The sweaters are small

I know it seems really unlikely, but I think things are okay over here.  I think this even though my yarn hasn’t arrived (it’s okay, I have lots to knit) and even though there’s not a lot of finished anything kicking around. I think this even though I’ve spent a big chunk of the day getting ready for a meeting tonight, and even though I’ve got to go to that meeting. (It’s okay, I’ll knit on the subway on the way there, and at the meeting, and on the way home. Everybody at the meeting is used to me by now.) I think this despite the fact that I’m not (quite) packed for a little trip Joe and I are taking tomorrow – and I think this even though it’s a ski trip (apparently I ski now. I was wondering if that was a one off last year, but Joe’s really into it) and even though you can’t knit while you are skiing, or while you’re recovering from the broken arm I worry about getting while skiing. (I’m not very good.)


I think this even though that cowl (it’s another Tool Box Cowl, this time knit from a Lorna’s Laces String Quintet called “Flute”) is sort of just started, not “almost finished”, which is what I just almost typed, and I do believe it’s all going to be just fine.  (Pardon me while I tidy the dining room, a wrapping paper bomb seems to have gone off in there.) I know all of this seems delusional, and there’s no way all of this is going to get done, but it doesn’t feel that way today.  Today, I’m a lady with hope, and that could just be because I finished up arranging the stockings with Santa yesterday, or it could be because it seems like there’s still a lot of time – but I absolutely feel like I’ve got this.  I’m sure I do.


Gifts for knitters: Day 6

Short and sweet, if your knitter wears tee shirts. This one is a total classic (and I’m wearing it right now – trust me, even if you don’t get it, your knitter will.) If your knitter’s a guy? How about this one?

Gifts for knitters: Day 7 (Look at that! All caught up.)

How about a little pottery?  Jennie the Potter is a fabulous thing, especially on the 15th of this month, which she has her next shop update. If that’s not your knitters thing, check out Creative with Clay.  There’s mugs, and bowls, all with knitting on them. Still not right? How about a sheep mug? Not that one? How about this one? Personally, I think I like this one.

36 thoughts on “The sweaters are small

  1. Admission of selfishness: I just really want to see the “small sweaters” because I always love the kids’ sweater patterns you knit and have stolen lots of your ideas for my own little girl.

    Of course, I’m also thrilled that things are going well (so far) and so on– but I do love watching kids’ knits come off your needles! See? Selfish.

  2. YH, you ARE getting delusional. You know that wasn’t a bomb in the dining room — it was the cat! (She wants her Advent calendar back!)

    Guess what I had to click to post this???

  3. Your optimism is contagious. If I knit as fast as you do maybe I’d be optimistic, too! Instead, I just ordered the “just in case the knitting doesn’t get done” gifts and had them shipped to the place we’re celebrating Christmas.
    I was going to email this link to you for a “gifts for knitters” post, but you got ahead of me by posting mugs today. This is one I bought for a few knitting friends at the local Hallmark shop – it looks like ribbing!

  4. No, not mugs – please – no more mugs – I am not allowed to buy another mug, no matter how cute – please don’t tempt me – AAAAHHHHHH!

    • I feel your pain. My husband put me on a mug buying ban unless I throw some of my current mugs out when I bring new ones home. He is normally oblivious to his surroundings and not one for trying to boss me around so I think the mug thing may actually be a teensy bit out of control at our house!

  5. You’ve got this! The Blog is behind you!!

    Have fun skiing. After going canoeing twice, I decided I really really didn’t want to do it again. If you decide that you really, really don’t want to ski again….you can be a ski bunny in the lodge and knit your heart out next time.

  6. I “learned” to ski but never really liked it. The solution was to arrive at the bottom of the slope with hot chocolate, soda or whatever the skier requested, and then go back to a warm place until they came around again! Everyone was happy, so I think the idea above is a good one and you can get a hot toddy too….

