It started with a boo boo

A few days ago, before I rode my bike 120km in the pouring rain (I am not even kidding. I’ve never had to ride in conditions like that. At one point I was going up a hill with Jen and Ken, and it was raining so hard that the water was coursing down it, and we all looked down and burst out laughing – none of us had ever ridden “upriver” before. It was nothing short of epic. My riding shoes are still wet, a whole day later.) I hurt my finger. I was making dinner, and moving fast, and a tiny mistake with a knife put a tiny cut in my thumb. I cursed, cleaned it, whacked a little band-aid on it and thought no more about it until I sat down to knit about and hour later.

Every stitch I made hurt the cut and stuck to the band-aid, and I sat there, trying and trying, but the cut was in exactly the wrong place. The smallest little thing, bugging the snot out of me.  I decided I could live with the annoyance and tried for a  little longer, but then I had a pretty good idea.  I went upstairs to the stash room, and came back down with this pretty bit of business.

fiberopticsrovingstart 2017-07-17

It’s a 80/20 Merino/silk blend from Fiber Optic Yarns – an old colourway I think, called Cyprus. (That’s an old page I scrounged up on their site – might work!)  I split the roving in two lengthwise, and started to spin.  I’m aiming for a 2 ply lace/light fingering, and so far, so good.

fiberopticsrovingfirsthalf 2017-07-17

A few days later, I’ve got the first half spun, and my finger is healed just fine (it really was a tiny cut) but I can’t seem to stop. It’s been a while since I was at my wheel, and I’d almost forgotten the peace of it.

fiberopticsrovingfirsbobbin 2017-07-17

Karmic Balancing Gifts? There’s a ton, so let’s bomb through a bunch! (If you’ve forgotten how this works, or you’re just tuning in now, this is a fundraiser for Team Knit – that’s Me, Cameron, Ken, Jen and Pato, and we’ll be riding our bikes to Montreal (that’s 660km) in just under two weeks – and we’re all working on fundraising goals.  We’re raising funds for PWA, it’s the People With Aids Foundation, and it provides practical, essential support for people living with HIV/AIDs. What we’re doing here is simple. You help – either by donating to one of us, or by helping to spread the word, and then send an email to me at with the subject line “I helped”.  (That bit’s important. It sends it straight to the right folder.) Tell me if you’re a knitter or a spinner (or even if you’re a non-knitter) and add your address. Then I draw names and other people who are awesome just like you send you presents. We’re balancing out the karma and making the world the kinda place we want to knit in.)

First, five lucky knitters are getting a free pattern from Emily Wood Designs. Teresa Y, Nicola R, Dana G, Carol S and Maggie S, good luck choosing. There’s some beauties.

emilywood 2017-07-17

Next up, Ann has found it in her heart to part with 8 ounces alpaca silk roving from Gale’s Art in the Scarab and Peacock colorways – and they’ll be making their way to newbie spinner Doreen S’ house.

rovingfromana 2017-07-17

Ann’s also letting go of 8 ounces Wensleydale wool top by Hello Yarn in Smells of the Sea colorway… and she’ll be sending that to Scharleen O.

helloyarnfromann 2017-07-17

Carrie went into her stash and found three gifts she’d like to say thank you with.

Sundara Yarn – Sundara Lace in Chocolate over Salmon, 100% Silk, 1000 yards/100g for Catherine M.

Carriesundaralace 2017-07-17

Creatively Dyed Yarn -Voodoo2, DK, in Aim.   350yards/150g for Amy F.

carrievoodoo2 2017-07-17

Brooks Farm Yarn – Solo Silk, Sport weight, Colorway: Corals & Oranges, 50% Wool, 50% Silk, 400 yards/112 grams per skein – two skeins for Donna E.

brooksfarm 2017-07-17

Next, a big one! Handwork Hardware (I love these guys) are donating TEN gift packs, each pack has:
handworkhardware 2017-07-17

– one of thier needle sorters, designed to provide an integrated knitting needle gauge and sorter contained within a secure storage container for multiple sets of double pointed knitting needles. (And the device that once made it possible for me to mislay ALL of my DPNs at once.)
handworkhardwarechatelaine 2017-07-17
– one of their chatelaines, a pouch suspended from a belt loop or knitting bag handle that holds knitting accessories and other items for a knitting project.
They will be sending those out, with my thanks, to Jessie M, Nicole H, Karen K, Emily M, Lorraine M, Laura R, Mary Y, Lisa, Emily V and Mary G.
Julie’s stash is a place of wonders, let me tell you that, and Julie’s pretty alright herself. She’s got three beautiful gifts to mail out.
berroccoseduce 2017-07-17
Four skeins of Berroco Seduce (I love this yarn) for Lisa W.
hedgehogfibers 2017-07-17
Beautiful silk/merino top from Hedgehog fibers for Kimberly F.
violamcnsport 2017-07-17
Three skeins of gorgeous Viola MCN sport for Kathlynn K.
Here’s a fun one – I wish I had it for myself, so lovely. Ana (Air Illustration and Design)  is giving away two free six month memberships to her embroidery club. (No- you don’t need to know how to embroider, the instructions are really good.)
 embroideryclub2 2017-07-18 embroideryclub1 2017-07-18
She’ll be working with Liz B and Sage G to get that set up, I hope they’re as enchanted as I am. (PS, take a look at Ana’s instagram while you’re poking around. I follow her, and it’s really nice.)
Naomi’s got two pretty things,290g natural and 242g heather gray pencil roving that she’ll be sending off to Susan C.

