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1. Happy Canada Day! (Ok. I’m a little late. I actually wrote a post that day, but my computer crashed and I lost it, and didn’t have the time to write it again. It was an homage to the Canadian health care system, and how grateful I am for it. A few years ago I read something somewhere (probably my own comments section- or maybe Ravelry?) where someone said that they thought that I wouldn’t be such a fan if I’d had occasion to really use our system. That clearly nothing had ever happened in my family where good health care mattered – or I’d understand the flaws with the way we do it here.  At the time, I remembered thinking that this was a bold position to take, considering that the writer would know so little about how much or how little healthcare my family has used. These days, I think everyone would have to admit that between Tupper, my Mum, Susan and Joe’s Mum’s recent stroke, that we’re pretty much freakin’ experts on the system around here, and we’ve never been more grateful. Joe’s mother was in the hospital for almost two months, and the biggest expense to bear was parking. That’s all I’m going to say about it, besides that it makes me (and about 86% of the population) proud to be Canadian.

2. Happy 4th of July to my American Friends! So many amazing things about your home – Personally, I’m grateful to you for your amazing National Parks (what a thing!) and how so very many of you, while so often being very different from me, are just the best kind of people. The best thing about America remains Americans.

3. I finished that hemp sweater and I love it, but I didn’t take pictures yet. Please keep waiting.

4. It is really, really hot here. (It’s cooler than the last several days today, only a high of 31, and that’s not including the humidity either, which takes it up closer to 40. (For my American friends, that means it’s about 104F.) It’s hot enough to generate spontaneous swearing every time I step into the sunshine, and I like the heat.

5. A few snaps from my garden, taken this morning before the heat got too bad.  It’s so pretty this year I just have to share. (The lilies are particularly gorgeous, despite some complete arse stealing every bloom off two plants. Snapped it off mid stalk.  Jerk. I hope they get fleas.)

I promised myself I was going to take extra care with my garden this year, because my Mum’s not here to do it for me. It’s paying off.  (Yes. Fine. I was a 49 year old woman having her garden weeded by her mother. I was spoiled and you should be so lucky.)

6.  I did finish that darling vintage baby sweater – the pattern’s from the 1950s, and I’ve knit it so many times, it’s a well used pattern around here, and sweet as pie.

The yarn’s from my bitty stash of classic Italian baby yarn.  I’m wild about the stuff, 100% merino, soft as a little cloud, and lightly spun for the light duty it will see. This will probably fit the baby for just the first few weeks, so it can be delicate.

This is a special baby, so the sweater got a little extra touch, four tiny buttons from my Mum’s button bin. I’m the only sewer/knitter in the family, so I have both her’s and my grandmother’s, I’ve kept them separate, for reasons I’m not sure of, but it feels important. I haven’t mixed them with each other’s and certainly not in with mine. I like knowing who’s are who’s.

6b. What baby? Savannah‘s baby! My niece and her charming husband Kosti are expecting a baby, and since they were swinging through town, her mum Kelly (still here helping my Mother-in-law, thank goodness for her) threw her a baby shower.  I warned Sav when I gave the the sweater, that she should consider this a warning shot across the bow. This baby is due in the fall, and it’s been a while since I had a winter baby to dress. It’s more than exciting. (I am restraining myself only because Kelly will be the Grammy, and she’s a fine knitter, as is Savannah herself, and her sister Kamilah isn’t bad either. With this many invested knitters on deck, we’ll have to be careful that the kid doesn’t wind up with so many woolies that she or he only has time to wear them once.)

7. Yes. Kelly and I should be consulting in order to avoid duplication.

8. I rode my bike pretty far this last weekend with Ken and did hill repeats (with Pato, poor guy) a few days before that. It still isn’t enough training, and I am freaking out. All the way out. I’m having a hard time finding room, between work and family and being Co-Chair. I’ve asked around and lots of other people who were Co-Chair before me said it was hard for them too – it’s like all your Rally time is already spoken for. I’m going to try and ride three days in a row this weekend. I really hope what doesn’t kill me makes me a lot stronger. Quickly.

