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Thanks so very much for your warm words and thoughts for Erin, and especially for the donations – It’s cheered all of us a lot to see the “For Erin” messages pop up on my fundraising page. We both feel like as craptastic as this whole thing is, at least some good is coming from it. This weekend I’ll be out on my bike, it’s the last big training weekend, my last chance to try and grow a few muscles to use on the Rally.  Also, big news. Jen will be joining us for the first day of the ride! Team knit just grew by one member. I’m so delighted she’ll be joining us for even a single day. Show a knitter a little love, if you could, it’s really going to be a challenge for her – and her last minute goal is modest. In the meantime, the Karmic Balancing gifts have piled up, so here goes another big chunk.. way more to come over the next week.

First, Jess has two gifts from her stash, a skein of Malabrigo Lace in Dusty and a skein of Kraemer Saucon Sock in Black. She’ll be sending both of those to Jen C.

blackkraemer 2016-07-15 pinkmalabrigo 2016-07-15

Michelle of Greenwoman Studio has a copy of her Pixie Scarflette pattern as a sweet little gift for Janet D. (I’m thinking i might need that one. it looks like a perfect stashbuster, and a good quick Christmas present.)

pixiescarf 2016-07-15

Next up, one for the spinners.  Sabrina has a beautiful braid of 100 % Falkland from Greenwood Fiberworks, colorway ‘Bountiful’. She’ll be popping that in the mail to Kate M. I hope she enjoys it.

sabrinafalkland 2016-07-15

Now, a really nifty one. Vermont Natural Sheepskins has a $175 gift certificate (and free shipping) for Susan A.  I hope she loves it.

sheepskins 2016-07-15

Emily Wood Designs (thanks Emily!) has a the free pattern of their choice for Jackie W, Carolyn H,  Marina M and Keya K.  There’s tons of beautiful things to choose from.

Emilywooddesigns 2016-07-15

Jean is the lovely lady who runs Foxtrot Fibres 

foxtrot 2016-07-15

She’s offering up a skein of naturally dyed laceweight or sock yarn of Katherine T’s choice from her gorgeous shop. She’s also offering a nice present for anyone else who helped. You can all get 10% off with the code “FRIENDS4LIFE” – good until July 30th.  (Nice, right?)

Alicia went into her stash and came up with an assortment of Kauni that she’d like to pass on

kauni 2016-07-15

Donna V will be very busy trying to figure out what to make.

Jessie McKitrick, designer and all round good person, has a really nice gift. An electronic copy of her Floral Heart Mittens pattern:

floral hearts 2016-07-15
And 3 balls of Jamieson & Smith Shetland Heritage (2 in MC, 1 in CC, pictured sample used Flugga and Berry Wine), the colours to be chosen by Kathryn T.

Lilac is a nice person, and she’d like to pass on an obsession she has with The Knitters Book of Yarn. She’s not giving you her copy, she loves it too much, but she’ll be mailing one to Sue. (It really is a great book.)

knittersbookof yarn 2016-07-15

Anneh Fletcher (oh just click on that link I already added three of them to my queue)

anneh 2016-07-15

has a gift for four knitters – the pattern of their choice from her shop.  Kim B, Sharon, Louise D, and Louise W are going to have a hard time picking. (I did. That’s why I’ve added three.)

Sarah House – potter and friend of the show, has two of her beautiful mugs that need new homes.

sarah mug 2016-07-15

Sue D and Kelly Y, I hope you love them.

Finally, two awesome gifts that we’re going to do a little differently, because they are amazing, but maybe not doable for everyone.

First, the spectacularly clever Kate Atherley is offering up a really nice present. She’s offering up TWO HOURS of her professional tech editing services, and a hardcopy of her book “Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns”. Kate’s my tech editor, and frankly, you wouldn’t believe what she can do in two hours.  If you’re a designer, fledgling or otherwise and you’d like to take Kate up on this offer? Send an email to stephanieATyarnharlotDOTca with the subject line “Kate’s time” and I’ll draw from amongst you. Thank you Kate!

kate patterns 2016-07-15

Last, Elizabeth – the fine force that runs Squam, has one free registration for Fall Squam – for someone who thinks they can get there.  Squam’s a special and spectacular thing, and If that’s you, send me an email (stephanieATyarnharlotDOTca) with the subject line “Squam Please” and I’ll draw a name at random and be in touch with the lucky knitter.  Thanks for the generosity Elizabeth. Someone is going to have the loveliest time.

That’s it for today, but I’ll have more on Monday. (There is rather a long list.) Thanks for all your help, knitters.



25 thoughts on “All gifts, all the time

  1. Just donated for Jen and Erin. Really Jen you were far too modest when it comes to fellow knitters support.

    I love the gifts. I have made Anneh’s socks and they are nifty, creative, all in a well written pattern. Wish I could enter for Squam but I am already booked for that weekend–what a disappointment.

  2. Here is a question. I have some rather nice yarn that I would be willing to donate for a karma balancing gift- how do I do that?

  3. I haven’t donated (yet, you’ll know when I do), and just so much love and knitting to you all. What a season.

  4. Thanks, Stephanie and Anneh! You were right, it is hard to stop at one. I chose Caerwent but two more patterns just fell into my cart somehow.

  5. I just made a donation. I’ve been really bad about keeping up with blogs lately, so I’m glad I caught this in time. Sending big love to you, and the hope that Erin’s treatment will go smoothly, and that she’ll bounce back quickly.

  6. I’m a day late to the party, so to speak. Hearing Erin’s news made me want to reach out. But with which words? Which words remain that have not already been said, over and over again to so many faced with her news. When I find my own words inadequate, I turn to those whose words fill my soul. Here is a poem, offered to say “So sorry to hear, So sad it strikes again…” A poem that speaks to our interconnectedness with a lovely yarn metaphor…
    “Some days I’m sure I’ll be unravelled,
    That I’m just a piece of thread,
    Woven from everything I’ve heard
    And every book I’ve ever read.
    That someone will find my ending
    Or a spot where I’ve worn thin,
    And they’ll pull me right apart
    Back to the place where I begin,
    Until they’ve found that every fibre
    Isn’t one to call my own,
    Its from the thoughts and works of others
    Thats I’ve been so crudely sewn.
    And there’s nothing I can make
    Or think or do or be or say,
    That isn’t someone else
    Woven in just a different way.
    Then once I come undone,
    Once who I thought I was grows small,
    What if I look at all that’s left
    And there is nothing there at all?”
    ― Emily Hanson

  7. Having just gotten my first sheepskin back from Vermont Natural Sheepskins, I can just say that that is one fabulous prize. I love all the support here, and I am emailing Stephanie a donation today!

  8. Finally had a little extra in my budget. At the right time of year. I’ve wanted to be able to donate for almost two years! this was the year! It’s coming from a heart who is truly thankful…to my core this year….and I’m finding ways to share my joy by giving!!

    PS….those socks, and that heel above….stunning. From one sock-aholic to another!

    Hugs all!!!

  9. Steph,
    There isn’t a link on this last post, or several of the latest posts to your Bike Rally Page to donate. I didn’t see a link off to the side either. I was able to find the link in an older post, but it would be great to have it on the side or somewhere in every post.

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