I might have spoken too soon when I said I was feeling better, so let’s just do Karmic Balancing gifts and try not to think about it. I’m taking today and knitting a sock, and working on catching up on paperwork, and trying to put my business to bed for the week that I’ll (hopefully) be away, and I’m trying not to whine. Thanks for the donations my petals, you guys are so amazing that I’ve now met my public goal – I’m looking now to blow it out of the water. Last year you guys took me way, way over my private and public goals, and I know that there’s no force out there like knitters. None. Every ding on my phone makes me feel a little better, and makes me more hopeful that this is going to be okay. Let’s hope that Karma works, and that trying to put something good out there does something good for how I feel. A miracle cure by tomorrow would be nice.

Anne at The Twisted Fleece has two beautiful gifts the first one is for Grace T:

Annehook 2017-07-27 Anneroving 2017-07-27

100 g of handdyed Shetland roving. Dyed by Anne, and the fleece came from her friends’ flock. Comes with a handcrafted (again, made by Anne) orifice hook, of sterling silver, embellished with a handcrafted lampwork bead.

Anne also has 3 skeins of 100% merino worsted weight yarn. Dyed using food safe dyes. 120 yards/skein, 1.75 oz, 50 grams, and she’ll be mailing those to Kay W..

Anneyarn 2017-07-27

Belinda went for a stash dive, and came up with these two beautiful skeins of Malabrigo Lace. Turns out they’re for Helen H. Enjoy!

belindamalabrigolace 2017-07-27

The Oswego NY Coffee Connection knitters would like to donate two skeins of Berroco Weekend in colors 5947 (salmon swimming upstream) and 5966 (blue sky in summer). They’ll be mailing it out to Peg L, and I hope she loves it.

berrocoweekend 2017-07-27

Helle has two beautiful skeins, going out into the world to make a little magic. Heritage Yarns 100% tencel, colour is Sunrise Serenade 8 ounces; 1680 yards for Donna G.

heritageyarnsunrise 2017-07-27

and Knitted Wit Worsted, 100% Super wash Merino, Colour: She Persisted (how appropriate) 4 ounces, 200 yards for  Lisa B.  Thank you Helle!

knittedwitworsted 2017-07-27

Our good friend Kathleen Sperling has three lovely gifts of e-book pattern collections. First, her blanket trilogy, consisting of Cervelli, Around the Block, and The Celtic Knotwork Baby Blanket. That’s for Donna B.

blankettrillogy 2017-07-27

Then an Accessories Quartet, that’s Dambrod, Balthazar’s Jumper Socks, Jianzhi cowl, and the Addis Abeba shawl. Those are going to Jessica R.

accessoryset 2017-07-27

Last, but not least, she’ll be sending her Darling Layette eBook to Maggie B.

layetteset 2017-07-27

Tim has a set of four 3 X 4 1/2″ wonder wallets, each with five pockets. They are great for extra credit cards or cash or for giving gift cards. Those are going to Pippi S.

wonderwallets 2017-07-27

Next, a copy of a great new book from Tracy Purtscher, Dimensional Tuck Knitting.

tuckknitting 2017-07-27

It’s not out until September, so there will be a tiny delay in getting it, but when Tracy H does, I hope she loves it.

We’ve got a few from an amazing person who would like to be an anonymous Balancer, one 8oz bag of Elsie’s Discount Roving & Dyes “Amethyst”, and one in purple. The secret Santa will be mailing those to Rhea K.

purple top 2017-07-27 amethysttp 2017-07-27

Our mystery person also has approximately 20 batts, each weighing about 40 grams, of a creamy white Finn-cross roving. Hand processed by Anonymous Balancer, those are for Robyn R.

batts 2017-07-27

She’s also parting with one 40 oz. bundle of Plum Crazy Ranch Fiber Art Mulberry Silk Sliver, and one 1oz bundle of blue-green, hand-dyed Firestar, and mailing it to Linda L.

silksliver 2017-07-27

Last but not least, she’s somehow parting with THREE braids of Upstream Alpaca “Hand Painted Combed Top 100% Baby Alpaca” in “Pinot Noir” – 4 oz each braid. Those will be winging their way to Kelly M.

upstreamalpaca 2017-07-27

Emily has an amazing gift. 8 balls of gorgeous blue angora, in its original box. Emily says “It is old, though I don’t know by how; I received it from a fiber artist friend who is retiring and downsizing. Her only condition of giving it to me was that I “make something awesome”, and since you are doing that with PWA and the Rally, it only seems fitting.” I hope Holly W makes something awesome!

