No time. Only pictures.

lois 2017-03-07

Luis listens to Megan’s baby.

cookiesmine 2017-03-07

I made a million cookies, and piping icing is hard. (But I win, because they’re still cute.)

ken 2017-03-07

Ken is 51.

rosetart 2017-03-07

I spent a ridiculous amount of time with a peeler and made this tart. I thought I was crazy then Meg said “Oh Mum, I love pretty food!” and then it was all worth it.

meghears 2017-03-07

Jen (knitter, cyclist, student midwife) brought her fetoscope. Best baby shower favour ever.

pato 2017-03-07

This picture is okay, but it’s not as good as the one I should have taken, which was 2 minutes later, when the baby moved, and Pato pretty much fell off a chair.

We are excited.  I am knitting.