naomipencilroving 2017-07-18
And 151g lace weight dark wool (black, grey, purple). Apparently her 2.5 year old saw the yarn cake and called it a tire (he’s obsessed with vehicles). I hope Carol T likes tires too.
naomilace 2017-07-18
Last, but certainly not least, Caitlin has a kit for her charming pattern Epaulet, that she’ll be sending off to Rita V.
epaulet 2017-07-18 epaulet2 2017-07-18
I’m pretty wild about that pattern, the little fabric touches are adorable! Rita, if you don’t know any littles who would look cute in that, let me know. I’ve got loads of them over here.
Whew! That’s 28 gifts, and I don’t think I really made a dent. More tomorrow, when I’m pretty sure I’ll have finished socks.


23 thoughts on “It started with a boo boo

  1. The embroidery club excites me. I am going to check it out. My teen age son embroiders a bit, but we both need to work on our skills. I have seen jeans with flowers and things on them, I really want to learn so I can embroider some cool jeans. If you don’t like the idea, to each their own.

  2. Eek, what a nuisance– I’m glad you found some spinning to do while your booboo healed!

    I love your Karmic Balancing Gifts for many reasons, but one is that scrolling through the list makes my fingers tingle– so much inspiration in one place!

  3. The finger cuts always seems to be in the wrong place, don’t they. Glad it has healed, and you sure made great use of your non-knitting time. Thanks to everyone who donated such generous karmic gifts.

  4. Hi Stephanie – it truly is Karma, because I just bought a spinning wheel yesterday with my daughter, I pop onto your blog and you’ve got spinning porn…and my name came up to receive a Karmic Balancing gift! Yoowzers..I love fibre people! An advance “Thanks” for the lovely gift…yummy, it’s beautiful, and your grass looks so green from all the rain this summer. A HUGE thank you and the Team for doing what you’re doing for Aids – there are way too many people in this world today that have forgotten it’s still a real fight for so many people – blessings to you all!

  5. I’m glad your thumb is better. 🙂 We can’t have the Yarn Harlot not knitting! I must get back to learning to spin. The possibilities are endless once I get going! Someday maybe Karma will bless me with one of these gorgeous things! 🙂 Baby photos please…. I’m getting anxious… need baby fix…

  6. So, I made a donation awhile back, but thought about the closet full of yarn I have that I still want to make things with and so I didn’t enter my name for the prizes. I’m still not, but I HAVE to comment on what fabulous things are being donated as thank you prizes. Really, really nice stuff!

  7. The indispensable biking/running/gardening/cooking kit must contain a little canister of “Clear Bandage” – at least that is what it is called in Australia. It is a thin spray that seals minor cuts, blisters, burns and puncture wounds. I usually give myself 3 thin layers after washing the damage if possible.

    It’s fabulous. No other word for it.

  8. I couldn’t believe it when I saw an email from you today!!! Thank you so much! As my husband can attest, somehow my dpns keep escaping confinement and wandering all over the house, so I am so excited about the dpn sorter/storer 🙂

    A note about karma: my mother has dementia and I spent 5.5 hrs at the crisis center with her on Thursday night and then Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon at the hospital with her. I am depressed and exhausted and trying to regroup and regain my excitement over tour de sock and, frankly, life in general.

    Karma can be a wench, but today she was an angel.

    I happily support your ride because it is important and inspiring and the right thing to do. Today I think I have a little better sense of what they cell phone chirps feel like on your ride, telling you that you are loved and not alone.


  9. Fastest way to dry cycling shoes is to scrunch up some newspaper and shove it into them right to the toes, leave for a bit (once the paper is wet through you can pull it out), repeat until the shoes are good to go. Works like a charm when you are riding in wet weather for multiple days.

  10. Did you have dry socks in your bike bag? It feels good to have a dry pair to change into, even when the shoes are wet. Someone gave us this tip, which came in handy when hubby and I rode a 100 mile, one day charity ride, and the second 50 miles were in the rain.

    Best wishes to you and all the riders participating the the Bike Rally.

  11. Could you please repeat the email subject to use for donating a karmic balancing gift? I have two skeins of Goth socks yarn that I’d like to pass on for a good cause. My $ this time will go to Knitters without Borders, if I can give you the yarn.

  12. I have found super glue to be a solution for a cut that is painful or is not in a good bandaid spot. Burns for a sec but keeps it clean, dry and less painful. Glad you healed quickly!

  13. Every year, I have to prove my competence on the blood sugar machines at the hospital. Once (just once!) I poked myself *exactly* at the spot where I push my needle. Brilliant.
    TDF has inspired me to get spinning again soon.

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