angora 2017-07-27

Karen Fletcher’s got a good one, TEN free copies of her pattern The Texture Block Cowl.  It’s a good one, takes a single skein of worsted weight yarn, and looks like a charming defense against the elements. (And a good Christmas present, if you’re in the mood.)  She’ll be sending those along to Kathleen R, Cherilyn P, Sarah R, Barbara J, Tara W, Jaime P, Beth W, Maggie H, Alicia R, and Belinda H.

textureblockcowl 2017-07-27

Finally, a gorgeous “Rainbow is the new black” project bag from Jan Smiley. (Peek at her shop, it’s all lovely.) This bag is for Janis M, and I hope she loves it.

orangisthnewblack 2017-07-27

Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m going to go lie down and wait for my miracle. I’m sure it’s on its way. Cross your needles, everybody.

44 thoughts on “Diversion

  1. What wonderful karmic balancing gifts. I love looking at other designers and different yarns. That Pinot makes me want to spin again. Have a beer, knit, and feel better.

  2. Don’t just consider whether you can ride through the pain, but how long you’re willing to spend recovering if you don’t listen to your body, and the impact that will have on your personal and professional life.

  3. Could you participate in the support team part of the Rally, as an extra van rider or sweeper or food setter-upper, or some role that keeps you a participant in the event but just not creating havoc with your body?
    I want to repeat the admonition of an earlier commenter to have a care for your 85 year-old self. Even your 65 year-old self might be significantly happier if your today self takes a pass on this ride.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with Judith and Judy. From my point of view, this is the time to give yourself permission to do what is best for your own well being. Modelling good self care will be as important to your readers as the past years when you modeled determination and sacrifice.

      • Yup. Been there, paid the price. There will be plenty of other ways for you to participate in the ride without doing harm to yourself. It’s horrifically disappointing, I know, but ask yourself before you commit to riding all that distance if you’re willing to live with the consequences tomorrow, next week, next year, in 10 years….

  4. We’re all behind you no matter what happens with the actual ride. Remember how much effort you have put in as part of the steering committee– that counts too for our support! Take care of yourself. You’ve done your best and then some. We support your cause– that’s what it’s about.

  5. I’m worried, Stephanie, that you will ride even though you’re hurting. We out here want you to be healthy and not doing anything to make your injury worse. I promise, that if you decide you shouldn’t ride, I will donate again. 🙂 We will all still care for the cause, and love you!

  6. I know you’ve tried a zillion things. If you haven’t tried kinesiotaping, ask your team if anyone can tape your SI joint and hip. It will not cure you. It will not solve the problem. But it might knock the discomfort back enough to keep the tears back. I use it on all my various high-mileage folk who are not going to stop over silly things like broken fingers, mashed ankles, and so on…

  7. Many of us have had times in our lives when we’ve done things we knew we shouldn’t have. Sometimes they turned out OK but sometimes they went dreadfully wrong. You’ve had periods recently when you thought your SI had calmed down, but then you go for a ride and it acts up again, so obviously biking still aggravates your SI. Attempting several days of grueling rides to travel from Toronto to Montreal will only make matters worse at this point. We know that you really, really want, and feel an obligation, to be one of the bikers in PWA’s rally this year, but it doesn’t seem to be a good idea under the current circumstances. It could result in you hobbling around and being in constant pain for several weeks afterward.

    As others have suggested, you could be part of the support staff and encouragement squad along the route this year. No, that wouldn’t be the same in your eyes, and you would be disappointed, but you certainly wouldn’t be letting anyone down. You’ve already done tons of work on the steering committee and on fundraising. I would make an additional donation if you do not ride in the rally this year.

    Onward and upward for next year’s rally.

  8. Best wishes for your miracle so you can do this ride that means so much to you. Also, you are most definitely a Serious Cyclist, even if you fell into it by wanting to help people.

  9. Sometimes the bravest, strongest, most challenging thing is to not do something. Remember how much respect you had for Jen when she had to bow out last year? When you are sincere, there is no such thing as failure.

    While you may not do “permanent” damage, chronic SI pain is no joke. And active SI pain..well, you know all about that. We are behind you 100% no matter what you decide.

  10. My dear friend Stephanie – and yes, I call you my friend even though we have never met. You have been a constant companion through your words.

    You have helped us to learn about so many new ideas and organizations. You have taught us how to eloquently handle situations good and bad. You have made us laugh with your wonderful storytelling and let us cry with you in sorrow and in loving support of your family. You have given us the wonderful example of how to take care of family and friends.

