58. Wonderful news! How lovely.

    Is that why you are knitting a white shawl with 1000000000 beads?!! Or is that just a dry run before The Real Thing.

  59. Congratulations to everyone! I feel like I know Megan through your blog and she is definitely a responsible young woman! I knew when I saw that beautiful and special shawl that you were starting that it had to be a spectacular occasion and it is!!!

  60. Such wonderful news! Congrats to the happy couple! They look so happy.
    Mum – have a little knit, it will bring calm and peace to the world.

  61. Congrats! And now we know who the white lace shawl is for. May your whole family have much happiness, and good luck with the wedding. I’m sure it will be lovely. All I can say is, breathe!

  62. Congratulations to the happy pair, and I wish them the best in their new life. I shall enjoy watching the shawl come together too.

  63. But more important than the wedding date, and more important than if this is the shawl’s destination, and more important than getting and keeping a grip… does he know how to decorate gingerbread?

  64. Thrilled for all of you!

    I look forward to the inevitable wedding craziness that you choose to share with the blog. May no problem be insurmountable!

  65. Congratulations and wonderful wishes to the happy couple! (And congratulations to the bride’s parents on the grip being successfully got.) (Notice how I worked the word Bride in there, hopefully things didn’t clench up too much for you.)

  66. Congratulations! Friends of mine were engaged at 18 & 20, and married at 20/22. They just celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. And as for all you folks going on about babies and grandparenthood, please remember that sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t co-operate. Also please remember that it’s no one else’s but their business when or even if the happy couple has a baby.

  67. Congratulations! What an exciting thing to happen in your lives. I will admit there have been several announcements by my children I haven’t handled well, but we are far on the other side of the announcements and everything is good. This change will be good, too.

  68. such a lovely couple, congratulations all around! and surely Alex knows how to knit if he’s joining the Harlot family…

  69. And you thought that we (in internet land) didn’t know what would compel you to start a lovely white, beadish, lacy chunk of gorgeous-ness. Ha! We knew all along…but sincere congratulations are in order and now extended. And a most happy belated Mother’s Day!

    Now tell Pa to put the shot gun down.

  70. Such happy news! The young couple look so lovely together.
    Kinda bad news – I don’t think you can wear your Blundstones to the wedding. ;/
    Great news though, is that weddings (and babies-to-be) require some knitting!
    Congratulations to the whole family!

  71. Does Alex know about us? That’s he’s not just marrying Megan, and not just marrying into your family . . . .but he gets The Blog, too? What a lucky guy!

    Best wishes to all concerned.

  72. Mazel tov! * Now get out there and knit a shawl. My son (my baby, my only son, my 2nd and last child, soon to be 31) is marrying a beautiful 23-year-old (yep; you read that correctly) in July. I made her a shawl. So get a grip: all “shawl” be well! Blessings to all parties involved!

  73. What happy news! (the engagement, not the near tumble into the abyss of “she’s still a baby!”) Wonderful engagement photos, too!

  74. Congratulations to Megan and Alex! They look so incredibly happy, it does my cruel, twisted heart good just to look at them.

  75. Congrats to the couple! I can’t wait to see the upcoming pictures of the bride and her bridal shawl. πŸ˜‰

  76. CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful thing. Having 4 year olds myself, and knowing how I feel like they have reached 4 years in about 12 days, I can only imagine that feeling grows as they get older. I imagine it is bittersweet news.

    Wishing you peace and joy in planning a wedding and welcoming a new member of the family.

    Steph: just a suggestion: when the shawl is well along, consider having all the knitters in Megan’s life add a row. Mixed in with your knitting it won’t show but you and Megan will know that many of those who love her are part of the loveliness hugging her and keeping her and future generations warm and cozy.
    I’m so excited!!!

  78. Congratulations! Get ready for one of the best rides of your life. Planning a wedding can be tough and frustrating (I won’t even talk about cost), just keep the reason in sight and all will be fine!
    So are you knitting a wedding shawl?

  79. All good wishes and congratulations to all concerned! The news and those pictures have really made today special!! Now. . .when do you start knitting the wedding dress to go with the wedding shawl?

