I couldn’t possibly

I left to go to Madrona with two projects in my bag. Well, three. I had a sock with me just for the sake of security, but I had no real intentions of knitting it – which definitely wasn’t the case with the other two.  I took with me the do-over of Elliot’s little sweater, and I swear to you that I had every intention of finishing that straightaway. I only took the yarn for the second Bonfire cowl with me in case I finished that sweater super quickly and needed a backup project.

Oh, sure – I mean, I started the cowl in the lounge on the way to Madrona, but that was just for the flight. I wasn’t really going to knit it all weekend – not when Elliot needs a sweater.*  In a practical sense, it made sense to knit the cowl on the plane. Circular needles, nothing to drop, no notions required, no interruptions while I established the pattern.  Start the cowl on the plane, then put it away until the sweater was finished. Completely responsible choice.

Once I landed, I was super busy teaching and organizing, so I just grabbed the bag with the cowl, because the sweater was in my suitcase.  For three days. Fine. The sweater was in my suitcase for five days and I had a lot going on, and it simply was not convenient to bend over for a moment and pick it up because I LOVE KNITTING THE COWL.

another bonfire 2018-02-22

So I am knitting the cowl, and now it doesn’t make sense to stop because I am almost done, and really, once you’ve come this far, why not finish. I mean, who puts something aside at this point?**

stillbonfire 2018-02-22

*It’s okay, he has more than one knitter looking out for him. Ken just finished one,  so it’s not like he suffered for a moment.

rocketry 2018-02-22

(Pattern: Rocketry, Yarn: Dream in Color Classy. Knitter: Ken (AKA: Poppa.)

**Please refrain from noticing that this is the point at which I set the sweater aside. Thanks.

65 thoughts on “I couldn’t possibly

  1. This is so totally the way I work. This is why I’ve got a cabinet full of beautiful lace shawls, and no socks despite a container full of yarn and sock patterns under my bed.

  2. Such a little sweetie and what a lovely sweater Poppa knit for him! I’m ready to finish the Big Bad Baby blanket tonight, to put aside for a future baby, and was planning to make a boy blanket next. But my next door neighbour came rushing out when i was walking one of the dogs, to show me photos of the puppy they are getting on Sunday! So everything stops while I knit a blankie for puppy Sophie. 🙂

  3. That little baby is bordering on toddler in that picture. Totally hearts-for-eyes emoji! I get seriously wistful when blog babies grow up before my eyes. Maybe you should put him in that too-small sweater and keep him pocket-sized just a leeetle bit longer.

  4. Ah, life when knitting grabs us by the needles and refuses to let go. Enjoy your cowl monent; you deserve to knit for you too! And awesome colors for Eliiot, Poppa Ken!

  5. OK, OK — the cowl is addictive. Brioche stitch with color-changing yarn, and in your colors! Crack for knitters, even if the yarn isn’t cashmere or alpaca…

    …but you’d better get started on Elliot’s gansey. Ken was smart and made the sleeves on his sweater extra-long, but they won’t stay that way for long. At the rate Elliot’s growing, he’ll be trying out for the NBA next year!

  6. “…and really, once you’ve come this far, why not finish. I mean, who puts something aside at this point?**

    **Please refrain from noticing that this is the point at which I set the sweater aside.”

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I noticed

  7. 1) Ken, you’re wonderful.
    2) Elliott, PLEASE stop growing an inch a day.
    3) Steph, lovely lady, you’re called the yarn HARLOT. No appologies or rationalizations needed. We come here to feel better about our own project hopping. Xoxox

    • Wondered if anyone else had thought, “She’s not called the ‘YarnHarlot’ for nothing.!

      I (like some others here) use Steph as justification for my own yarn fickleness, so it is always good to read about!

  8. Please ask Ken to pop over and explain the cool border treatment on the cardi— looks like a vertical Latvian braid but I can’t tell.

    And when did Elliot get so baby teeth?! Meg might want to think about making you another newborn since this one seems to have changed so quickly!

