The Push is On

Over the last few days, I’ve been trying to tidy up. Not the  house, that’s madness – I mean, I worked out a long time ago that most housework is pointless. I tidy up, someone (usually me, which is really disappointing) trashes it, and I do it again. Now that I’m a woman of mature years, I’ve largely consigned my hopes for a pristine house to the abyss. No, I’ve been trying to tidy up the knitting. The time draws near for me to start a baby blanket, and so I’m looking to get a few projects off the needles, so that not so much is lurking about. There’s a pair of socks to finish – though I’m not really fussed about that. The blanket will be tricksy, and so I’ll need something simple with me so that I can knit dark places, or places where people need to think I’m listening, and the Bermuda Shawl is pretty simple too, but I’d still like to finish it before I start the blanket. Mostly, I want this one off the needles:

grusalmost 2017-02-02

It’s the Grus Cowl, Knit from Woolfolk Far (colours are as suggested, #01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 – one skein of each.) There’s not much left to go, and the next few days should be perfect for getting lots of knitting done.  In what I would like noted as a serious display of Marital Goodwill, I’ve agreed to go with Joe on a work trip over the next while – and I’m having the blanket yarn meet me at our hotel – I aim to get this (and maybe the shawl and maybe the socks) done before that. Joe leaves tomorrow, but I’m staying behind for a day – Most of you will recall that Ken had a cycling accident quite some time ago, and his shoulder didn’t heal properly. He’s having it fixed tomorrow, and this family sticks together for stuff like that, so I’ll have hours tomorrow while I wait at hospital for him, and see him safely home, where Amanda will take over Ken care, and I’ll jump on a plane the next morning to join Joe. Between hospital waiting and the plane, there should be buckets of time. It’s just one of the many benefits of being a knitter. What other people might see as wait time… we see as opportunity.

Tonight I’m perusing all my stitch dictionaries (doing a little actual tidying) packing my bag, and getting together all I need for a blanket epic. 10 weeks till impending Grandson, and he deserves a blanket designed to be all his own. I like these blankets to have stories, to use stitch patterns that reflect who they are, and where they come from, to be specific to the child. Myrie’s had pines, for the camping her parents love, and waves, because they both come from islands, and Luis’ had snowflakes for his Canadian mum, and Spanish lace for his Spanish dad… and my grandson? No ideas yet. I’ve got until Saturday (or Monday, if the mail  is its usually jerk to me) to come up with a plan.

I’m totally open to suggestions. The yarn is a laceweight, and I have A. Lot. There’s no way I’m running out this time.

170 thoughts on “The Push is On

  1. My first baby, a boy too, is due in the very same week as your grandson! I look forward to seeing how your blanket progresses as I work on my own!

  2. Oh, good gravy, you didn’t just say that there’s no way you’re running out *head shake*.
    Must have missed Ken’s accident, speedy healing to him.

  3. Tailfeather by Amy van de Laar (on Ravelry) is a scarf pattern that would make a lovely baby blanket for a grandson who will be intense, wise and a silent hunter.

  4. The only thing I remember about the pictures of Megan and Hubbie is that they have a dog….so, dogs, paw prints, etc? Lots of snowflakes as at least 3 of his closest relatives are Canadian.

  5. A prayer for Ken from here for an easy recovery, and thank you all for looking out for him.

    My grandson on the way is getting a blister stitch afghan, blue/green popping out as it’s encircled by white for the tops of the plant life living and growing beneath the piles of snow in Alaska, where he’ll be.

    • I know Steph has mentioned that she is an atheist, so I will venture. Guess that her daughter is as well. Maybe if Stephs son-in-law wants the baby Christened…

      • there could be an official, this is your name, here is your family and they will support you through going into the world over then next (insert your # years to adulthood. 30?) years party, which would totally be some of the functions of the church stuff, but without the church part (mind you, I got to baptize my grandson, I’m into church. but welcome a child in a public sort of way, with many people and a party and an out-loud proclamation of who he is)

  6. I think a row all around the blanket of family members holding hands would be very representative of the clan he’s being born to. Happy knitting, your baby blankets are always gorgeous.

