I don’t remember how old I was when I found out where babies come from. I remember I had a book called “How babies are made” and I remember poring over it when I was little, flabbergasted and astonished that this was the actual nature of the thing, but I don’t remember a specific moment when I found out. My Mum, on the other hand – recalls that when my grandmother explained it to her in proper detail she went  into her room and sobbed, because she figured that if her mum had to make up such a totally insane story about how babies got started, then the truth must be too horrible to imagine. (For the record, she had been told the truth.)

While I’ve got no real memory (beyond that weird book) of learning that stuff, I remember being a young woman and finding out about where my eggs came from, and being so stunned I could hardly get my head around it, and the most amazing thing is that since I found out I’ve told lots of people, and most of them were surprised too.  I don’t know why this piece of information isn’t considered required learning, but get this: When a woman gives birth to a daughter, that daughter is born with a couple of million immature ovarian follicles called primordial follicles.  Each of these follicles contains an oocyte (pronounced “oh-eh-site”) and that’s the fancy name for a whole, intact, immature egg.  From that moment forward, thousands of these follicles die off until puberty, and then about a thousand a month die with every cycle. (If the word “die” bothers you, you can call it by its proper name – atresia.) Of these thousand that die each month, one will be recruited (actual word) mature, and be used in that woman’s cycle during ovulation.

This means that when you are pregnant with a girl, your body makes all the eggs that she’ll have in her whole life. Your body is all “Spleen – check, four chambers for the heart- good job, ligaments to support the liver – check… yes, yes, that’s a good length for the phalanges of the feet….. oh, and now let’s make the potential for the next generation of humans. Throw that in there. It will be nice to have it out of the way.”  The mother makes all the follicles that will be the root of her daughters fertility, and her health, age and nutrition all play a role in the quality and quantity her daughter is born with. (No pressure.)

This means that my mum made the egg that became her granddaughters when she grew me, and twenty six years ago, when Meg was within me, the very egg that will become our grandchild grew at the same time. It has existed as long as she has – and now thanks to the contribution of another single cell…


Megan is growing her grandchildren.

I’m just so glad I ate well.

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  1. OMG CONGRATULATIONS to you, Megan, her husband, and your whole family! That baby will be the warmest and clad in the most gorgeous knits! Oh the baby blanket to come…

  2. Congratulations! Grandchildren are really exciting news! I am sure this new baby will be the recipient of wonderful knitted items. The possibilities are endless.

  3. DUDE! You’re going to be a kick-ass grandma (without, you know, actually kicking anyone’s ass).

    Congratulations to your entire family!

  4. Many many Congratulations to the parents and grandparents, and aunts and uncles and cousins to be!
    Congratulations on your newest reason to smile. And your newest reason to knit.

  5. Mazel tov~ and oh, boy, are you gonna love this part. I’m a terrible person with a heart the size of a wizened pea, and grandchildren are the greatest damned thing there ever was and (this was the part that stunned me) completely different than having children. Who knew? Just having a two-year old automatically hold your hand to walk down the street flattens me. Cast ON!

  6. Eeek Sqee! Joy!
    Congratulations! Will keep you and Meg and Papa-to-be in prayer. No pressure, but you do know you only have nine months to knit a blanket right? Such a blessed wee one, all the knitter love it will be receiving.
    Also next time you announce big news on your blog via twitter, I will make sure I am not eating or drinking, I cause I was so excited and happy for you and Meg and her hubby I dropped my toast on my laptop and nearly spit out my coffee. Just freakin’ happy for you all!

  7. Holy canoli things happen fast in your family. I just started this grandmother gig a year ago and nothing prepared me for how much love I have for little Oliver. I am smitten beyond belief. You will totally Rock this grandmother gig. Knitting Is just part of the fun. I looking forward to seeing what comes off your needles for this new generation. Congratulations to all.

  8. Congratulations to you and your family!

    I have goosebumps reading this blog and thinking what a fantastic adventure you are all going to be on. Enjoy! Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Yayyyyy a baby!!!! Oh, I’m so happy for you, and Meg, and everyone! That’s absolutely wonderful! Oh, I’m so happy. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us, my best wishes to you all, and this is going to be the baby with absolutely the most bespoke knits ever! 🙂 Congratulations to your whole family, what a joy is coming your way. Yayyyy!!!!

  10. Congratulations to all of you! Can’t wait to see all the finished baby knits fall off your needles in the next few months!

  11. AWESOME! My son & daughter-in-law brought us our first grandchild — a lovely girl — about 22 months ago. Being a Gramma is the BEST job I’ve ever had. Stephanie, you’ll be a wonderful grandmother! So happy for everyone!

  12. Congratulations.

    Now I really must go buy a lottery ticket. I just had a funny little tickle in my mind that you were going to announce an impending grand baby.

