Karma, we’re spreading it around

I’m sitting here knitting and listening to it rain. Well, technically I’m writing this blog post and listening to it rain, but I was knitting up until a minute ago. I’m desperately hoping it will stop, today’s the Pride Parade here in Toronto, and Team Knit will be donning our jerseys and grabbing our bikes, and heading downtown to march/ride. This year is the Bike Rally’s 20th anniversary, and we’ve got a rider for each year, and a float that the fantastic volunteers made (I’ll show it to you later it is very cool) and we’ve got other Rally People to dance, and…. it’s raining.  Pretty hard, actually – which is so totally demoralizing. I really feel good about the work that I do for PWA, but there are moments when I really do wonder why so much of it has to be in the rain.  (I just right this minute sent a text asking one of the people putting the float together and asked them what our glitter status is. I have visions of every bit of it washing off the thing. They’re under tarps, it turns out, so for now, Trevor reports “minimal glitter loss”.)  The forecast calls for things to improve a bit later – but if you’re sitting in sunshine right now, try to send a little of it Team Knit’s way.  We’re going to be very soggy on our bikes if this keeps up. If that inspires you to donate to us, that would be a pretty good pick-me-up. Team Knit remains: MeKenPato and Cameron.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and make a little sunshine this way – Karmic Balancing Gifts! We’ll see how many I can get up here before I have to get on my bike and ride to the Parade.  Maybe the rain will stop while I work on it.

First up, an amazing gift from Kate, 8 balls of Valley Yarns: Amherst, in Cayenne.  (I love this stuff, and that colour, actually.) Kate will be mailing that to Lizz, and I hope it makes her day.

Kristen, at Rosetwist LLC has two beautiful gifts from her shop, a pair of sterling silver earrings for a knitter – that knitter would be  Samantha.

and a charming pair of sterling silver earrings for a spinner (especially charming because she made them from charms) that Kristen will mail to Pelly.

Mary from Kino Knits has a great gift – I love the idea behind this pattern collection.  The Tolstoy Collection is a group of three patterns, a one colour, a two colour, and a three colour… all designed for yardage flexibility.  (That’s a neat trick.)

She’ll be sending out FIVE digital copies of that – to Jeannie, Wendy, Lara, Maida and Betsie.  I hope they love them.

Ursula, all the way in Vienna, has a beautiful present she’ll be sending to Bettina.

It’s 300g of a merino/yak/silk blend, and so lovely.

That’s it for today – though there’s much, much more to come.  It looks a little brighter outside too, so maybe Karma’s working.  Have a great Sunday everyone, and Happy Pride!

29 thoughts on “Karma, we’re spreading it around

  1. I usually love the rain, but only when I’m inside listening to it. : ) I’m wishing that it will clear for you in this instance, and that you have a wonderful clear ride. Happy Pride!

  2. Be glad it’s just a little rain, Steph… Last Sunday we got 7 inches of rain in 4 hours. $50M in damage, and that’s not including houses, businesses and properties. That’s just infrastructure.
    On the other hand, we’ve had hundreds of volunteers show up with shovels and buckets and semi’s full of water and dehumidifiers and this morning the volunteer center said “We have more volunteers than we need this morning, does anyone need help?”
    As my house wasn’t damaged, it’s been amazing to watch all these people… help.
    I so get the feeling you have for PWA.

  3. Wishing you some of our sunshine and hoping for some of your rain! (It’s rare that one says this in the U.K.!)

  4. I saw Team Knit in the parade today! I was excitedly pointing it out to all my friends 🙂 A bit soggy, but I wouldn’t have missed it – forever proud!

  5. So glad karmic love and positive thoughts improved the weather. Hope the glitter sparkled and body parts didn’t complain.

  6. Wishing you blue skies and comfortable temperatures. Bike riding in the rain is not fun…especially with glasses!

  7. I hope it worked out well. We were driving on the 401 in that rain and it was brutal. Completely surprised that we didn’t see more accidents than we did (just one and that was after the rain had mostly stopped).

  8. Hope the Pride parade went beautifully and the float was covered in glitter.

    Is it alright to add a note about “Fifty”? First, congratulations, and a belated Happy Birthday. You are different now, my dear. No one could endure the losses you have and not be. But you’re right, it’s a good thing. Now you know more about grief and compassion than you would want anyone to know. You have new depths. It’s all part of he process.

  9. Love that merino silk. I love any yarn with silk in it. Sorry to hear about the rain on your parade. We are spoiled with sunshine here in Los Angeles. Your posts make me appreciate it, since I ride my bike every morning. I hope everything went well and that you didn’t get too wet. (or fall off your bike.)

  10. Those earrings from RoseTwist LLC are so sweet! Thank you so much for the karma gift, I LOVE them! Good karma on your ride!

  11. Happy Canada Day!

    (I have chairs from the stuff my mother had when she died. I know-for-a-fact that some of the chairs are close to 60 years old: my father cut the arms off so we wouldn’t lean on them, when we were kids.)

  12. I usually love the rain, but only when I’m inside listening to it. : ) I’m wishing that it will clear for you in this instance, and that you have a wonderful clear ride. Happy Pride!

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