    Now it is time to take care of yourself, and understand that maybe this year you are meant to step into a different role. As you know from experience, supporters in any form are very important to this entire process. Do not underestimate the value of your volunteer spirit being used in a different place this time!

    Thank you for all you do – Best to you!

  11. Stephenie, as a long-time sufferer from joint ‘issues’, I urge you to listen to your body. Pain is not something to be ignored and worked through, it is a signal that injury has occurred. Think of your precious grandson. I have a two year old grandson whom I adore. I am not able to pick him up or sit on the floor to play with him. Don’t make your injury permanent!

  12. Please listen to everyone else about taking a break from riding this year and helping in another way. I think you know in your heart that you should do that, but don’t want to disappoint others (but which others–nobody wants you to be hurt).

    And I’m thrilled to have won the Dimensional Tuck Knitting book by Tracy Purtscher! It will be put to good use, for sure!

  13. All this karmic balancing will come back to reward you — hopefully in time to ease your pain for the Bike Rally. You also have the combined good wishes and positive energy of THOUSANDS of knitters. Can[‘t wait to see how it goes and follow your progress!

  14. Stephanie, I don’t know if this would offer you any pain relief, but it did me when I had SI pain. My yoga teacher suggested rubbing castor oil on the skin around the painful area. I was a total skeptic (I thought “Yeah, sure! Like that could do anything!”), but felt I needed to try it as I would see her in yoga several times a week. I bought some, rubbed it on my lower back, only to be able to tell her I’d tried it, and in approx 30-40 minutes the pain was gone!
    I’ve used it on arthritic shoulder pain too, and it worked there as well. The biggest problem is that it’s oil, so it requires some cleanup.
    Hope you feel better.

  15. Stephanie, you are a mom. If your child fell out of a tree and got hurt, you wouldn’t fix it by pushing her down the stairs. Please don’t ride your bike again. You need to be able to stand, sit, walk, and go up and down stairs in order to enjoy all the other parts of your life. You need to recover from your injury, not exacerbate it.

    We used to joke about the coach whose advice for every injury was to walk it off. A doctor who specializes in sports medicine is used to working with people who need to get back on the field. We need you writing and speaking and doing laundry, not popping pain pills and lying on the chesterfield.

    Please don’t ride. You will be setting a good example for other athletes who need to know when to change gears.

  16. Needles, eyes and assorted extremities crossed, you poor duck. What you do is amazing, I don’t know of many similar events here in the U.K., but I’ve decided, in your honour, to binge watch Private Eyes and Murdoch Mysteries all week while churning out gift-type things for a coffee morning in September for MacMillan Nurses, a charity that provides specialist care to cancer patients. This way my eyes will be in Toronto willing you on (and we need to keep those dings going, folks) while my fingers are making hope here in England. To paraphrase EZ , ride on!

  17. At this writing, Pato is the only one on the team that hasn’t quite made his goal. I would hate for that to still be the situation at the time of the ride. Maybe if we knitters help him out, before we blow Stephanie’s goal out of the water?

  18. Compared to you and probably most of your readers, I’m only a “easy peasy” knitter. So do tell – what on earth is an orifice hook? Sounds postively medical to me!

    • It does sound pretty inappropriate, doesn’t it! It’s the hook used to pull the yarn through the hole (ok, the “orifice”) in the spinning wheel, so you can put twist into the fiber and wind it on the bobbin.
      I may not have made things any clearer!

    • I was wondering too! Sounded a bit like the sort of thing the Egyptian embalmers would use for pulling Pharaoh’s brain out through his nose. Glad to hear it’s something yarny and not gook-related!

  19. Hope you feel better. Remember, we are all behind you no matter HOW the rally goes. If you can only show up at the start line and cheer people on because you don’t feel well, we are still right there with you. You are an amazing, inspiring person and you’ve done so much good. Don’t worry if you have to take a knee.

  20. Best of luck next week! I cut my run short today because my ass was hurting – gotta say, never had that particular muscle cramp before, and it’s gotta be killer on a bike! I’ve been enjoying Yoga with Adriene recently and she has a video specific to cyclists (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWzRE1BiAvw) and some for specific muscles/groups of muscles if you’re into that kind of thing!

    If you have a chance, can you post how long donations are accepted for (if I recall, all through the ride so your phones can ding?) and one more link to the team? This is the first year I can make a real donation (though I’ve been following along since you started!) and I want to know when the cutoff is!

  21. From personal experience I can sympathize with your sore arse.
    Love that heritage yarn but can’t seem to find it online. Do you know anything further about it or did it just pop into your life to be a karma gift.
    Good luck on the ride

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