    • I was thinking the same thing just the other day. Totally out of the blue, I don’t usually contemplate the lives of the Yarn Harlot’s family, but I was like, I bet there will be a grandbaby announcement soon!

  13. That is the longest & most convoluted baby announcement I’ve ever read! I was totally mystified until you mentioned Megan. You will love Grannyhood. You get all the best parts & then give the baby back . . . . Congratulations to you all.

  14. You have the most wonderful way of phrasing and framing everyday events to remind us how wonderful these everyday miracles truly are. Thank you for sharing your joy!

    • Virginiaknits is absolutely right…The blog is blessed that you share your wisdom & insight so beautifully. What happy news. Blessings on all of you.

  15. Oh happy day! Congratulations to Meg & her DH, and to the whole extended family! This little offshoot (can’t help it, had to “touch the leaf”) will take your world in a whole new direction. And thanks for the info about oocytes — gotta make sure my girl reads this.

  16. When I saw the start of your post, I had to keep myself from scrolling down the page to see if it was what I thought it was about! And it was, and I almost sqeeeed out loud here at work! (And I learned something, too!)

    Congrats to everyone! That baby will be the warmest baby in all of North America! <3 <3 <3

  17. The whole time I was reading this i was muttering to my self “please let Stephanie be about to announce she’s going to be a grandma”. Congratulations to you and your (growing!) family.

    Time to knit all the baby things!!!

  18. Congratulations! Is it weird for me to comment that that is the second time in two days I’ve seen/heard the word “oocyte.” Serendipity and science are beautiful things. 😉 My best to the parents-to-be.

  19. Congratulations to all of you. May it be an easy pregnancy and birth. Looking forward to an epic heirloom blanket for your first grandchild.

  20. Congratulations! I am presently awaiting the arrival of my first grandchild from one daughter and another daughter’s first is set to arrive next April. I too hope I ate well ! Best wishes to all:)

  21. Hee, hee, I am tickled pink! I thought I knew where you were going but made myself read every word without peeking to the end. I am so thrilled by the news you would think I am part of your family. But then you guys are really a part of “the blog’s” lives.


  22. Congratulations to all of you! I can’t believe it, it seems only yesterday Meg was making the grunge-rock wrist thingies. I’m tearing up! Having girls is a wonderful thing – I have two of my own and though they are but little, they are fierce…I can’t wait to see what they will do when they grow up!

    Good luck planning a lifetime worth of knitting for the first grandchild!

  23. Congratulations to all! I loved my children so much and have discovered that I love my grandson even more. He was truly a life-changer for me. The baby of my baby is also the heart of my heart. People tried to describe it to me but nothing compared to holding him at age 30 minutes. Wishing you all blessings.

  24. That is wonderful news for all of you. I hope everyone is doing well and that the pregnancy goes off without a hitch.

    Have fun knitting all the things.

  25. Woohoo!! Congratulations!!! (I kinda knew before the end of the first sentence where this was headed lol).
    But yes do color me stunned, regarding where the eggs come from. I thought my whole life that girls just make them as they go along…thanks for the lesson!!

  26. Congratulations! Such joy! But remember that beautiful shawl you knitted for Meg’s wedding? In about three years time ‘little egg’ will have found it and be dragging it round the floor to wrap his/her toys in! I see it happening! And as Grandma you will have so much love for the little one that you really won’t mind!

  27. CONGRATULATIONS to the whole family. That’s one quick way to erase all gloom from the winter ahead!
    What an exciting time this will be. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  28. Congratulations! A lucky child indeed to be born into this family. (I vaguely remember being stunned at that knowledge – how delicious to be reminded of the wonder of it all). Bravo new little family!! Here’s to flying knitting needles.

  29. Let me add my congratulations to all the rest. Best wishes to Megan for a smooth and uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby. And now, let the knitting begin!

  30. Please thank the parents-to-be for their willingness to share this magical and also insane journey with us.

    Do you know yet what Baby will call you? (not snarky, really — just lots of Nanas and Grammies out there)

    • I wondered as we awaited our first grandchild last year what I would be known as. But it became obvious once the baby was born; little Samantha Kae (we share a middle name) and her maternal grandmother immediately became Sammy and Grammy.

        • Best true story – when about-to-be grandma was asked what she would like to be called, she said “How about Gorgeous?” It stuck, and she was Gorgeous forever after. It was years before her granddaughter realized it was unusual….There’s great potential here!

          • My mother announced she was not old enough to be known as “Grandma” and therefore should be known forever more as “Goddess.” 🙂 My mother-in-law announced that grandmothers do NOT choose their own names; that privilege belongs to the first-born child (who had a profound speech delay and could only manage “Nana,” so Nana she is. 🙂

  31. Well done to all.

    The really exciting part is that my niece is producing the first of our next generation, and I can watch you, Steph, and see what you decide to knit for the first of your next generation.

