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intheairtonyc 2017-10-19

Two days ago Joe and I got on a plane and flew to New York City for a little bite of the Big Apple


sockatthemet 2017-10-19 meatthemet 2017-10-19 lookdownguggenheim 2017-10-19

He had work and me too, but we still had the time to make the most of it. We went to the park, and the Met, and the Guggenheim. (I have no idea why those pictures are blurry, they aren’t before I upload them but I don’t have time to figure it out.)


knitthroughguggenheim 2017-10-19

I knit all of those places because I’m me.  Nobody minded.  As a matter of fact I wasn’t even the only knitter at the Met wandering around with a sock in hand.  (I think it was a sock.)

4. They were on their way to Rhinebeck, which I am not.

5. I know. I’m bummed about it too, but this year I had a conflict, and I’ll be at Knit East.  It will be the first time in more than a decade that I won’t be with my usual crew, but duty calls, and Knit East is awesome, and there will be a whole bunch of amazing knitters there too. Life is long.  Next year will be Rhinebeck, with my wool as my witness.

6. The only problem remains that I usually buy a years worth of soap there, so I’m going to need a solution. (Makes note to self, arranging cross-border soap mule.)


headed home 2017-10-19

I’m on my way home now, with a quick turnaround to St. John in the morning. I’m literally putting down one suitcase, sleeping, and picking up one I pre-packed before I left.


closed 2017-10-19

I almost went to a yarn store in NYC, but it was closed for a class. (One knitting teacher to another – I’d never interrupt your class. Not for anything.)


peas 2017-10-19

I ate at Dirt Candy. It was amazing. I had a tiny grilled pea taco. (And a lot of other stuff too.)

67 thoughts on “Randomly on a Thursday

  1. OMG. I’m with Francis at the hair on fire – whoever would think that’s a good idea to conflict *anything* with Rhinebeck.

    I wonder if there’s anyone here who recognizes that store, and that they were in that class, and unknowingly just yards away from meeting you…. if it were me, I would be so… I would be sighing a little regret, but I respect your respecting the class and the teacher.

  2. Thank goodness you’re already packed (and yarn projects too, I hope) for your quick turnaround. I’d wondered why there’d been no mention of a mad dash to finish a sweater for Rhinebeck this year. It seems you’ve been knitting enough socks to have your Christmas list done and dusted, so perhaps there’s only an advent tree to be created, which would make it a more relaxed holiday for you. Hope springs eternal.

    It’s so nice that you and Joe have been able to take so many trips together the past few years.Both of you deserve the time to explore, and perhaps relax, together.

    P.S. None of your photos looked blurry to me.

  3. I get my soap fix from COPA soaps – easy to find online. One box of the lavender collection is a nice year’s supply for me.

  4. I’m imagining the people in that class, intent on their work, looking up and seeing THE Stephanie Pearl-McPhee looking in the window wistfully. The chairs would fall over backwards with everyone in a hurry so fast to let you in!

  5. I saw that Instagram post from Dirt Candy and down the rabbit hole I went ending with the purchase of a previous chef’s cook book (Toss Your Salad) or something. Glad you and Joe are hanging out in that fabulous city.

  6. I wouldn’t have interrupted but I would have been tempted. I would have contemplated trying to find a way to leave a little note in the door or on the step.

    • Really? I was there last year and took pictures. Even video. Maybe it just depends on the exhibit, or just the staff working that day.

  7. So many fun things – thank you for sharing! The pea tacos are particularly intriguing (am now imagining a very dedicated cook with very tiny hands), and the picture of you on the stairs at the Guggenheim gave me vertigo. It’s nice to live vicariously.

  8. I’d be happy to send some homemade bar soap to you – as a way of thanking you for all the years of reading enjoyment you have provided to me. I don’t know what kind of soap you like, but I would hate for you to go a year without some good soap!

  9. So glad you had the weekend in NYC!
    I find vacations really energizing – and especially when mourning.
    (Did you know you can use a reciprocal AGO membership of a certain level to get in free to the Guggenheim and Whitney?)
    Dirt Candy seems quite fascinating indeed. I have not tried her cookbook.

  10. Ooooh, that looks like fun! Glad you enjoyed the quick trip.

    SIGH! Lots of fiber events are scheduled across the country the same weekend as Rhinebeck because, well, face it, not EVERY FIBERISTA can attend Rhinebeck. Especially events wherein you are not in an easy day’s drive of Rhinebeck.

    However, contemplate for a moment if the FIBER NATION arose as one body and drove to the tiny town of Rhinebeck for this one fiber show…

  11. Thanks for sharing those pictures with us (they don’t look blurry on my laptop…); it’s beautiful to see the good time you had together.

    Some day you have to make it to the Cloisters. It’s a ways out, but worth the trip.

  12. Not going to Rhinebeck this year either, and I’m bummed too. Not even going to Knit East, although I’ve been to it before (and you were there, but I didn’t get into your class, darn it). It’s the best time of year to be a knitter, so enjoy the fall weather.

