I’m just that much of a help

A few months ago when I was in Vancouver at Knit Social – I staggered up to the Gauge Dye works booth and gave Catherine all my money. You know. As one does.  As I did so, I remarked that she always gets my sock yarn money and my shawl yarn money (yes I have an itemized yarn budget and you should too) and thank goodness that’s where it stops. Her colourways together with the cleverness of self- striping yarn that works for shawls? It might as well be my personal version of knitter kryptonite. As I walked away, I reflected that it’s a good deal that she doesn’t have sweater yarn or I’d pretty much give her all my yarn money, and then a lightbulb went off, and I just about walked backwards to her booth and then I told her.

“If you think about how a shawl works, and whatever magic you run to make the stripes the same length as the rows grow longer – isn’t that” (I said to her, trying not to look as excited as I felt because it’s slightly uncool, while simultaneously pretending I know what math she does)  “Isn’t that the same math as a top down raglan sweater? If you have self striping sock yarn, and shawl yarn, and sweater yarn…” (here I paused for dramatic effect) “…you’d get all my yarn money.”

Catherine looked at me. I looked at her. Then I saw the tumblers start to turn in her mind, and I knew my work was done.  “Make me that” I said.  “I’ll try” Catherine said. “There’s going to be a problem with sizes.” She said that, and I swear I saw here reach for a mental calculator.  “Give it to me in Whistler.” I said. “We’ll see.” She said.

Now, this isn’t the most positive response I’ve had to a yarn demand.  I felt like probably eventually it might happen, but that I shouldn’t get married to it, so I didn’t.  I thought about how clever an idea it was sometimes, and I felt good about telling a really clever person who could actually make it happen, but since I had no idea what had to happen for this yarn to happen, I just thought about it a little bit, like I do other things that I really like the idea of but never happen, like only having one kind of screwdriver.

I got on with my life – until I was at Catherine’s booth at the event in Whistler, and I was giving her all of my sock and shawl money, and she said WAIT, and with a perfect air of brilliance mingled with appealing confidence, she pulled this skein out from behind the booth.

sweateryarn 2017-11-30

I started to say something like “Oh isn’t that pretty” or some other standard yarn thing, when I saw her eyes twinkle, and it hit me.

bettersweateryarn 2017-11-30

Self striping sweater yarn.  She’d actually done it. Designed to work with Flax Light (though it would work with any sweater with standard top down construction) in the 1-2 size, you can cast on at the neck and have stripes of the same size appear all the way to the divide for the arms and body. The rest of the skein is blue- for the rest of the sweater, with the exception of the last little chunk, which is green, so you can have a little green at the cuffs, or the bottom band, or the button bands, or the (yeah here it comes) baby pockets.  This is the prototype, but she says she can make more – and I feel like she’s going to need to do that.

bettersweateryarnworked 2017-11-30

Soon. So, so smart.  Here. Take my sweater money.


*PPS. I’m going to need a small loan.

*PPPS No, it’s cool, I’ll just re-finance the house. Never mind.

177 thoughts on “I’m just that much of a help

  1. Oh No! Oh No! Oh Noooooo you did’nt!

    “Catherine looked at me. I looked at her. Then I saw the tumblers start to turn in her mind, and I knew my work was done. “Make me that” I said. “I’ll try” Catherine said”

    Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yeeeeeesssssss you did. I am in so very much trouble right now….

  2. You are both geniuses/geniusii(?) It looks simply amazing!

    I guess for larger sizes, you’d just calculate a self striping yoke area and then choose any colour for the main body?

  3. That might have to be one of the most fantastic things I have ever seen. Yes, she needs more colourways. I I need to live in a country where winter drops below 20C so I actually need to wear wool sweaters.

  4. Oh that’s wonderful! I sooo want to try some of their yarn it’s all gorgeous. When I first saw the Concrete and Tulips shawl on your blog I went straight to their site and would have given them all my money even though it was Christmas and I didn’t have any. Thank goodness they were all sold out. I have to say you have very good taste Stephanie because I look at what you’ve made and said to myself “Oooh I like that” and bookmarked at least half the patterns and yarn sites. Sigh.I’m a stitcher too so I have two stashes to support. Sigh again.

    PS I had to click on the house which I’m also going to have to re-mortgage.

  5. That’s brilliant! I love her yarns and knit a fantastic brioche cowl from one the Blue Light colorway. I would give her all my money too.

  6. How the hell do you do this? Mind fog here. You have to get row gauge and stitch gauge…then you can knit your sweater….mind blown, and not just because I have had the mother of head colds for two weeks!

  7. Oh no. No. I have no money! Not even fair, because I have a baby and that would be awesome and she’s taken my money before and that yarn is sooo goood and….. who needs two kidneys, anyway?

  8. Oh my! I can’t knit fast enough to even complete a pair of mittens in time for Christmas, what am I supposed to do now? I have no words.

  9. Wow, that is so cool and so beautiful!! I was excited to finally buy some of her yarn in person at Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle!

  10. It’s like you have a personal yarn fairy! It’s kind of you to share with the rest of us– at least I hope you’ll be sharing Catherine with the rest of us? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  11. I just went to her website and I want to scream, “Shut up and take my money!” So many beautiful yarns. Sadly I’m running out of places to hide … I mean store my stash.

  12. No, I don’t think you are going to need to finance the house, because all the rest of us are going to buy up all that yarn. Maybe she should offer you a commission for coming up with the concept? That is absolutely beautiful