    You’re like my personal knitting sherpa…

  32. EEEEK!
    I had a feeling I might know where that was heading and I’m so glad it’s wonderful news. 🙂
    Best wishes to Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts, etc., etc.
    Can’t. wait. to. see. the. knits.

  33. A bit of a tear here. I know what it’s like to find out you’re going to be a grandmother for the first time. Such good news! I am so very very happy for you, for Meg, for her husband, for Joe, for all of you. CONGRATULATIONS! *throwing confetti* Yay!!!

  34. Congratulations to Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and the Greats, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Everyone! What a fortunate child this will be to be born into a family that will stand by, support, and nurture no matter the situation and will appreciate and celebrate the new little human among them.

  35. Congratulations to all! and what did you start the moment you heard? I like to cast on sweaters when another one is on the way!

  36. I’ve only met you a couple of times and have never had the opportunity to meet Megan, but I nevertheless got choked up when I read your news. Sooo happy for you all! Congratulations! That’s one sweet baby who will never be cold, even in a Canadian winter, wrapped in endless knitted love!

  37. As soon as I read, “When a woman gives birth to a daughter, that daughter is born with a couple of million immature ovarian follicles called primordial follicles[.]” I knew exactly where this was going!!! Congrats to all!!!

  38. Well thank goodness you got the rhinebeck sweater done before this new knitting adventure started!
    Best wishes to the new parents to be.

  39. Congratulations!

    Thanks for sharing one of my favorite random facts about reproduction. I shared it with my maternal grandmother a few years back and it made her very happy to know about this connection to 12 of her 14 grandchildren.

  40. Oh, that’s the happiest of news announcements. Congratulations !!!! (and might I guess you’re already checking out patterns?….. )

  41. Woohoo!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I knew all of that stuff, but somehow the way you explained it made it even better. Wow. Life truly is amazing.

  42. Congratulations to you all, no pressure but I’m guessing Megan may throttle you if you do the ‘knitting not finished, baby not coming ‘ thing to her!

  43. Congrats to Meg and her husband, as well as to the grandparents-to-be and the rest of the family. I look forward to tales of epic baby knitting.

  44. Just this past summer your family added a new member, and now there’s to be another one. Wonderful and exciting news! You are such a super mum (for proof, look how your daughters turned out) and auntie, so there’s no doubt you will be an extraordinary grammy/nana or whatever you decide to be called.

    Best wishes to Megan, Alex and the rest of your family for a healthy baby.

  45. Congratulations to all, and thanks so much for taking us along on the next part of your adventures! The knitting will be grand and wonderful!

  46. Congratulations! I’m crying happy tears & am all goose bumps. I remember the bare fact of girls being born with all their eggs from HS biology, but the profound significance of it never hit me until now.
    Also can’t wait to see what you’ll make for the precious new addition. I may very well steal some ideas for my own little one <3

  47. It’s a testament to your writing over all these years that I knew within the first sentence that you were getting a grandchild, and even more so that by the end of the post I had tears of happiness for you. I truly can’t wait to see the blanket…

  48. I am dense – I was wondering if you were leading us into the facts of menopause? Congratulations to Meg, her husband, and your whole family.

    And it comes at an opportune time for mr as I need to knit several baby items (all the expectant mothers I know are having boys!).

  49. Congratulations!

    My mind is a little bit blown by that awesomely weird science. I knew it before, but I had never thought about it in the context of my little seven-month-old daughter. I will take special pleasure in blowing raspberries on her tummy tomorrow.

  50. How completely crazy is it that we’ve been reading your blog long enough for your wee Meg to grow into a Mama herself?? Congratulations Grammie Stephanie!

  51. Congratulations! Best wishes! OMG! Health and happiness to everyone! How awesome! Thanks for sharing your great news with the blog!

  52. I am so happy for you all! The knitting! The baby! What fun. I was given my first Grandchild a year ago and he is everything everyone told me he would be. My very best wishes to you all. (:

  53. Congratulations! Before I scrolled down to the happy news I sort of anticipated them from the subject matter of the post. I am so happy for you and your family, and I hope you are blessed with many happy and healthy grandchildren. Looking forward to see the knitted wardrobe of the lucky baby.

  54. OMFG!! Now we know why the Knitting Deities were so kind to your Rhinebeck sweater — you’ve got to knit a layette, STAT!

    Congratulations to all. (P.S. to Joe: Now, you HAVE to get used to holding a baby!)

    (P.S. to Steph: Hide the baby blankies from Millie or she will keep them. Also, you know what this means for you: GRANNY PANTIES!)