    • Tooty’s blankie would make a great center, with a band of snow flake lace and a pointy pine edging.Or maybe a band of color work before the snow flakes with boys and girls dancing. I did an antique reproduction Christmas stocking this last Christmas with a band of children dancing around the top. The original was a Grace Ennis pattern from about 1940. I can send my chart if needed. ( I sat down with that stocking and some graph paper and charted all the motifs.)
      Julie in San Diego

  7. My first thought straight off is music notes for Joe and hearts for you, but this isn’t your baby; it’s Meg and Alex’s. (That freaks me out a little because I have an Alex, and I’m SO not ready to be a grandma yet.) Maybe just one giant heart with a basketweave stitch filling in the shape, for the basket of wonderful this little sweetie will be joining? 🙂 Wishing you all sorts of joy!!

    • I agree, since his mother also knits. I was thinking a progressively harder pattern inwards or outwards. Like a journey of stitches like life. Or my other idea is a picture blanket with grass, trees, sky, stars and planets.

      • That is such a wonderful idea! For some reason, the first idea you listed reminds me of Dr. Suess’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.” I like the idea of knitting as representative of life’s journey. It can be tough, but it can also be beautiful.

        • Thanks Rachel! I love “Oh The Places You’ll Go” too. It is sad and scary and funny and full of happy adventures, just like life. I love turning the page after the scary bit, delicious anticipation, hoping for something good to happen. Just like life for me too!

  8. Maple leaves. How about a special Canadian blanket for Canada’s 150 th birthday. Maple leaves, pine trees, polar bears, Mounties, a beaver of course. Red and white. Could be quite a challenge.

    • Yes, I was just thinking that it could be an ode to Canada. Maybe motifs that reflect Canada’s diverse cultural heritage? With some whimsical touches that personalize it, of course.

  9. I comment only very rarely, but I’ve read the blog for years, and the overview of your life and your family that I’ve picked up includes a few things that I would think should be reflected in the blanket.The patterns chosen should evoke images of big families that stick together through good times and bad, singing and dancing together, and making Christmas cookies in huge, untraditional, colorful batches. That’s what I have observed that your family is made of. Congratulations on your new little one.

  10. “There’s no way I’m running out this time.”
    My husband totally blanched when he read that line! Hah! I can’t wait to hear what you do choose for the blanket, though. Your ideas and motifs are always so beautiful.

    A speedy recovery to Ken… get well soon!

  11. Are we laying bets on the running out of yarn this time??? Is there a pool/poll as to how much you will be short or over? New entertainment…yarn chicken on line. 🙂

    • Yarn harlot fan group on Ravelry? Also, we could get really carried away and guess birth weight and stuff. Is that fun or stalkerish? I have no desire to freak anyone out!

  12. There are a lot of great suggestions for motifs already. I wanted to wish Ken a very speedy recovery, and you speedy needles to get the shawl, and the cowl done so you can start the baby blanket.

  13. Everything about your Grus is beautiful; feel free to add in many pix as you like, and more!
    Speedy recovery to Ken; I’m off to put a few dollars in his bike rally account as a get-well wish.
    No suggestions on the blanket – I already know it will be perfect.

  14. Oh, I can’t believe you just said you had plenty of yarn and won’t run out! Really? Are you trying to tempt the knitting fates? Don’t spit in their eyes! :0

    I’m eager to see the new baby blanket…

  15. My stitch suggestions! Snowflakes, for our Canadian pastime of discussing weather (and your lake effect snow), something like waves for the beautiful sailboat and to honour his Newfie heritage, bee stitch because grandbabies are the sweetest thing, or honeycomb (same reason).

    Something unique too, because Megan is so delightfully quirky (I still remember her wonderful fingerless mittens she made many moons ago as a pre-teen!). I don’t know the baby’s lovely papa, but something for him too!

  16. Here comes another queen sized baby blanket!
    Should the blanket have hearts on it because Little Boy will have so many people to love him? A bird or two – or feathers- to represent the freedom he will have to be himself? Something musical for the songs in the house and the work that Grampa Joe does? Some homespun from Granny Steph?
    I think we have a grandchild arriving the same week if they are both on schedule. Oh Joy!!

  17. Snowflakes, waves and perhaps some Maple leaves…what’s Dad2be’s heritage?
    Just remember, this is a BABY blanket…doesn’t have to fit a queen size bed 🙂
    And the borders you’ve chosen in the past take 4X the yarn and time of the blanket body.
    And yes it does make the baby arrive sooner