I am going to be knitting this blanket forever. I see that now, as plainly as I understand that I am destined to never catch up on the laundry, and that email can never be truly finished. I also see that a large blanket knit from laceweight might have been a bit of an overshoot, if you catch my meaning.ย  I have only about a month left, and this blanket pretty much refuses to get done, despite much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

swatchblankie 2017-03-02 (1)

Today, I have gleefully and delightedly finished the centre. It’s a small centre, as planned, and now I’ve got to make a move to get this thing sorted to be knit in the round. Tonight I’ll leave the stitches at the top live, and then pick up stitches down the first side, then unpick the provisional cast on along the bottom, and pick up more stitches along the second side. I don’t have time to make a mistake, so I’ve spent a little time today picking up stitches along the side of my swatch.

Swatchblankie 2017-03-02

Obviously, one side had too many (you can see it flare out, there on the right) and the other one looks pretty good. That’s the rate I’ll be going with.

Forever. And ever.ย  Send wine.

65 thoughts on “Forever

  1. It will seem like forever, and then suddenly, you’ll be at the cast off, which will seem to take forever, but then suddenly you’ll be done. Kind of like kids growing up.

  2. I’m not sure wine of any color is a good idea if you are trying to avoid mistakes!!! Good luck. It will be beautiful.

  3. That’s how I felt about my blanket (Moderne Log Cabin, in a worsted), and a sweater I recently finished. THEY WOULD NEVER END, and I would never cast socks on again. Socks were my reward for finishing. Well, that and Waiting for Rain.

    You got this Steph.

  4. You’re a knitting Super Hero! It will be finished in its own time, filled with love in every stitch.
    (Don’t drink and try to pick up little bitty stitches.)

  5. How will you find time to knit everything else that baby needs? Booties, sweaters, hats, pantaloons… are doomed!

  6. You can do it! Don’t forget, your babies waited until their blankets were done to arrive. So we can only hope that it runs in the family ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Do I remember correctly that babies aren’t born until you are done knitting for them? That will surely be the case for your grandson. No worries! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. If Megan is anything like I was with just a month to go, asking for postponing delivery would be grounds for matricide. Just sayin’.

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing. The baby will not mind a late blanket but the momma will really mind a late baby and, at least here in the states, they induce if you are late and that is no fun at all (been ther, done that, do not recommend it). Take a big breath, a small glass of wine, and enjoy the process – at least, enjoy it when you are not cursing at the gods of lace weight yarn!

  9. I hear you. In a moment of sadly sober (pregnant) stupidity today, I decided it would be a great idea to quilt my 4yo’s double bed quilt in paralell lines 1/2 inch apart. She’all probably be able to cover up with it around college.

    • Oh my goodness, I did the same thing with a “quick” quilt I’m making my son! I find solidarity in the fact I am not alone. I’m sure he will still enjoy the cute print when he is 18, right?

  10. Red or white? Sweet or dry?
    Does the Canadian Postal Service deliver wine? USPS doesn’t like to, but I am sure we can figure out how to get you a bottle or three!

  11. Working on a similar pattern, but with no deadline, I recommend that the wine and knitting be kept sequestered from each other.

  12. The most fun posts so far! I think of how many knitters are rooting for you! And your family! Lots of love pouring out for you.

  13. I’m sure you’ll do it.
    Very wise choice to do a “round and round” edging which can, in a pinch be finished when need be rather than one where you pick up each stitch as you go along, though!

  14. Cool, clear, refreshing mountain spring water ’til the blanket is done. This grandma advises safety first while knitting the masterpiece. The celebratory toast will be all the sweeter with no glitches between now and then! May the knitting goddess be with you.

  15. I usually save this comment for expectant mothers but it might be helpful to you: my dad told me that I was an eleven-month baby. He never explained why they left me so long, but I turned out all right. As will your blanket.

    • Back in the day, babies got to decide when they were ripe, rather than being scheduled around the doctor’s tee time. My brother was a 10-month, 10-pound baby, but my mom loved him anyway.