9. My arse is still sore from Monday.

10. I have another baby thing to knit (different baby.) I want it to be special, and lovely and I haven’t chosen the yarn yet so it could be any pattern… What are your favourites? (PS. The blog innards will block your comment if you put more than a link or two. It doesn’t understand knitter behaviour very well at all.)

11. Karmic Balancing Gifts tomorrow.

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  1. Reading about your grand niece/nephew having all of you knotting for them reminded me of an oldish Canadian made for tv movie called Lantern Hill (yes, based on Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M. Montgomery) where a young orphan is taking in by 2 sisters who both are constantly knitting… kid ends up having to wear 2 of everything so there aren’t any hurt feelings!

  2. Thank you for saying nice things about (most) Americans. I’ve been pretty bummed out for a while, as you might imagine. I have a Canadian colleague (or two) that I should question more about the Canadian health care system. Ours is bonkers. Here where I am (kind of across from Prescott, ON but a little downriver) is hit a high of 98F (about 37C?). My yard and pasture are toast. My sheep are miserable. One more day to go. Don’t train too hard – its way too hot. You’ll make it.

  3. I love the baby sweater! I dressed my two in a couple of old family sweaters with that pattern. Now I’m in the awkward spot of having to store them for ~25 years before they’ll be worn again. It’s worth it though right?

  4. Profound thanks for your good wishes to those of us who live in the United States. We need all the morale-boosting we can get. Our people (yours and ours) are still friends. May it ever be so.

    • Agreed! We need morale-boosting, goodwill, and friendship across the borders.

      I found myself grinning at my Lendrum wheel late the other night, especially the Made in Canada sticker, after a great night of spinning 2 ounces of Merino top.

  5. Happy Canada Day! I made a baby blanket last year with Berroco Corsica and adored its squishiness and soft (but not pastel-y) colors.

  6. Point number 1 is interesting. I have a relative who is Canadian but lived in the US for several years. For many years he waxed poetic about the superiority of the US healthcare system. It was pointed out to him that it was easy for him to say that because he could afford healthcare there.

    Many many years later he splits his time between the two countries. He and his wife were both diagnosed with cancer in the same year. They could have sought treatment in either country. They picked Canada.

  7. Happy Canada Day!
    I also love vintage patterns and have several magazines that my Gramma knit from for her babies. I always look there first.
    But there are some delightful things on Ravelry. No links as I wouldn’t want to bind up the blog innards, but these are easy to find with the search bar:
    (1) Vertebrae by Kelly van Niekerk — cardigan geared for all the gauges so yarn choice is wide open & available in newborn, baby, child & mama sizes
    (2) Winter Sunset by Gabrielle Danskknit — worsted weight pullover with buttons along both front raglan seams (written as short-sleeve but easy to adapt to long sleeve) in size newborn through 6 years

  8. When I had babies I absolutely loved putting them in nighties. Especially at night, it was so much easier to change nappies without having to turn on bright overhead lights to make sure the sleeper snaps lined up or the zipper didn’t pinch pudgy skin. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a knitter when I had newborns but if I was I would have knit these like crazy…

    Happy Belated Canada Day to you too, Steph. We really are lucky to have such an amazing health care system which is only one of so many other benefits that we Canucks enjoy. Cheers!

    • What a lovely pattern! Another one that makes me wish I were a knitter 15 years ago when me eldest was born. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Memories, thank you. My mum was an exquisite knitter: she once knitted herself a jumper (sweater to you i think) on BIKE SPOKES: and this was her favourite baby pattern. Every baby she ever met got one! I also made it for my daughter…

  10. Baby sweater? EZ’s February Baby, for sure. (Seems like everyone does a BSJ nowadays).

    I do not comment often at all, but I read every word you post. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

  11. It is 110 degrees F out there. Yes, old school here. It’s darned hot! 🙂 We should devise a system to store some of it for use in January and February. Off to donate to the ride! Thanks for the reminder! Stay cool!