  55. Congratulations and welcome to the grandparents club! I’m currently sitting here with a project for my grand daughter who is the fourth of my five grandchildren. Grand kids are a miracle….especially when you hold them that first time.

  56. I knew where you were headed immediately! Congrats!!
    That baby will have the most knits of ANYONE in the world; maybe there’s a Guiness Book of World Records for that you can enter into…..

  57. Congratulations to you and your family! I am sure you will love being a grandmother. And we will get to see all the wonderful knits…it’s a win-win!

  58. Congratulations! But, let’s stay calm here. Remember that the *maximum* number of knitted items necessary for one little newborn is – oh, I don’t know, 15 or so. 300 is not a good number. Just sayin.

  59. This is the best news of the month! (And considering it’s been a pretty great month that’s saying something.) Congratulations to you all, but especially to the wee one arriving. He or she chose the perfect family to be born into, what a fabulous ride it going to be! Thank you for sharing the adventure with us.

  60. Congratulations! Speaking as a grandmother of 12, I assure you there is nothing more wonderful. I can’t wait to see the blanket that you design for your grandbaby.
    Please, please…..
    Buy extra yarn!

  61. So excited for you. I hope all goes well and babies are so amazing even if the journey can be fraught.

    Remember, it’s okay to go a little crazy. Especially since this is your first grand baby.

  62. It’s funny, I just played catch up on the blog and it felt like just yesterday they got married (not that being pregnant pre-married is a bad thing) just the timeline got a little wonky for a second there. And it is a bit crazy that any children my kids will have I helped create beyond the DNA portion of things, wow.


  63. Congratulations on the next ‘Harlot’ Generation!! I hope all goes well for Meg and I can’t wait to see the blanket you dream up for your grandbaby!!

  64. Oh, the blue book with the paper cut out art? I had the same one, and in fact I still have it. Now my 4yo is fascinated by it.

    Congratulations Meg!

  65. Congratulations to everyone who will be taking on a new role – parents become grandparents, sisters become aunties, etc. Everything stays the same, but everything changes. It is the magic of babies and it will be the most amazing thing that has ever happened – no matter how many times it happens. Be prepared for your heart to grow more than you can imagine.

    I’ve been a grandmother for 18 years now, it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful it is. Whatever name they choose to call you, it will be music to your ears for the rest of your life.

    Chris S in Canada
    (“Mimi” to Molly and Merrick)

  66. Congratulations to you all! Very exciting (and all that baby knitting to do !!!!!). You’ll be the best grandma (nana, gran??).

  67. I am so thrilled for the entire family, and know this wee one will have amazing parents, grands, aunties, uncles and cuzzies! What a blessed event this is! Congratulations to all the above mentioned waiting family! If it’s a girl, get those needles in her hands fast…. or, if it’s a boy! That sure works too!

  68. Congratulations!!! And just to be nitpicky, it’s not the mother who grows her child, the foetus grows its own body. In fact, the foetus launches an unbelievably ferocious physical and hormonal attack on the mother’s body in an attempt to commandeer its resources (literally attempting to digest its way through the uterine wall), and the mother’s immune system (recognising that an invasive being with at least 50% foreign DNA is trying to hijack its nutrients) fights back equally ferociously. When opponents are well matched, you have a healthy pregnancy. The battle needs to be nasty because if the mother’s immune system wasn’t utterly devoted to her self interest, she would never have made it to breeding age. This battle is particularly ferocious in primates and probably is why we (ie primates) end up with large brains. Look up “maternal foetal conflict” if you’re interested, it’s pretty fascinating stuff, and all caused by our ability to have offspring with different males 🙂

  69. Oh Congrats to everyone!! what an interesting bit of info to go along with the good news. No matter how much we know about how we humans work it still brings a gasp when every little mundane miracle collides just right.

  70. Oh! I totally fell for that — I startled my cat by exclaiming, “OH!” when I read that Meg is growing your grandbaby. So exciting, congrats to all — and thank you Meg, for allowing your Mama to share your exciting news!

  71. Congratulations to the whole Harlot family! Best wishes for good health for momma and baby. Looking forward to the knitting to come. And, oh, the baby pictures! The widdle feetsies with the widdle shoesies…

  72. Congratulations! Being a grandparent must be the best, because you’ve already seen one entire round of the growing-up stress and mess, and know that today’s tantrumming toddler grows into a poised, wickedly funny, lovely capable adult who pays taxes and everything. I’m convinced that’s what gives old people their serenity.

  73. I haven’t posted in ages and ages (but still read every post, of course). But this news, brought a tear to my eye and a huge smile to my face and I had to post congratulations!