  13. The picture you took from outside the store is art on many levels. It is so evocative.I really enjoyed the recent pictures of Elliot as well. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Isn’t looking at art (and posing with a sock?) restorative? You had great weather for the city this week …and love the Degas pose. I could tell you were at the Met without you even stating it.

  15. Very nice form on the ballet pose. Of course, you had Degas to inspire you.

    Glad that you’re traveling, and finding a little pleasure in life.

  16. Sad you don’t get to go to Rhinebeck this year but I am super hyped to taking one of your classes again at KnitEast. This is my fourth KnitEast and I was fortunate enough to get one of your classes each time. Looking forward to this weekend.

  17. There’s something about you, these pictures, the knitting, and knowing what you’ve been through recently, that makes…life seem worth living. Maybe I mean, anyway? Or that it’s possible, the opening out? So thank you, you’ve provided a gift just by being yourself.

  18. I wouldn’t normally comment on a person’s body on an international forum, but….your Degas pose shows that all that biking is really paying off. Looking good, lady!

    PS-the human verification tells me to point at the woman. How does it always know?

  19. I’m in Saint John (not to be confused with St. John’s) and am unable to attend Knit East, I didn’t realize it was this weekend and now I’m angry! 😉

    Too bad I didn’t see this earlier, I could of met you at our wee airport with a beer! 😉

    It’s wonderful, but I’m sad for you that you’re missing Rhinebeck, I’ve never been and have wished to for years!

    Have fun!


  20. Did you try Knitty City? West of the park, not far from the Museum of Natural History? They are lovely there and have extremely yummy yarns!
    Sounds like a wonderful little break for both of you!

  21. So impressed that you knit while walking! Don’t think I should even dare try – for my own safety and that of others! But I could get so much more done…..

  22. Your trip to New York looks like fun! I’m glad you and Joe were able to take your work trips together and still have time to spend with each other.

    I’m not heading to either of the fiber shows you mentioned, but there is one in North Carolina next weekend (South-Eastern Animal Fiber Fair, or SAFF) that I’m planning on going to. It’ll be my first fiber show ever!

    I feel so out of the loop…I’ve been knitting for YEARS and have never been to a show

  23. Loved the bit about picking up the pre-packed suitcase. I’d never be that organized.

    Check the resolution setting for what you’re shooting on the camera.

  24. The pictures look great on my laptop – no blur. Love the NYC photos and I’m thinking there is a yarn shop owner and customers who would have loved to have you drop in, but I admire your modesty about your Rock Star status and your respect for the teacher. You continue to impress me.

  25. Can I just add how much I loved the photo of your knitting in front of the painting? Art doubled!! And I’m surprised and pleased you weren’t the only one knitting while wandering around the Met. Very cool!! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  26. I’m sorry that you will miss Rhinebeck, but, I’m super excited about KnitEast. The weather is supposed to be greatl and I’m taking one of your classes. It’s a beautiful time of year and I’m all packed and ready to go.

  27. I was sitting here moaning (silently) about how tired I am and the fact that there is still a lot to happen before Monday but then I read your post and just felt better. This may be a load for you but my mental health is strongly influenced by your blogs.

  28. I’m thinking that if any of the students in that NYC class follow you, they’re mighty ticked that you stuck to your practice of not interrupting. Likely ditto for the instructor. I mean, the Yarn Harlot? Whoa! And they missed you.

  29. See? That right there? The ballet pose in the museum made me smile. Your fabulous sense of humor has survived the grief and is poking through. This week is the 2 year anniversary of my mom’s passing and on Weds I sobbed uncontrollably at a harvest dinner where the entertainment included a rendition of Seven Spanish Angels. Don’t know why those lyrics hit me so hard, but it did. I dealt with it and moved on. My brother calls me crybaby and I am guilty as charged.

  30. Look at your sweet self as a Degas 🙂 I liked seeing the artist in the museum, perfect setting. Have a sweet time at Knit East.

  31. Went on a knitters bus trip to Rhinebeck, it was super-crowded this year. The shortest line for food was apple crisp with ice cream (YAY!). Got some nice yarn on the second walk-thru (it was too crowded to look the first time, but by afternoon, you could mingle, tho there was no getting close to Miss Babs). Surprised myself and bought some NY apple wine and cranberry wine. I stayed away from the soap, because I am a handmade soap addict and I would’ve lost all my money. 🙂

  32. So nice to see you at CGFF! Too bad I can’t take a class from you this year, but I’ll settle for one of your books. I hope the beautiful Fall weather helps to restore your spirits. Along with all the yarn fumes!

  33. Ah…New York City! One of my favorite places to visit. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. The Guggenheim is fabulous and much less overwhelming than many museums I’ve been to. Glad you and Joe were able to get away together for a bit even if there was some work involved. I think you should’ve stopped in to say hello to all the Knitters in that class, though…

  34. Love love LOVED taking your classes at CGFF this year! The way you taught, informed by your education but also by your life experiences, is so fun and makes for a great way to learn. I’m so sorry for all that’s happened for you this year – losing Millie then your mom, and so happy for others – like the arrival of Elliot!!!

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