  80. Congratulations to all! Sure looks like Alex is a fun guy, judging from the photos. πŸ™‚

    As to freaking out – my hubby and I were both 20 when we married, and will celebrate our 40th anniversary this year. Megan is not so young as to bring concern. FWIW, I freaked a little when my kids turned 20 (they were both still in college and single), and could only wonder “what were my parents *thinking* – letting me get married at 20”! Maybe that freak-out kept me from getting nutty when they got married.

    I’m glad your freak-out was short-lived.

    Obviously, the sparkly whiteness (or near-whiteness) is for the bride. I’m anxiously waiting until it is revealed (before or after the big day).

  81. Congratulations to Megan and Alex – and my loving support to the MOB. You’ll do fine. I made lots of lists and consulted bridal magazines who often have wonderful timelines (part of which can be ditched since you don’t have to do everything on their lists) and was also a great online way to be in touch with details. A glass of wine helps too.

  82. Congratulations Mom and Dad. You should be proud your baby has grown to such a mature, responsible, lovely woman. You taught her well, so trust her life-choices. I can tell you from personal experience that having a son-in-law is an awesome experience, plus you can’t (usually) have grandbabies without him. The wedding planning is a huge time-suck, which you will immediately miss once the occasion transpires. Lucky for you, you have more daughters who may also be interested in matrimony some day, so you get to do it again (and again). Best wishes to the happy couple and the whole family. Mazel tov!

  83. Congratulations! It is a big milestone, becoming a mother-in-law, that you will enjoy endlessly! Seeing your daughter’s radiant smile must be well worth conceding that she is, indeed, an adult. Wonderful, wonderful news!

  84. My thought process when reading this post went a little like this; “OMG I knew one of the girls was getting married! OMG how is it possible one of the girls is getting married? They look so happy!!! Holy cow May 9th, that’s today, how can I possibly knit something in time. Duh you fool, May 9th is the announcement date. And uh, crazy lady, not your wedding to knit for, in fact that would be weird.”

    Congratulations to your family, such joy!

  85. I think you should finish the Green Afghan for them. You came so close! (Was just reading that in your first book yesterday)

  86. News Update

    The happily-engaged couple’s grandparents are reportedly resting comfortably at their homes after the shock of realizing that their own children are old enough to become parents-in-law.

    (Same event, different perspective.)

    • When my daughter told my parents she was expecting they insisted they were not old enough to be great-grandparents.

      We’re never ready.

  87. They do that, you know. Kids. You feed them, they grow up, and the next thing you know, bada bing, bada boom, life goes on. In a good way. Congratulations to the whole lot of you.

  88. OMG! I seriously can’t believe this! Werent you just posting about her high school antics and plans for college just the other day? Where did all that time go? But, as you say, upon reflection what wonderful and joyous news! Best wishes to all.

  89. I’m so happy about this, too, but being the crazy dog lady that I am…..what kind of dog is that? It is just beautiful.

  90. Okay. Lots of comments about youthful marriages. My two cents’ worth…I was 18. Darling Husband was 25. Appalling, appalling. We were both educated, including graduate degrees. Took care of business. 50 years married next March. If it’s right, it’s right. Both of my daughters were 28 when they married. 25 is perfectly respectable, perfectly adult. Breathe, Mama. All will be well. Much happiness to all of you.

  91. And so begins a new chapter. There will be joy and sorrow, laughter and tears. Above all, there will be love and with love all things are possible.

    Best wishes to the happy couple. And congratulations to the recovering parents on both sides!

    Chris S in Canada

  92. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! They have a dog, so they’re good people. πŸ˜€ Many blessed years to come for you both!

  93. I was 20 (and still in college) when I told my parents I was engaged – to a man they had never met – and I was barely 22 when we were married. I believe my mother could have written a similar article. I do know she spent about two days sobbing “But my baby is too young!” before she could talk to me coherently about the engagement. I am new to your blog, but Megan looks very nice and adult-like in the photos and Alex looks like he has an excellent sense of humor, which is important. Please try to keep your grip firmly…gripped and if necessary, knit more for extra calmness!