    As a mom of all boys, I haven’t created any new egg bearers, but so far the old enough ones have had excellent, excellent success in finding lovely, smart and feisty women. Looking forward to having your kind of news sometime…in the next decade?!

  74. Mazel tov to everyone!

    Better get next year’s Rhinebeck sweater out of the way, by the time it rolls around you’ll be too engrossed in baby knits. Again.

  75. What exciting news for your family! We are currently waiting for the arrival of our second grandchild in March, and I’m lucky enough to be able to spend four full days a week with our first, the newbies sibling, while Mama and Daddy work. While my knitting, spinning, weaving time is severely limited to what it was, I wouldn’t trade if for anything. He’s my little buddy! You are going to have so much fun!

  76. Congratulations all around! A new baby is wonderful news. How exciting for one of your babies to be a mama and for you and Joe to be a Nana and Grandpa.

    And thank you for the education on oocytes. I so love to learn new things every day.

  77. Ahhh I saw her announce on instagram and I STILL cried while reading your post!!!!! So so so so SO excited and happy for you. Love and hugs to you all!!!!!

  78. Such wonderful news! Congratulations to all. Damn. I feel old. Wasn’t she just a little child, like, last week? Such lovely, lovely news.

  79. Congrats to you and your family! I wish Meg the kindest thing I can wish any mother — a good sleeper.

    May all the knitting be speedy and error free.

    • When I was an infant, my mother took me to the pediatrician, thinking there must have been something wrong because I slept all the time. He said, “Lady, most mothers would give their right arms for a baby like that!”

        • Reading this as I sit on the floor next to my 8 month old’s crib trying to woo her into a delightful nap that will last longer than 13 seconds, or when her older sister wakes up howling, whichever…

  80. Congrats Megan and Alex! I’m so very happy for you all. I can’t wait to see the knitting that happens now. Good vibes for a healthy and relatively easy pregnancy.

  81. What a lovely way to tell The Blog the good news! A clever bit of suspense, that was. Did all the comments break The Blog?

    And more than what you will knit, I really want to know what you and Joe will be known as. Nana and Poppa? Granny and Gramps? Mimi and Momo? I’m hoping for Grandma Yarn and Grandpa Boat. 🙂

  82. Congratulations and welcome to the newest member of the Pearl-McPhee clan. I, too, am a new grandma to a 19m/o granddaughter. She is a delight who also frightens me, because I no longer have the stamina to keep up with her. So happy that you are a younger grand – you will enjoy your blessing so much more. Mazel tov!

  83. I am so happy for all of you and your families! Best wishes and love and good health for Megan and the baby! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  84. Congratulations! Being a grandparent is the absolute best!! (well, my other daughter would say being an Aunt is the best but what does she know??)

    We went with Nana & Papa (our daughter decided for us) but whatever the baby calls you, your heart will be filled with joy!

    Best wishes to the new parents, new aunts and new grandparents.

  85. Isn’t this an awful lot like the cast- on row giving rise to the rest of t he ga rment ?

    I am relieved — just for the moment — that recreational marijuana is not yet legal in my state because if it was, and I had indulged before I read this, I would be stuck.

    Having said that, Congratulations all involved in this multi-generational marvel! We all know this will be the warmest baby in Canada

  86. many congratulations to all.

    and here’s a profound wish for a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy, a safe delivery resulting in a healthy baby who sleeps.

  87. Congratulations! As much as you love being a mum and an auntie, being Grandma is better. Give your lovely daughter a hug for me.

  88. Oh man! Congratulations! (now the fun starts. My oldest grandgirl turned 8 yesterday. Grandchildren are more fun than kittens!)

  89. Congratulations! Mazel Tov! How wonderful!
    And what a creative way to make the announcement. You rock Steph. Enjoy this next stage.

  90. That is wonderful news. My Megan is due the end of November. Hard to believe we’re old enough to have grandchildren. So happy for you and yours.

  91. Of all the things I expected to learn about (well review)on a knitting blog, human development of oocytes etc, is pretty much the last thing… 😉
    Congrats to you and your growing family!! As everyone else said I can’t wait to see what comes off your needles!!!

  92. Congratulations to the happy couple and everyone of you! Looking forward to seeing what kind of blanket you”ll make for your first grandchild 😉

  93. Yarn Harlot becoming a grandma is the best thing to happen to knitting blogs since, well, Yarn Harlot!

    Babies! Yay!


  94. Welcome to the Grandma Club. This is so amazing and so wonderful. Congratulation to you and your amazing family.
    Carolyn from Massachusetts

  95. Congratulations!
    Thanks for sharing the exciting news (and photo) with the Blog.
    I agree with the other readers – this baby is really going to be showered with beautiful knitted items!
    Your projects are likely going to spur a big spike in baby knitting across the globe.