  12. Long live Canada! Thank you for the lovely comments about us, your southern neighbours. Every trip I’ve taken north holds a special place in my heart.
    The sweater is perfection.
    Iced tea and early mornings are the only way to retain a bit of civility in the heat.
    P.s. I thought it was just my own version of OCD that required separate button boxes. Lol, perhaps Canada will allow me to stay for an extended visit to research the topic of button segregation by generations.

  13. Thank you for being kind to us Americans, who can be ignorant and arrogant and mostly believe what Fox News tells them. I have never been this embarrassed to be an American as I have this year (and I don’t see it ending soon).
    One of my favorite baby knits is the elven pixie baby blanket from ravelry. I’m making another now as a christening shawl.
    It’s wonderful to hear from you!

    • I agree! I know we’re not supposed to talk politics here, but I was deeply upset at the insult to Canadians by the POTUS. They have ever and always been our steadfast friends, and we ( the people) have to make sure it stays that way. I have so much love and respect for our Northern neighbors. Please don’t give up on us!

  14. Lovely baby sweater! I used to think of Canada as a nice-enough place just above us, but not really all that great. Then….I learned about your healthcare system and got old enough to need to be in the hospital a few times and now I’m very very envious. Honestly, a lot of days if I were able to I’d immigrate.

  15. I spent the last 5 days in your wonderful country and celebrated my first Canada Day. We were about 2.5 hours north and east of Toronto in our friend’s lake cottage but I can attest to how HOT it was! We powered through with plenty of liquid fortification 😉

  16. Love, love , love the baby sweater! It is really sweet. I no longer have the pattern for my favorite baby knit. It was a zip up bunting that have lamb ears and tail. I made two for our twin grandsons who lived in the Boston area. They got lots of use. Really a fun knit and the pattern had a slit in it for the baby car seat belt latch.

  17. I’m so impressed by all you do but knitting in those temperatures is absolutely tops. Love the flower pictures; my lilies are doing wonderfully too. I would be so upset if someone took all the flowers. Most of mine are inside our fence but I do have one plant along the back lane. Every so often one or two flowers go missing but not all of them!

  18. My garden looks so much better when my mom weeds it, too.
    I think it’s like the thing with sandwiches always tasting better when someone else makes it 😉

  19. I love Canada’s health care system! My youngest child is trekking along the gender spectrum. All the doctor and therapy visits are free! Yay! My kids just got their updated vaccines. Free! Yay! (Enter caveat about taxes. Blah blah. Don’t care.)

    I always make hats for babies. They grow so fast, they are out of sweaters faster than it took me to knit them. The Clayoquat toque by TinCanKnits is my favourite. Hats for the win!

  20. Do you have deer in your yard. They love lilies. They eat the buds and flowers leaving a neat empty stem. Thanks for the kind words about Americans.

    • I was just going to write and ask if the lily thieves were two- or four-legged. 🙂 We have the four-legged variety here (deer, of course!) and some years every single lily blossom is nipped off. They are pickier about my hostas — sometimes they leave them alone, other times they choose a specific variety of hosta, and on several occasions they’ve left my hostas looking like a bouquet of celery — stalks with no leaves at all.
      Good thing I like deer. 🙂

      • We’ve had squirrels who were either cherry or strawberry connoisseurs–though not the same squirrel in the same year! Who knew they had favourites?!?

  21. Happy Canada Day! Thank you so much for your kind words about your American friends. It has been a difficult time for many of us, to say the least.

    Your sweater is beautiful.

  22. Taking the first 10 things in order:
    1. Same to you, belatedly, and hope both your MIL and the computer are feeling MUCH better.
    2. Thank you!
    3. We need pictures!
    4. Can we remind you of this weather in January?
    5. & 6. Gorgeous.
    6b. First Meg, now Savannah. There must be something in the air.
    7. Yes, you should.
    8. Go, girl!
    9. I think this borders on TMI.
    10. I don’t have a favorite pattern, but l’d do a hat or blanket if this is for a fall/winter arrival. Also see 6b. (As for links, does Ken need to give the blog innards a laxative?)

