To-do List 3a

When I wrote “see to-do list 3a” on a spreadsheet this morning, I knew that things were getting intense, wedding wise. We’re just a few days out (I refuse to calculate how many hours away Monday is) and things are hairy over here. Everyone is on their own personal set of missions (Hey, how long does Bleeding Heart foliage stay perky after you pick it?) and jobs. (Where’s that ribbon? Did you have the ribbon? Wasn’t the ribbon on the piano?) We’re slowly getting it together (That is definitely not enough candles) and getting ready for the whole thing. (I really do think I can core 50 roma tomatoes in an hour.)Β  One thing is (almost holy cow do I ever need a bunch of pins) off the list.

about to block 2016-06-17

My little Meggie’s shawl is done… The cast-off took much longer than I thought, which is okay now that it’s over, but was a little bit of a panic last night. (And yesterday, and this morning.)

edgeblock 2016-06-17

Blocking, I am in you. Joe, we might sleep on the chesterfield tonight.


143 thoughts on “To-do List 3a

  1. It looks gorgeous! Hopefully, we’ll see a peak of her in her dress wearing it – but I understand if we don’t .
    Best wishes to the happy couple and parents. Congratulations on being able to knit something else – if you are ever allowed to sit again!

    Stephanie (in Raleigh)

  2. Congratulations on getting the shawl done, Stephanie! What a load that must be off your mind. Hope the pre-wedding whirl doesn’t make you all crazy. And wishing you all a wonderful day on Monday.

  3. Its beautiful and full of love and the good wishes of everyone that cheered for you to bring it home….what an amazing garment to wear into a wedded life πŸ™‚

    Now go have some fun πŸ™‚

  4. that is utterly stunning. Meg will be radiant, and the shawl will be the perfect accessory. What a treasure.

    ps – Way to go on the knitting deadline! I’d say take a nap, but that may have to wait until Tuesday.

  5. Amazing! What a cherished keepsake it will be. She’ll be a beautiful bride. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  6. I remember my daughter’s wedding day. A swirl of emotions: awe, love, respect for the passage of time, hope for her future, fierce commitment to supporting this union in whatever way possible, and love for my own spouse. Revel, harlot, you earned it. You raised her!!!

  7. Simply incredible. What a wonderful item for a wedding. I am in awe. Recently read your posts about your wedding almost 10 years ago, and I am happy this shawl made your deadline. Congratulations to the whole family!

  8. The shawl looks lovely so far.

    You have heard it before, probably said it yourself, with so many details and moving pieces – something will go south. Actually a bunch of things will. Some you will notice, some you will not (because someone will take care of it or because it was not important to start with) and somethings everyone will comment on. You are all happy and healthy, it will be a marvelous day.

    I avoided stepping on a stealthy, crawling nephew, fell backwards, cracked my head open 2hoursbeforerehersal. It all worked out- worse was my husband’s discomfort until I got home from ER. Everyone told him I either changed my mind or he could. It was all joking but he was not happy until he saw me. We have been married 25yrs.

    Breathe and enjoy the day

    • My mother is a pastor, and she’s told us, “It’s fine if things go wrong at a wedding. After the fact, it’ll just be a happy memory. Where you don’t want things to go wrong is at funerals.”

  9. Absolutely beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes…what a lovely gift for your beautiful daughter on her wedding day. Wishing the happy couple years and years of wedded bliss.
    Enjoy the next few days.

  10. Even unblocked, it looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it fully bloomed.

    Good luck this weekend and on Monday!

  11. You finished! I wait to see pictures when she gets to wear it. I adore my shawl in that pattern, made by my sister, and I have worn it to rather felted. πŸ™‚ Good luck with all of the pins!

  12. That. Is. Beautiful. And it’s not even blocked yet! Keep in mind my daughter-getting-married mantra: “At the end of the day they will be married. It may go well; it may go badly, but at the end of the day they will be married. That’s what matters.”
    (It went beautifully, for the record. Megan’s will too.)

  13. It is beautiful – lovely work (of course)! So glad you finished on time – no drying in the oven. πŸ™‚ Have a fabulous day on Monday.