  96. I think for the first time ever I am sad I was never able to have children. So, my grandmother was creating the eggs in my Mom that would have gone on to create my brother and me. That is cool. I guess it’s my mom’s fault, then, that I was born with only a one unworking ovary (one was a dermoid tumor and the other was a shriveled little thing that barely produced enough estrogen for me to get through puberty). I wish my mom was still alive so I could tease her about this.

  97. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news! And, as always, for your lovely way of telling a story. Congratulations to all!

  98. O.M.G. Why did I read this at work?! Trying hard not to be caught tearing up. Those of us who’ve followed the blog from the early days have “known” your girls since childhood and now here they all are, at these new and exciting stages of young adulthood. I feel like my own family is expanding. A thousand best wishes to all of your family on this happy news. Oh the wardrobe this new “Pearl-McPhee-somebody” will have! I eagerly anticipate all the blog posts to come… xo 🙂

  99. Welcome to the best club in the world!!!! I wonder what your “grandmother” name is going to be..something SASSY, I hope!!
    I’m “Honey”……:-)

  100. Hearty congratulations to all! Know you will be knitting a layette for that poor, cold, Canadian baby. Don’t forget that you, as a master knitter, should place knitting needles in the child’s hands so she/he will knit, too.

  101. Congratulations to the whole family! I can’t wait to see what you knit. I hope something for Mom (nursing shawl?) as well as baby.

  102. Congratulations! I can’t think of anything else to say except — congratulations! You are going to be a terrific grandmother!

  103. Omigosh! That is such wonderful news! Congrats. Brilliant explanation, by the way. New baby is going to be so lucky to have such great parents and such an amazing grandma.

  104. Huge congrats from a devoted reader! This is spectacular news, and it’s great that it’s happening now, while you’re all young. I can hardly imagine a grandma more suited to being a great resource for all things pregnancy, birth and child-rearing. And to leavening it all with humor. God bless!

  105. What a wonderfully thoughtful post about your wonderful news. Educational and heartwarming! It never ceases to amaze me how perfectly the human body was designed and with your post I learned an awesome new piece of knowledge. Too bad I had all sons LOL….

  106. Congratulations to all! Can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you knit for your first grandchild. Be sure to order more yarn than you think you’ll need for the baby blanket!

  107. Such wonderful news! Becoming a grandma has to be the most exciting thing in the world. Congratulations and wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy to Meg!

  108. Congratulations to all your family! Here’s hoping Meg has a wonderful pregnancy (I’m sure she’s got the good food thing down pat from you). The blog will now await the grandbaby blanket insanity to commence!

    And maybe you could do an post about the craziness that is fallopian tubes moving around in the body!? I’ve done anatomy courses several times and it was only while I was in hospital and then recovering from an ectopic pregnancy rupturing that I had it explained that ovaries are not connected to the tubes! Our female bodies are SO fascinating.

  109. I was so hoping that this announcement was coming soon! That wee one will be so loved by so many. And boy will it be well dressed in the process 🙂

  110. Fabulous! Congratulations to all! Best new Life Chapter I can think of. Hugs all around.

    A sweet little girl + egg story you might enjoy, especially now…When Daughter #1 was 4ish, she asked specific questions, for which an explanation of “a very special kind of egg grows in the mommy” was sufficient at the time. One day, as she raced around the house, banging into whatever, I heard her crash into something and waited for the cry. No cry, just a quiet little voice talking to herself…”Oh oh…I hope I didn’t break my eggs.” She hadn’t. 🙂

  111. Congratulations to Meg, hubby, extended family, and of course, YOU! I feel a sh*t load of knitting of wee little things in the next couple of months! (after Christmas, of course) and the “Heirloom, hand designed blanket???”– BRING IT ON!!

  112. What wonderful news! Congratulations to all and a warm
    (literally?) welcome to the small being to be. Yes, let
    the knitting begin….

  113. Wonderful news! Congratulations to all! (I learned to knit when I knew I was going to become a Grandma. How blessed this wee little one is to have one of the best knitters around as a Grandma!)

  114. OMG, OMG, OMG! That’s such wonderful news. I’m sure I will not be alone in wanting to see what you make for the wee bairn (no pressure…). Congratulations to all!

  115. Congratulations Meg and Meg’s husband!

    And yes, I agree Steph, it is amazing to think that the egg that would become me was in my grandmother at one point, and that the egg that is a part of my future daughter was in my mother – and that if my daughter chooses to have children, a part of them is in me right now. It sure gives a sense of connection and continuity.

  116. I knew what was coming as soon as you started in about where babies come from!!! You HAVE started the blanket, haven’t you?
    When can we expect this bundle of joy? Just imagine how many blogparents this baby will have!
    Oh, by the way, congratulations! And – take it from one who knows – you’re not “old” just because you’re going to be a grandmother.