  9. Watching (adorable) Elliot get older is so bittersweet for me, because he’s about 2 weeks younger than my little guy (we saw you at Madrona, actually, but only briefly amidst the general whirl). So every time there’s a new (adorable) photo and I think “oh gosh he’s getting so grown up!” I’m forced to realize… so is mine! All the heart pangs. Suddenly you look at them and they’re more like little boys than little babies. Thank goodness the pudgy little hands aren’t gone yet — I’m clinging to those pudgy little hands, just a bit.

  10. He’s so adorable!

    And don’t feel bad…I have a perfectly good shawl I’m cheating on because I suddenly decided my daughter needed a sweater… The shawl is almost done, too. We’ll get there eventually!

  11. I’m sure Elliot has a sweater or two to keep him warm while you knit the new one. And I don’t blame you for being seduced by that cowl — it’s stunning!

  12. Thank you, Ken, for implicitly OK’ing my decision to clothe my two-year-old niece in what for a moment felt like ridiculously nice yarn.

  13. Knitting often seems to exemplify the modified saying, “knit is what happens when you make plans!” Nothing is totally lost, though….you have a completed project. Lovely cowl.

    Ken steps up with an adorable sweater for adorable Elliot! Nicely done, and love that you added the braid trim.

    • That picture really made my day – what a sweetie! I can’t believe it though, he’s already looking like a toddler! How does that happen so quickly!?!

  14. So what you did is notice that Ken had made a beautiful sweater for your darling grandson, and you were so pleased with Ken and so tender of his feelings that you put down the sweater YOU’RE knitting while Ken gets to bask in pictures of Elliot in HIS sweater.

    You’re still going to finish the sweater you’ve got on the needles, but not until Ken has had a chance to feel really appreciated for his hard knitterly work.

    It’s just about being a good friend, you know?

  15. I would love it if you would come to Maine or close to Maine and teach a class in brioche. Or just teach it somewhere and I will come to WHEREVER THE HELL YOU ARE. I cannot do this stitch. I need massive intervention. And Elliot gets more adorable every day.

  16. I don’t think that little guy (who is quickly becoming a big guy) will ever want for anythink knitted. A lot of people have his back.

  17. Oh, for Gosh sake’s, come to Winnipeg! I know it’s miserable right now but it gets lovely about May and June! Please, pretty-please?
    Gorgeous cowl, and Ken, awesome sweater. And Grandma? Awesome grandson/model.

  18. Stuff happens – the cowl is gorgeous – I always love the colorways you choose. Which brings me to my question: Have you ever chosen colors, knit them up, then thought, “I really hate these colors together.”?

    ps – what a lucky child!

  19. That smile! That’s one well-dressed little man. Well done, Ken, and that cowl rocks, Stephanie. Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries with the yarn that grabs you the most right at that moment.

  20. Hi, Stephanie,
    Ken’s sweater is beautiful and will keep him warm until yours is finished. And the little one will be perfect for that next baby shower you get invited to. I always keep a few finished baby things in a drawer for the last minute baby shower.
    The cowl is beautiful. You have plenty of yarn left. you could do a second one with the colors reversed….
    Julie in San Diego

  21. I teach a class in Brioche from time to time and I gave 7 Brioche cowls for Christmas last year, so… I can do Brioche. But I do not enjoy it. I do enjoy baby sweaters, so i would have the reverse problem.

  22. He looks so adorable! I love the blue accent sticking, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that before, looks great.

  23. I was in the Edmonton airport recently and my knitting was flagged by security for the first time ever. My heart sank at the thought they’d take it away from me….but it was a trainee who was not familiar with needles. The trainer simply took it out of my bag and showed him it was an okay object to let through. Thank goodness. I was working on your Lorne’s Hat with the Fleece Artist National Parks yarn…did not want to lose that!
    I love that cowl….looking for another to knit and that just might be it. And I love the baby (and the sweater). Super sweet!

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