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  1. Such a great sweater model — that smile! Nice work, and I suspect if it was cold, the hat would be welcomed even without the ties.

  2. I had to laugh at the hat scene- none of my grandkids would even leave the hat on long enough for a picture!!

  3. Nothing sensible to say about the knitting, I’m afraid – too busy going Awwwwww, all the way from the UK.

    Given I’ve never met you, going on your photos I really think he looks a lot like you!

  4. I’m glad you had enough yarn to finish the second sweater for Elliot. He looks so handsome! I love matching sets – especially on babies.

    Whatever happened to the first/too small sweater, though? Has it gone to another baby? Or is it languishing in a closet somewhere, reflecting on its sins?

    • I agree…but maybe this family knows thing we don’t? Only saving grace is that I suspect this first baby is surrounded by adults who will keep him from choking all the time! (My twins had no buttons, as it was just me much of the time, and sometimes I wasn’t watching both babies at once!)

      • Buttons can be sewn on with one continuous thread. Instead of each button being sewn on with two separate ends that have to be woven in, just work the thread from the first button on the backside up to the next button. Virtually impossible for the buttons to come off and cause a choking hazard.

  5. Knit some ear flaps in with ties at the ends. If your weather is anything like ours in Vermont, spring is a euphemism for winter isn’t nearly over yet and you need snow boots, mittens and very brightly colored eggs for hunting outside on Easter morning.

  6. …Can’t…..breathe…….cuteness……. overload!….

    Maybe an adorabule little fair isle chullo hat, with ear flaps and ties?

  7. Spent a rather exhausting half hour yesterday trying to take some photos of my rambunctious little 11 month old, and the whole time I kept thinking of the beautiful Elliot pictures you’ve posted with a mixture of envy and awe… of course he’s adorable, but wow getting a decently lit picture where he’s looking in a reasonable direction, you don’t miss the adorable expression, and nobody’s exiting the frame in a giggly blur is harder than it looks!

    I don’t know who’s been taking the photos you’ve posted, but whichever of you it is has my admiration (and I want to know if there are tips!). I’m also reflecting deeply on the fact that nowhere in my house seems to offer both good natural light and an attractive, uncluttered background (the best windows all seem to be adjacent to unpicturesque passageways). Not something I ever worried about before!

    • I know, right? I’m with you on all counts! In my house you have to shove the mess aside before you can get a decent picture– by which point the kids and cats have already left the room!

    • I took these pictures, and it’s usually me, though sometimes when they’re Elliot pictures, it’s Meg who’s taking them. We have no tips except we do it when he’s in a good mood, we give up if he’s not having fun, and we take LOTS. (Also we hide most of the mess.)

  8. Uh, oh. He’s gearing up for the “terrible twos”. If Mom and Gramma want him to wear the hat, he’ll take it off. If Mom wants him to let her have the hat, he’ll keep it away from her. If Mom and Dad tell him not to touch the (whatever), he’ll wait until they are across the room and are looking in his direction, then he’ll touch it.

    This is loads of fun. Just not for Mom. 😉

  9. He probably got a laugh the first time he pulled it off and we all know where it goes from there.
    Maybe a couple of icord ties in red, sewn on inside the turnup.

  10. My gosh…he is adorable and his face reflects so much love. Given and received.

    Love the sweater and hat too. I’m mentally going through all contacts to see who might be needing a set like this.

  11. Oh my goodness he is delightful!! It looks like the hat is a game he’s playing with you! What a sweet outfit for your little man!

  12. It’s never too late to add i-cords!

    I’ve taken to starting all baby and toddler hats (no matter the pattern) with the Garter Ear Flap hat from Purl Soho, to give sufficient ear coverage and a handy place for ties.

  13. So precious! However the fabulous of the sweater and hat are far outshown by the adorable that is Elliot! Great pictures!

  14. Rough weekend and not feeling well. I don’t know what vibes in the universe told me to log in and read the blog today, but I am SO glad I listed! Those little Elliot smiles have made me feel so much better. TY Stephanie, for sharing so much with us!

  15. Silly Grammy – everyone knows you don’t wear hats indoors! He looks so pleased with himself for removing it! Cute sweater, made completely adorable with those buttons.

  16. This made me laugh out loud…he’s so proud of himself for taking off the hat and Mum (or Gramma) is not getting it back!!

  17. He’s such a cute little knit wear model! That hat doesn’t even need to be worn! It is totally adorable in his little hands!!

  18. Oh my! He is SO adorable and so are his sweater and hat. Love how proud he looks that he took his hat off! Thanks for sharing your precious little guy with those of us who wish for grandbabies and aren’t likely to have any.

  19. Elliot is absolutely adorable!! That ornery grin just melts my heart. I have a definite soft spot for ornery little boys. You will so enjoy watching him grow. My youngest grandsons are just turning 6.

  20. What a cutie!
    How happy for you to have such a terrific grandson to knit for. The sweater is perfect, I love the buttons, too!

  21. Isn’t it amazing how quickly a baby goes from adorable little blob to *a person*! With opinions and actions to suit! I never get tired of that!

  22. Every knitter needs to identify a friend with a child a few months younger who would appreciate outgrown or too small knitwear.
    About the hat thing, maybe his bald head makes hats itchy.

  23. He is awfully adorable. As soon as they can pull off their own hat, its time for a balaclava! More knitting!

  24. Sorry but I hardly noticed the sweater and hat. Got sidetracked by Elliot’s adorable expressions, what a cutie! Of course the sweater and hat are great also.

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