  94. Dear Megan & Alex,
    Congratulations on your engagement! Getting married is a wonderful experience, I just married the love of my life 6 weeks ago. Of course we already had two children together, so really it was more of a party to show off our love to everyone else. But the focus will be on YOU for the entire day and by the time it’s over, your hands will ache from all the shaking, and your face will ache from smiling so much. It’s going to be wonderful. And to Alex: welcome to the family! You’ve obviously been there for years, though we didn’t get to see you on the Blog before, but now you’ve been outed and a ton of knitters around the world will have you in their mind’s eye (all the way to the Netherlands, in my case) – no pressure! Take care of Megan, we’ve watched her grow up, and would like to see her happy like this all the time!

    Dear Steph and Joe: congratulations on coming to terms with the fact that your baby is her own woman now. She will always be your little one still, just a bit bigger. Get the babypictures out if you feed the need for a sniffle, and then put on your straight face and go help your daughter sort out the wedding!

    lots of love from the old continent,

  95. Congratulations to Megan & Alex! Gotta love a guy who “is very nice, they have known him for years, and he has always treated their daughter with dignity, love and the respect she deserves.” Happy for all – you’ll survive this crisis of joy!

  96. YAY! Congratulations to you all!! Glad to hear grips were gotten! Hope all the wedding planning goes super – there’ll be tears, but when you have an awesome family it all works out in the end (I’ve just had 2 weddings in different countries over the last year!). Wishing all that is good in life for Megan and Alex!

  97. Congratulations to Megan, Alex, and the doting parents! Best of luck with the planning. If they want to go with a wedding consultant or planner, give it a try – my daughter did, and that wonderful woman helped us all stay sane…I think πŸ˜‰ ! (And Two Mann wedding photographers captured beautiful memories!) Can’t wait to see the wedding shawl!

  98. Congratufabulations Meghan and Alex. Thank you both of you for agreeing to allow Meghan’s Mum to share the exciting news with The Blog! Wishing you health and happiness.

  99. Congrats to Megan and Alex!! Congrats also to Steph and Joe for raising such lovely and amazing daughters, even if something funny happened with the space-time continuum and it should not be possible for any of said daughters to have reached marrying age yet. Perhaps the old gravity furnace had some TARDIS elements to it and now that it’s gone, they’re stuck being grown-ups and moving forward with time.

    In any event, good luck with the knitting project. I hope it helps preserve, rather an erode, sanity during wedding planning.

  100. Mazal tov!!!!!

    Thank you (and Megan and Alex) for sharing this with the Blog — that’s so generous.

    Sending you all lots of wishes for happiness and blessings, and a smooth panic-free organization path to the wedding … though would it really be a Harlot-connected event if there wasn’t just a hint of panic?? Anyway, enjoy it, panic and all!!

  101. Congratulations Megan and Alex. 25 is a perfect age to get married! We were 21/22 when we married and immigrated to Canada 5 days later. It was a little hard on my Mom and Dad… We have our 40th anniversary coming up and now have 3 married children ourselves.
    Here is to a long and happy live together, cheers (lifts glass)


  102. My daughter is about to graduate from high school, next week actually, and the knowledge that she could legally leave and get married at any time makes me nauseous. I’m glad Alex is a fine young man, and I know that this will be a happy and wonderful occasion for your whole family! I can’t wait to see pictures!!!!!


  103. Wonderful news and a lovely post. Congratulations Megan! Here’s wishing you and Alex a very happy life together.

  104. Hearty congratulations to all! Now, go forth and get Alex’s size information for socks. Don’t forget to knit for him for Christmas – you wouldn’t want to have his first knit gift be still on the needles when given!

  105. First off, very best wishes to Megan and Alex. May
    they have a wonderful and rewarding life together.
    Think of all the wedding knitting, and potentially baby
    knitting to come.

  106. Congratulations all around! What beautiful pictures to share a beautiful occasion. Much happiness to Megan and Alex.

  107. Wonderfully exciting news! Now, I can’t wait to see/hear how the shawl goes. What pressure you are putting on yourself! Glad the parents got a grip and did not embarrass themselves overly much. πŸ™‚

  108. Congratulations and best wishes to Megan and Alex! Steve and I married at 24 an 21 – 52 years years ago. We are still happily married….to each other.
    The glorious lace shawl swatch was a clue.

  109. I have not laugh so hard in a while. Congratulations and oh my god, imagine when the grandkinds start to get here

  110. I wondered if that shawl was for one of your girls! Congratulations to you and Joe for raising (however unbelievably) a young woman who is capable of picking out a great guy πŸ˜€


  111. Stephanie:

    I love how this post begins with the focus on age and then – despite conflicting emotions – lands squarely on the foundation of respect. Besides that, it was so, so funny.