  14. Best of luck to the happy couple. And the happy parents. And remember that there’s the wedding, and the marriage, and they’re not the same. Weddings last a day, a marriage should
    Last much longer, so laugh about any mishaps and think what great stories you’ll have to tell. Congrats to all!

  15. It. Is. BEAUTIFUL. Well done, we are all so proud of you. Megan will be a most stunning bride, and your shawl will add to the amazingness of the day.

    See you after (maybe quite a few days after) back on the blog. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news that the shawl made it on time.

  16. I had to touch the world to post. How appropriate to send a world of loving wishes for blessings and happiness to your whole family!

  17. I cannot wait to see the shawl after blocking. It looks so beautiful already – I imagine it will feel like wearing angel wings! Please tell Meggie that we are all wishing her a wonderful wedding day and lots of luck and love in her new life.

  18. It’s stunning, even preblocking. Wishing all of you a wonderful day Monday full of love, laughter, and joy. Since your tribe seems to know how to throw a party, I have know doubt those three bases will be well covered.

  19. Steph, it is gorgeous. I hope everything goes smoothly over the next few days and that Meg’s wedding is wonderful.

  20. Never a doubt that you would do it. Congratulations and blessings to the happy couple, and upon the families that have come together for this day.

    It will be a beautiful celebration of love and life to come. Namaste,

  21. Best wishes to the bride. The shawl is beautiful unblocked so we all know it is just going to dazzle on your daughter. It is all going to come together and be love. Take a big breath and enjoy. Congratulations mom you did it.

  22. So happy for you all. Many congratulations on the shawl, the wedding, your wonderful daughters and your happy family. xx

  23. That shawl is beautiful, but not nearly as lovely as the bride!!! Congratulations and best wishes to all of you!! And I promise, if not every little thing gets done no one but you and Megan will know.

  24. The shawl is gorgeous!
    I love that you call the thing I call a sofa, a chesterfield.
    Enjoy the craziness that is the wedding, it will all be over way too soon and you will be a mother-in-law!

  25. Stephanie, what a beautiful tribute to your daughter and her husband-to-be. I hope you can enjoy the remaining few days prior to the upcoming nuptials. Best wishes to all and many happy years to the happy couple. Mazel Tov!

  26. We knew you’d finish on time. And she’ll be beautiful, and you’ll cry…and it will be wonderful. Wishing you the best of times at the wedding, and a lifetime of happiness for the newlyweds.

  27. This is amazing! She will be beautiful and congrats on the new son!

    I hope it’s okay to ask a knitting question….recently I started adding beads to my work. (And I can’t stop!)

    How do you know where to put the head for maximum effect if it’s not in the pattern? My ad hoc beading has been going rogue and I’m not sure how to change it. Any thoughts or words of advice?
    Abrazos fuertes

      • I like to stick a bead on every centered decrease.

        Sometimes I put them other places, too. It helps to look at the chart and see where stitches are “pointing” to – then bead that, for emphasis.

        and to Steph – have a wonderful, joyous weekend. I think I will start knitting now for my daughters’ weddings – that’s the only way I’ll be done in time. They are 13 and 6…

  28. Some of the sanest wedding advice I ever heard was from my sister. If, at the end of the day, the bride and groom are happily married to one another, nothing else really matters. Of course, additional accomplishments in the wedding department are not discouraged, but they don’t make or break anything.

  29. This is a thing that dreams are made of! It looks like puffy white clouds sprinkled with diamonds. Congratulations and have a wonderful day as Mother of the Bride.

  30. It is exquisite. Enjoy the ride. What needs to be done will get done before Monday. (P.S. Make sure the cameras have fully-charged batteries)

  31. My goodness, it’s beautiful and luminous, even unblocked.

    And speaking of light, I love that Megan and Alex chose summer Solstice as their wedding date. May the longest day of the year bring them long years of sunny days together.

  32. A beautiful shawl, for a beautiful bride! So what if it doesn’t get blocked — the knitting is done (at last!)!

    As for the rest — you’ll get through, as long as you don’t imitate the Muppets’ Swedish Chef when dealing with those tomatoes. Be sure you get your rest, so you don’t start imitating that character!