  117. How wonderful!!
    Congrats to Grandma Steph, Grandpa Joe and the Aunties!!
    How very exciting!
    And you get to knit baby things again this year!

  118. Congratulations! Good thing the baby lives in climate where wool is a good thing! Will you help at the birth? Unless that would be too overwhelming for you as the grandma……

  119. I love that we make half our own grandbabies… my imagination explodes every time I ponder that. And your description is lovely. What joy awaits you all. Congratulations!

  120. WOW! Congrats! I like the way you tell the story … I never heard it told that way. Lots of knitting potential in the future, eh?

  121. it’s been said that you love your children, but you fall in love with your grandchildren! Congratulations! Oh, the knitting we will see.! 😀

  122. Congratulations!
    My son was 4 and his sister 3 when they found out about eggs and sperm. For a couple of days he kept walking up to her and saying “You have all your eggs. I don’t make my sperm yet”. And she was so proud of having her eggs already.
    I had to warn the preschool…

  123. And like all great writers you reveal the story in a way that the reader feels smart for catching on just before you give away the secret! Wonderful news and oh I look forward to the baby knitting that will now ensue! Blessings to all!

  124. Congratulations to all! It’s funny, because I read your post as announcing twins! That does not seem to be the prevailing view in the comments. Whether one baby or two, this is an exciting time. You will be a fabulous grandmother.

  125. “…and now thanks to the contribution of another single cell…”

    Oh, man–that cracked me up!! That’s the most noncommittal, super-polite way I have EVER heard conception referred to, especially on the heels of what is essentially a discussion of sex!! You go, Alex, contribute those single cells!

    And I have to say, suddenly the silver curls are totally, totally appropriate: not that grandmas’ need to have moonlight-coloured locks, but if anyone’s entitled, it would certainly be that class of humans!! =)

  126. Beautifully written, lovely connections shared. Congratulations, and thank you for letting us “strangers” share in the beauty and miracle of your family circle.

  127. Oh, what glorious and wonderful news (and what a trove of subject material for you to write about and us to enjoy as well.) Much happiness, health and love to you all, from great-grands to grands to aunties and uncles as parents and especially the wee spark that is going to be bumping everyone up a generation sooner than you can imagine!

  128. Congratulations and warmest best wishes to you all! I know, this egg thing is mind blowing! I have a daughter who has daughters and I think of Russian dolls, one inside the other. I love to think I grew my amazing wonderful grandchildren!

  129. PS to my previous comments, my daughter told me she was pregnant the first time by phoning up and asking if I wanted to crochet her a shawl (which is what I had been doing for all her cousins when they were expecting!)

  130. And now I’m crying tears of happiness with you! Congratulations! You’ll be a perfect grandma. And, oooh, the knitting to be done!

  131. Congratulations! As a new Grandmother of a little girl, and one who has loved seeing your baby knits, I can hardly wait to see what you will knit for this new little bundle of joy!!! (P.S. I knit your adorable little Nouveau-ne — the only problem is that our baby has outgrown it — maybe when your own little cherub outgrows her Nouveau-ne, you’ll know why we NEED that pattern in larger sizes! ;-D )

  132. When I was younger, people would occasionally talk about what a joy it was to be a Grandma (and how perfect their grandchildren were) and I would roll my eyes and wonder at the number of “perfect” grandchildren……. and then I became a Grandma. My heart aches with the love for these children. Happy happy for you all!

  133. Fabulous news Stephanie! Many salutations to all. Have a blast knitting – I’m sure she will not require store bought clothes for most of her life ;).

  134. Huge congratulations to you all! That particular bit of info is one of my favourites – I was born with my two children, and my daughter was born with any future children she chooses to have. Amazing. Best wishes to the new little one’s parents x

  135. Congratulations to all of you! Such happy news! Can’t wait for the onslaught of knitted items (I’m guessing they will be secreted until they are gifted?)

    Can the blog knit a blanket together?

  136. Lucky Lucky you. What a thrill. Your daughter is fortunate that you are you. She will understand how great you are very soon. It’s like a veil lifts when you have children, you suddenly understand why your parents did what they did. And how powerful that love is. Whew.

  137. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as you started talking about ovaries I had some suspicions!

    That baby better be prepared for the amount of knitted things that are going to come its way. The parents better be prepared too! 😉

  138. Congratulations! Many wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby for your daughter and grandchild! I imagine you’re already planning the blanket and various little knitted things that will be flying off your needles soon. Is the first project complete yet?

