To-do List 3a

When I wrote “see to-do list 3a” on a spreadsheet this morning, I knew that things were getting intense, wedding wise. We’re just a few days out (I refuse to calculate how many hours away Monday is) and things are hairy over here. Everyone is on their own personal set of missions (Hey, how long does Bleeding Heart foliage stay perky after you pick it?) and jobs. (Where’s that ribbon? Did you have the ribbon? Wasn’t the ribbon on the piano?) We’re slowly getting it together (That is definitely not enough candles) and getting ready for the whole thing. (I really do think I can core 50 roma tomatoes in an hour.)  One thing is (almost holy cow do I ever need a bunch of pins) off the list.

about to block 2016-06-17

My little Meggie’s shawl is done… The cast-off took much longer than I thought, which is okay now that it’s over, but was a little bit of a panic last night. (And yesterday, and this morning.)

edgeblock 2016-06-17

Blocking, I am in you. Joe, we might sleep on the chesterfield tonight.