    P.S.: Of course things are getting hairy…you’ve got Millie! Don’t worry, she must love somebody in the household, and stray cat hair is the perfect seasoning for everything! (And don’t get jealous if her favorite person is Joe. . .she’s just flirting.)

  33. Thanks for the post and update !!! It’s so lovely to see this happy news rolling out for you and your family. For the happy couple and everyone who will carry them with love through the wedding day and after – best wishes for a happy, healthy, long beautiful life.

  34. Oh God! It is already so beautiful! I cannot wait to see it all blocked and ready. I’m so excited for your family and the wonderful, happy event about to unfold. Slow down just enough to treasure the behind the scenes moments. πŸ™‚

    • Wow. Just checked the link, and you’re right, it’s totally faster than the usual way. As one who hopes to process a bunch of tomatoes later this summer (for canning, not a wedding feast), thank you! πŸ™‚

  35. PHENOMENAL! Well done. Enjoy that gorgeous celebration and milestone.

    (SO much more impressive than a washcloth!) πŸ˜‰

  36. A beautiful heirloom for a beautiful young woman. Have a splendid week-end. I do look forward to seeing the Great White blocked. Good good job.

  37. Simply gorgeous! The best gift your daughter and her husband will receive. Meg will have the most beautiful “something new” a bride could ever want! Congratulations!! Have loads of fun on Monday!

  38. Beautiful shawl for a beautiful bride! Many, many good wishes to Megan and Alex from the blog.

    And Steph – when Monday arrives, just enjoy the day. Be proud of your girl, spend time with the guests and have a wonderful time. Don’t worry if there are undone items on your list. No one will notice or care. Rock the day!

  39. Many joys to the happy couple! As magnificent as the shawl is, it’s an expression of the love which is your greatest gift to each other. Trust that and the rest will follow.

  40. How appropriate that I had to touch the treble clef. “Knowing” your wonderful family (through the blog), I am sure that the music will be (almost) as special as the splendid shawl, and that Megan will be a beautiful bride.

    Gaining a son-in-law worthy of your daughter is a wonderful thing. Much joy to them, to you, and to your extended family.

  41. I knew you could do it! It’ll be absolutely beautiful!

    Try to remember to breathe this weekend. I’m sure you’ll all be running around crazy, but it will get done and it will be a beautiful day.

  42. I too can hardly wait to see photos of the blocked shawl.
    It’s incredible!
    Best wishes to the new couple and for a lovely wedding on Monday!

  43. i have the least advanced opinion of all here, but i rather think the unblocked shawl is beautiful beyond belief.

    the curly border & the fragile sparkling texture look like fresh fallen angels’ snow. Where no human being has ever yet walked or touched or even breathed. A bride could wear such a heavenly cloud once, upon her wedding day …

  44. congratulations! so pleased for you that you can tick the shawl off your list. It seems as though it turned out absolutely perfect. Now you can enjoy the hecticness πŸ™‚

  45. What a lovely shawl! What a lucky woman to have a mother who can make an heirloom! I hope it’s a beautiful day, and the start of a wonderful life.

  46. Congratulations on finishing the wedding shawl. It looks gorgeous – can’t wait to see it in all its glory on Meg. Don’t forget to breathe. Best wishes to all for a lovely, special Solstice Wedding. Hugs!

  47. So beautiful even unblocked! Can’t wait to see it finished finished finished as the Knitmore Girls say. Way to go, Steph! Wishing you every happiness, Meg and Alex. Have fun on Monday!

  48. Jaw just hit the table. Stunning even unblocked. My mind is blown. My little is out making mud pies this morning so I decided to pop by your blog. So very glad I did. It is really just a blink from mud pies to wedding shawls isn’t it? Stephanie the shawl is stunning and you are marvelous. Wishing Meg and Alex much joy on their wedding day and many years after.

  49. I thought the Title was “Ta Da!” list. I think you’ve earned a Ta-Da! It is Beautiful! Bless your family!

  50. Congrats on completing the shawl before the big day! Good luck with the rest of your lists. Remember, the best part of festivities like weddings is the gathering of friends and family. When list intrudes on happiness and fun, ditch it. πŸ™‚

  51. The shawl is beautiful. I knew you’d get it done. Congratulations to the bride and groom. Now, take a deep breath. The list is growing shorter.

