It works if you work it

You know what, I’m just going to say it.  I forgot to order yarn for Christmas presents.  There. It’s out, and I feel so much better. I’d toyed with telling you something else, just adding a few projects in a few days and pretending that it had been my plan all along, but we’re too close for that. The total and honest truth is that I forgot to write it on the spreadsheet, and it didn’t get done. I wrote down the things I was going to make by names on the sheet, and nodded to myself like it was all arranged, and wandered off to do something like knit a Santa Mouse. I didn’t really realize what had happened until yesterday when I went to knit the yarn I didn’t have and it all came together.  (Subtle sign, that one.) I’ve ordered it now (really, not just psychically)  and I’m sure it will be here as quickly as the border allows, and everything is going to be fine because it’s not like I don’t have things to do. The plan between now and Christmas is (don’t panic, I’m not panicking) Two sweaters, two cowls, a hat, some slippers, and four pairs of socks.


I’m only waiting on the yarn for the sweaters, one cowl, the hat and slippers. Everything else (that’s a cowl and four pairs of socks, is already on the needles, or at least…. here. It’s going to be a little tight, but fine, and maybe I’ll get all that stuff out of the way while I’m waiting for the yarn to arrive.  It’s funny, but I really sort of think that getting everything cast on helps. I know it doesn’t, I know it can’t matter at all, but there’s something about having it all started that makes it seem like it’s going to get finished. Godspeed, little box of yarn.

Gifts for Knitters: Day 4

Now, not all knitters like trinkets and shiny things, but you’ll know if yours does, and if it sounds like him or her, then you can score major points by combining two things that they like, and get some knitting themed jewelry.  I hunted around for a bit, and I found this pin (complete with real knitted brass) a cable needle pendant, a ring that’s a knitting needle (bonus, you don’t need to know their ring size) one that looks like knitted fabric, another pendant that’s pretty funny, little sterling balls of yarn earrings, Schoolhouse press has some beautiful things. If you think your knitter would like making their own jewelry, Laura sells some pretty kits, and there’s a funky necklace kit here. There’s lots out there, good luck!

Gifts for Knitters: Day 5

This one will likely seem a little odd to those of you who don’t knit, and think that maybe a knitter would only need one of these – but the mighty needle gauge is a fleeting thing, most knitters struggle to put their hands on one, even though they own several. It’s a safe bet that your knitter would welcome another, even if they’ve got one or ten. There’s ones with birds, or a peacock. Shoes and sheep, ones that are necklaces, like this or this one in sterling silver. You can even get them one with their name on it, so that maybe they won’t lose it as fast, or a Doctor Who one (I threw that in just for Tall Allison. We’ll see if she’s paying attention.)

Any needle gauge is good, I promise, remember though, the most useful ones have both American and Metric sizes on them. Go forth and find one. Or ten. Really, we can’t have too many.

PS: See that? I’m almost caught up.