    Congratulations to you and your on this engagement! and, as always: Happy Knitting!

    (I will hug my four-year-old a bit tighter today and try to view things through a slightly different lens if I find myself getting annoyed that I want to clean, and she wants to cuddle…)

  112. Yep. You worked and worked at it and then they did it — growing up, I mean. Shocking but true, and wonderful. As for that mortality thing, my theory is that it’s best ignored.

  113. Megan, 25 is the perfect age for marrying (guess how old I was when we tied the knot) the love of your life. From nearly 40 years down the matrimonial road, I wish you all the happiness and tears and (sometimes grudging) compromise in your future together. Whenever I question how we’ve managed to stick it out for so long he always says, “well, we can tolerate each others’ weirdness-es, besides we like each other.” Pro tip: that “like” part is the secret to a long and happy union. Congratulations to you both.

    I hope Alex isn’t freaked out by the Blog. We’re a benevolent organism.

    (You may want to ignore the above; I failed the “human verification” test the first time.)

  114. Thank you Megan and Alex for sharing your happy news with the Blog! The smiles say it all. Best wishes for a long and happy laugh filled life together. When is the wedding date???? Inquiring minds want to know!

  115. Congratulations !
    Now I have a nagging question : might the big project – the one involving white/not-so-white-after-all fine wool and gazillions of tiny beads – be related to this amazing and happy news in any way ?

  116. It’s the darndest thing… you feed them, and they GROW… and, then, one day they tell you that they’re getting married. WHO KNEW????


  117. Awesome news! Congratulations to Megan and Alex as well as the grip-gotten parents. Blessings and a happy, long marriage to the lovely couple! They have a great example to look to even though that great example may have slipped a gear or two temporarily! Let the planning commence!

  118. Congratulations to everyone in your family. Wonderful photos. And luckily Alex is so photogenic cuz… welcome to the Blog, dude!

  119. So exciting!!!! Happy for you all!!! πŸ˜€ Oooh so does this mean you can start planning a wedding shawl?? Eeee!

  120. Congratulations to Megan and Alex, and to the proud parents of both. May the upcoming days/weeks/years be filled with joy, happiness and love.

  121. Megan has a special place in my heart because of the message in the wet sidewalk cement – so congratulations all of you, and remember that “You are Beautiful!”

  122. Megan is brave to allow an announcement on the blog! (or it could not be avoided and she handled it with grace)
    Here’s another vote of congratulations from a stranger.
    I am sure it will be a very good party. The blog readers are already looking forward to the photos.

  123. This was hilarious! And I feel your pain.

    For the record, I had just turned 21 when I married my guy 39 years ago, and my sister was 19…still married to the same man (hers, not mine).

    My baby was 23 when she got married in 2007. It’s not the age, it’s the commitment.

  124. Is that Alex with Meg in the 12/27/13 Christmas picture? Yes I’ve been going back, reading all entries since the beginning, cuz I needs lots of laughs this Spring. Does he know how to make gingerbread cookies? Does he take proper care of hand knits? Is his foot size smaller than Joe’s? Many congratulations to the beautiful couple!

  125. Wow. Having watched her grow from a lovely teen, into a beautiful young woman, I can only say congratulations to you all. Such great news, you must be over the moon. <3

  126. Congrats…..grandma….Steph! Hehehehehehehe!!!!! Just HAD to say that!!

    Better get that veil done…or shawl? HURRY UP!!


  127. Mazel tov! It’s been fun watching them grow up, and feeling like a friend of your family. I’m so happy for all of you, may you all know only happiness always.

  128. AHA! It’s a wedding shawl. That project in your last post. A wedding shawl, right? Congratulations on Megan’s engagement. Alex looks like a wonderful man.

  129. Awww…. all my best to you! (And I couldn’t believe it when my son got marr ied a few years ago, either. The nerve! He’s a baby! Oh, wait… he was technically an adult in his mid-20s. And my engaged 21-year-old daughter, I don’t know what she’s thinking! She’s barely out of the cradle! But, oh, wait, the fricking govt thinks she’s a grownup….Well, there’s still the 13-year-old son to baby… except he keeps saying, “Look, I’m the tallest one in the house now! Look at my Adam’s Apple! Look at my under arm hair! Listen to how deep my voice is!”) Hmmph. It appears we can’t stop these children from becoming regular people.