  52. The shawl looks wonderful, even unblocked. The wedding will be wonderful too.
    I too am blocking a shawl today – Great Dark Brown Cheviot is at last finished. I don’t have a wedding to try to arrange, but I am starting a new job tonight and have to sleep all evening. So I don’t have the option of blocking it on the bed. No idea what I’m going to do with it, at this point.
    Yea, Steph, you go – those tomatoes don’t stand a chance.
    Sending all kinds of good wishes for a lovely, happy, smooth-running and beautiful wedding.

  53. YAY!!! Doing a happy dance! You did it! Here, let me run right over and help with those tomatoes.

    If only, but, in a heartbeat. And oh is that shawl perfect for the day and the daughter.

  54. What a gorgeous family heirloom you’ve created. Such love in each stitch! Best wishes for a lovely day and a long and happy marriage to the bride and groom!

  55. At the wedding, when people say, “You must be SO happy,” we knitters will know the answe has a double meaning. Congrats!

  56. Wonderfully beautiful!
    Many many congratulations and best wishes for the happy couple!

  57. It’s Gorgeous BEFORE blocking! It’s going to be INCREDIBLE after! Can’t wait to see it and the beautiful bride. Have fun at the wedding!

  58. New baby in the house and I obviously miss so much! I had no idea! Can’t wait to see the shawl and maybe the bride. Congrats to all.

  59. It’s stunning! Fabulous job, Mum!! It’ll be perfect for a beautiful bride tomorrow!! Much best wishes to the whole family! No matter what happens, it’ll be perfect! Sending joyful wishes your way for an exciting start to a lovely future together!

  60. Congratulations on completing shawl in timely fashion.

    Congratulations to Megan and her husband. Hope to see them and the shawl after their Solstice wedding.

  61. The shawl is truly beautiful. An auspicious day – Summer Solstice with Full Strawberry Moon.

    Thinking of you and sending warmest best wishes.

    • An auspicious day indeed! All the best to Megan and Alex, and the entire Harlot clan! Alex’s clan too, but I don’t know it’s name. Happy Happy. I get to touch the balloons!

  62. I was beginning to have panic attacks on your behalf! I’m so glad to see that gorgeous shawl done! Can’t wait to see the post-blocking photos. As I write this you are in the midst wedding day whirlwind! Enjoy it all and may the couple be very blessed on this day!

  63. To Steph and your whole family — May today (June 20) be all about you. I’d love to see the photos, but some things are not about us and the Blog. I expect you’re up to your elbows right now in family and wedding stuff. Breathe – take it in – enjoy. I wish you all love and a wonderful day – and a happy marriage for Meg. Hopefully the venue is air conditioned… the Great White might be a bit warm otherwise.

  64. Best wishes to all on a beautiful wedding day. Mom-of-the-bride, be sure to pause for a few minutes and enjoy all the fruits of your labour (both literally and figuratively). It passes by so quickly, so store the memories in your heart.
    Please share a photo of the beautiful bride with her magnificent shawl. Cheers to all!

  65. That shawl is beautiful, she will adore it forever. What an amzing keepsake from the wedding! Best wishes to Maggie and your family.

  66. Have a lovely time at the wedding of your daughter! The shawl is beautiful, even if you had to move heaven and earth to get it done!

  67. YOU (and the shawl) are incredible!! AND you lived to tell about it! Good work, and goodwishes for a lovely wedding . . .

  68. I have 3 daughters and we have new traditions now that 2 are married and one is divorced. When we are all home together I take them out to lunch. Just us girls. There are ways to still have those mother/daughter moments and I guarantee you they will still giggle together long after bed even with a son-in-law around! Congratulations!

  69. It’s absolutely beautiful Stephanie (can I call you Stephanie? I’ve been reading since 4 months in which is longer than I’ve been with my husband!). I have a 4 year old daughter, and I’m both terrified and excited for the day she may decide to get married, or have babies of her own. I hope I can make as beautiful a piece as you have.

    Congratulations to Meg, and if she gives you her blessing I’d love to see a picture of her on her happy day!

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