  139. how appropriate to touch the little baby footprint… congratulations! welcome to the grandparents club (I have 2 and my husband has 5 – ages 6-18). I knit for my grandbabies all the time, they are very knitworthy! Oh, and congrats to the new parents, too… 🙂

  140. Oh, they look over-the-moon happy! I’m so glad. I’m sure that you have not yet found an adequate adjective for how you are feeling, but that it will all show in the blanket to end all baby blankets that is being cast on. Or if you aren’t casting it on yet, I’m sure you are buying yarn RIGHT NOW. Don’t forget to buy twice as much as you think you need! Then double it. This baby is going to be awash in wool. And love.

  141. I have come back to read this post at least 3 times. It uplifts me in the middle of a lot of the daily grind that wears me down right now. A touch of hope, happiness, joy, excitement, enthusiasm (even in the face of experience that tells those of us already on the other side of the newness, that parenthood is so much more than any of us ever really bargained for…)

  142. Fantastic. Congratulations!
    (Also…I had never thought about that. I have three daughters and you just blew my mind a little bit.)

  143. I liked being a mom well enough, but I have to tell you – being a grammie is the absolute living end! So much more fun. So much less fretting.


  144. Congratulations! There just isn’t anything quite like grandchildren. All the love you feel for your own, with enough of the responsibility taken off your shoulders so you just enjoy them! I messaged my own daughters about how I grew their eggs (sort of) while I was growing them…. as they in turn sort of grew their own grandchildren. We all agree…. crazy! But awesome. You will enjoy as much as I do mine, I’m sure!

  145. Sadly, I learned that whole biology lesson when I visited a doctor at 41 for–infertility.

    Congratulations to your expanding family. Enjoy the endless knitting opportunities.

  146. {sigh}…I must admit, I am jealous. I am still waiting… one day be a grandma…still waiting. Congratulations Stephanie. You are blessed indeed.

    Barbara Rickman

  147. Damn, but I’ve been reading this blog a long time.

    Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing this beautiful news with us. Mazel tov to you all!

    And Steph? …Maybe start the blanket now to avoid the mad rush?

  148. Congratulations to everyone!! I enjoy all my 8 grandkids and 1 Great-Grand son. I’m 61…so I can enjoy them all.

  149. I certainly don’t think you will ever be able to read all of these comments, but I do wish you a huge congratulations. And the mom and dad to be also. Such fun!

  150. Fabulous news! Mazal tov!
    I have thought about that ‘eggs in advance’ thing over the years, and ultimately, wouldn’t that imply that all of us existed in potential all the way back to the first egg-producing ancestor?????? Makes one a bit dizzy to imagine …..
    Anyway, I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy your own sample of ‘grandeggs’ when produced, and wish you happy knitting till then! Best wishes to all the family.

  151. What lovely news – and how profoundly beautiful your presentation of it! Congratulations to all! Can’t wait to see what gorgeous things will come from your needles.

  152. Congratulations to you and your family! I can’t wait to see the adorable things you will knit for your first grandchild 🙂

  153. Congratulations to you all and all the best to come!
    Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone who reads you post makes a comment and you can learn how big The Blog is?

  154. I’ve been busy with my overnight shifts at the hospital ER, so have not been reading your blog for a bit. I sit down with a nice mug of tea to catch up on your shenanigans and nearly dumped the tea all over me reading this wonderful news!

    Congratulations to you, and best wishes to Meg for a healthy pregnancy and baby 🙂

    Unleash the knitting furor!

  155. 1. Congratulations and best wishes for everyone’s health
    2. I’m jealous. I’m still waiting for grandchildren.
    3. I’m SO GLAD I didn’t know anything about the eggs when I was expecting my first child (a girl), I was under enough stress as it was 😉

  156. I couldn’t figure out why you were telling us about the development of human eggs at the beginning of the post! Great little lesson in human biology, and an even better way to introduce the fact that you are going to have a grandchild! I’m thrilled for you and for the new parents! Congratulations to all!

  157. My dear dear Stephanie, congratulations, Gran, you are in for the time of your life. So glad it is happening for you! Your post was lovely but I hate to break it to you, the idea that females were born with all the eggs they would ever have has been discredited in high level medical circles as of a couple of years ago. Google it. Love, you, but you made the mechanism that makes the eggs, maybe not the eggs themselves.

  158. Congratulations!
    I just found out that I also will be a first time grandma next June. So what you’re saying is that I grew that grandchild. no wonder I feel like I’m having another baby. I just don’t have to go through the crap that goes with it. Awesome!

  159. Congrats! I have 3 daughters and was aware of the fact that you shared. Also, when they were little and upset that I had been somewhere before they were born, I told them they were there too “waiting in the egg.” They were always there.

  160. Congratulations on the baby news! I’m so out of the loop. I can’t believe my kids didn’t mention it! I’m just discovering this today. Have fun knitting for the wee one!

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