      For the sake of both Megan and Stephanie, I hope babycakes is right on time and the blanket is, too.

  16. If it’s any consolation, I’m sure your daughter will reach a point where she’s convinced she’s going to be pregnant forever. But I have complete faith that you will both be done eventually!

  17. But don’t you think that this large blanket from fingering weight yarn perfectly symbolizes this longest shortest time that your child is about to embark on? Just trying to add a little fuel to the fire… that blanket will be a treasure.

  18. Good luck, much strength and patience, and yes go with the wine but possibly not in conjunction with counting stitches — more as a reward for finishing sections?? I can’t wait to see the finished blanket (not to mention the finished baby) and am sure it will be another masterpiece (ditto the baby). The Blog is rooting for you and Megan!!

  19. Well, with any luck, you will finish the blanket before the kid graduates from college.

    Those are the types of goals I find the easiest to deal with! lol

    I am currently finishing two blankets that are graduation gifts, one pink ‘pussy’ hat with one more on order, and all I really want to do is knit fun things like socks.


    “Just keep knitting, just keep knitting….”

  20. Thanks for the update! It’s gonna be beautiful!
    You’re so smart to keep the swatch handy and plan ahead. I’m looking forward to the day you’ve cast off, lay it out to be blocked, and tell The Blog its story. Love, love, …

  21. “Forever.” I don’t think that word means what you think it does. You always amaze us. It will be a beautiful loving gift when you’re done.

  22. The blanket is going to be lovely, Steph. You will survive and the blanket will be finished on time. Hard to believe that Meg is not a little girl anymore (remembering the rope handhold on the cliff to the beach many uears ago). Take care. It won’t e long now. โ˜บ

  23. I am working on a shawl constructed the same way as your blanket. I commend you on the center panel with the nupps. The choice tells me you are a brave, smart, talented knitter. When picking up the stitches for the borders write down the number picked up on the sides. Also, when picking up place your corner stitch markers. It looks like it’s going to be beautiful.

  24. Wine, my hat. This is a WCTU project if I ever saw one. You can drink for Ken’s birthday, but that is to be regarded as Game Over for the day. Not but I applaud your clever way of simultaneously featuring and limiting them nupps.However, that doesn’t affect us — Malbec and popcorn go well together. Carry on.

  25. We seem to be leading parallel lives. I am knitting the “Hearts Blood Blanket of Love” (was going to be “The Red Hot Blanket of Love”, but the color is more beet like than red) as a wedding gift to my niece. It is this never ending THING that I have to walk by many times during the day and it just won’t knit itself. The process seems to go on forever… sigh… I love my niece and will carry on. The wedding is in August and am trying to get this finished before the weather turns warm so I won’t have a huge lap full of sweaty blanket. I love my niece, I love my niece, I love my…

  26. Gorgeous, as always. FWIW, there IS a way to catch up on laundry, if you are willing to do the last load in the nude. That may be more practical in California than Canada.

  27. Having knitted a Shetland Shawl in anticipation of my nephew’s birth…some 20 years ago, I share your trauma. I think I began knitting over the May long weekend, and finished in time for his arrival on September 1st. The shawl accompanied me EVERYWHERE, but it did get done – and I’m SURE that you knit faster than I… YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  28. It better be white wine because you will be very upset with yourself if you spilled red on all that white and we know how well wool takes dyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. It won’t do you much good now, but in the future you could use a knitting machine trick for a provisional cast on. Use whatever cast on you fancy for the number of stitches you need. Knit 6 to 8 rows. Knit the next row with a strand of something smooth and of a wildly contrasting color. I have red and blue crochet threads that are good. Knit just ****ONE**** row with the contrasting thread. Start your main knitting from there. When it’s time to pick up the stitches on the beginning edge the contrasting thread will help guide you. When your’re ready to go on, pull out the contrasting thread and the waste yarn will drop off. Slick!

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