  7. Just a note on broken bones….I had two in nine months (separate incidents and both upper body so my knitting was curtailed for about 4 months total), so I’m somewhat of an expert. You will NOT break anything skiing. It is way more likely that you will trip over the cat, hit your wrist on something improbable like a plastic bucket, and be in a quarter cast for a month. (I slipped on [black] ice, in a parking garage, on a perfectly lovely, sunny but chilly December day and broke my shoulder. The ramps were salted, the walkway was not….sigh.) So not to worry and enjoy the skiing. (And the icon to touch is a treble clef not a music note. Just sayin’.)

    • Thank you Cindy. I thought the ‘not a music note, it’s a treble clef’ thing too, and then wondered about my capacity to nit-pick. I appreciate your solidarity!

      Steph: quality optimism, I needed some of that today after missing out on a job I really wanted yesterday, and feeling very deflated about it. Am in the process of perking back up, and you’re helping, Thanks!

      • Bindi: Sorry you didn’t get the job you wanted: ( But it means you’ll be available when an even better opportunity comes along, yes? Crossed fingers and glad your bouncing back.

        And Stephanie, I have to agree with Cindy. Even though I did once break my leg on a ski holiday – it was falling down the plane steps on the return flight. Despite skiing, ice skating, skateboarding etc, my broken bones have been stair or weather related. (With a possible add on for being the kind of idiot that will read while walking. Leading to one broken arm on the stairs and one broken ankle sliding down into a pub basement that had it’s loading hatch open.)

  8. Your planning and knitting of the Christmas gifts always fills me with awe (and tickled laughter). I am so impressed at how you always get it done. Happy Holidays and safe skiing!

  9. I haven’t had time to read all of the comments, so this might very well have been pointed out in spades already, but: if you and Joe can pull off the ‘ready a week early’ stunt, you will have AN EXTRA WEEK at the end, right before Christmas, when pretty much everything else will be done and you’ll have way, way more knitting time than usual…does that thought help at all, or has that already been factored in?!?

  10. I am never disappointed when reading your blog. What could be better than commiserating with a person you have never met?! Thank you for that and the last 12 years.

  11. Steph,

    You’re going to get everything non-knitting a whole week before Joe leaves.

    That means you have one week where you have way more time than normal to knit.

    I think you’ll be fine.

  12. You can knit on the chairlift, if it isn’t too cold. Just pick a small project on circs, in yarn that won’t felt from being jostled in your pocket. I’d like to repeat the part about not using yarn that felts easily, and by now you all have figured out how I learned to knit only with superwash while skiing.

  13. Perhaps you can sit by a fire and knit while Joe goes skiing? That’s pretty much what I do when the rest of my family skis. (I tried it once years ago; I wasn’t good and it hurt, so that was that.)

  14. I never really start Christmas panic until the calendar gets to double-digit days. So you’re fine until Saturday, the 10th.

  15. That coffee mug you liked. So did I I was going to get it for my friend and then I found out they want $48.65 to ship it here (Toronto) from Kansas. Why is it I can buy at great prices and with reasonable shipping charges from Great Britain & Europe but If I want it from my own country or the States the shipping is so unreasonable that I won’t do it.

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  17. You’ll get it done. You knit like the wind.

    Pay no attention to Super Mario. He/she doesn’t know the army of knitters who will back you at a moment’s notice.

  18. Here’s an idea. In January build your spreadsheet.

    Be realistic, and ask everyone if they have any “baby plans” you should know about IN ADVANCE!

    Start with socks, and know that you will need to knit x pair of socks over the course of a year. Also, reconcile yourself to the fact that you will need a new sweater for Rhinebeck, that only a very deserving few (or very small people) will qualify for a sweater for Christmas.

    I think if you can make this adjustment to your level of expectations, it will help lower the bar for the rest of us.

  19. Oh man, that t-shirt is it for me. If I got nothing else for xmas this year, I’d be content with that t-shirt. (Don’t tell my husband that – I sent him about a million links to stuff I like…mostly Purl Soho…wishwish…sigh)

    Next year, I’m going to brush up my sock game. I feel like socks are doable for many pairs of feet, but I almost always seem to get stuck/bored/mired in tedium after the first one. Any ideas?

  20. Absolutely my favorite t-shirt ever, even taught a class a couple of years ago with that as the title. And I do love that you take the time to write these up every year, even in the midst of all the crap you’re not getting done. Thank you!

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