  130. Congratulations to all of you. Isn’t it funny – I felt so old when I married at 25, and now it seems quite young to be making such a big life decision? However – nearly 22 years on, I can say that I made a very good decision, despite my near infancy at the time it was made. πŸ™‚

  131. I wish you all so much happiness. This might be a good time to brush up on the Serenity Prayer for Mothers of the Bride, which surely ought to exist.

  132. Congratulations!! The shawl is beautiful and so is the bride to be. These will be such exciting times for you and your family so enjoy. I remember my mantra to both my son & daughter when they were going through there wedding arraignments:
    “It’s not the wedding that’s important, it’s the marriage”
    “It’s not the wedding that’s important, it’s the marriage”
    “It’s not the wedding that’s important, it’s the marriage”

  133. Congratulations, Stephanie and Joe —

    You’re not losing your beautiful daughter, you’re gaining a male knitwear model (as a bonus for having a great son-in-law). Best wishes to all . . . And tell The Blog only what you wish to, when you wish to tell it. Privacy is an endangered commodity these days.

    I had to touch the globe, and I hope that Megan and Alex will travel it.

  134. I suspect that in a few years, should the relevant parties decide it’s appropriate, we may see what might just be the most knitted-for grandchild in the history of human reproduction πŸ™‚

  135. I knew that was a wedding shawl; I just couldn;t figure out why you were being coy. Congratulations to the lovely couple. Good-luck Mom and Dad!

  136. It was just a matter of time! Congratulations!

    Should we draw any conclusions about this announcement and the whitelacybeady project? Curious…

  137. Congratulations to the lovely engaged couple, the panicked parents of the the couple, the excited siblings, and the happy extended family. I’m imagining that a really fun wedding is in the works – after a suitably long engagement of course ;-).

    And of course, it is Megan and Alex’s wedding to plan, but perhaps they will include a Prince song (or two) in the music mix for the mother of the bride.

  138. Congratulations to alll!! Reading the announcement has given me a big smile. The wedding shawl will be beyond gorgeous and a precious heirloom. Best wishes for a happy life together, Megan and Alex!

  139. Congratulations. And hooray for love between two nice, respectful people! I’m glad that your daughter chose a “good egg,” as we say.

  140. Congratulations! Oh, my goodness! What a huge surprise, and what a wonderful one. Look at those glowing happy faces! I’m so happy for all involved! Blessings and mazel tov and all good things to you all!

    • Lol, and does the groom and his family know about the strangest in-law in the world–namely, The Blog? lololololol…

  141. How exciting! Good luck with that shawl…

    and my heartfelt congratulations to Megan and Alex! (My daughters are 18 and 20. I’m not ready to be in your shoes, of course….)

  142. What happy news! Best wishes to the bride and groom to be.

    Does Alex know he is marrying one of the 3 top knitwear models in the world?

    Will Alex be getting socks for the wedding? I think we need a new tradition; if the bride gets a shawl the groom should get socks, right?

    You have been so kind to share moments with your family over the years that I feel like I know you all a bit and care about you all too. I am so happy for your daughter. All the best!

  143. Blessings and heartfelt congratulations to Megan and Alex. A bit late (as we were traveling out of the country) but no less sincere; they both look blissfully happy. Stephanie, congrats to you and Joe as well – you’re not losing a daughter, rather, your family’s circle of love is only expanding to welcome one more. Key question is whether Alex likes, and more importantly, appreciates, the value of the handknit sock. A wedding pair in his future, perhaps?

    Namaste, Bonnie

  144. I just looked at that first picture again. Could two people look happier? I think not. Best Wishes to the couple!

  145. Such wonderful news! Congratulations to all of you .
    Knit like the wind and please share lots of pictures with the Blog. Megan will make a beautiful bride

  146. So many congratulations! I’ve been reading since just a few months in to your start blogging and seen your adorable girls grow up into beautiful and poised ladies. I’m almost choked up at this!

    PS My Tiptoe Through the Tulips socks I got so many years ago from you continue to go strong!

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