  23. So lovely to see your post-and your latest baby sweater. It is one of my favorite patterns. There are so many adorable baby sweaters that I try to use a different pattern for almost every sweater I make. My current favorites are wee cria and entrechat. Entrechat is written for fingering, DK and worsted, though I am a fan of fingering weight for babies. I just finished two identical entrechat sweaters for twin girls- they were so small that I got two sweaters out of one skein! My current project is https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/80-03-sweater out of DMC Natura. I am fortunate that the dog is deaf because she would be learning way too many new words otherwise. It is a lovely cotton yarn, looks beautiful worked up, and comes out of the washer and dryer like a dream, but it tangles and and knots like a son-of-a-gun.
    I was in Canmore BC for the past week and so got to celebrate Canada Day before coming home to celebrate the 4th here. We saw so much to admire in Canada and I told my husband how you always write such a lovely homage to your country for Canada Day. I had him read last year’s post.

  24. The health care “system” in the U.S. is cruel and inhumane. Your life is ruined once you are chronically ill, especially if you are poor and have no car like my friend. I’m glad you were born in Canada! Happy Canada Day!

  25. Happy belated Canada Day to you from a freezing cold Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Darn that stealer of your gorgeous lilies – they deserve more than fleas. Lice?

    My favourite baby pattern so far has been Leaf love baby sweater… http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/leaf-love-baby-sweater. Unfortunately I gifted it before I could take a pic, so I didn’t bother putting the project on ravelry.

    2 others that you can look up if you wish:
    Baby lace cardigan – ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-lace-cardigan-2
    Ciqala arrowhead sweater – ravelry.com/patterns/library/ciqala-arrowhead-sweater—p117

  26. If you’re a fan of National Parks, please come and visit New Zealand! We have an excellent supply (in fact, we even have a town called National Park).
    We also have more sheep than people. Just think of All That Wool – and cruelty free at that as we don’t practice mulesing.
    Please note: I had to touch the airplane. Could this be a sign?

    • I have wanted to visit NZ ever since I started reading Essie Summers’ books in high school, a looong time ago. She did a wonderful job of combining history, geography, geology, and sweet romance through all her books. I own them all except for the last 4. Reread them at least once a year and have recommended the Milford trek to people. Wish I could see it in person.

  27. Thank you for your kindness about Americans – we often do not deserve it. Some of us never do, but they will go unnamed.

    The baby sweater is gorgeous. We have a fall great grandchild coming. What age/size is your finished product? Looking at the Ravelry versions is confusing with the variety of needles and materials used.

    As always – you are beyond amazing and so much my hero! Be safe!

  28. I have to say that one of my favorite baby sweaters to knit is yours — Baby Nouveau-ne! Hope you get better suggestions from others.

  29. Happy belated Canada Day! I always find it interesting and bit charming that our national days are so close together — perhaps we should have a North American day in between as an excuse for another party!

  30. HI Stephanie I have knit the baby kimono from the first Mason Dixon knitting book many times. Nice easy knit in one piece and garter stitch. The mothers seem to love it as it stretches out to fit for quite a while. I have varied it a bit with stripes. I cord trim etc. Oh and I never put on ribbons always use fancy buttons with large domes underneath. makes for easy dressing. Cheers from a cold wet windy NZ

  31. I remember reading the post about Savannah at particularly low point of my life and it cheered me to no end for some reason, to know about this midwife half a world away from me, with a crazy schedule and a loving auntie. Very appropriate too, since it was about unexpected connections.

    Best of luck to her and her family. May she have loads of sleep when the time comes.

  32. Our family also experienced the great Canadian medical system this past holiday weekend. MIL fell and hurt her hip and couldn’t put any weight on it. Ambulance to the hospital on the Sunday of the long weekend, various tests, saw the surgeon at 2 pm and into surgery at 5 pm. She had a complete hip replacement and is doing great. I think she’ll pay $45 for the ambulance and we pay for parking if we park at the hospital itself, but there will be no other costs.

  33. Hello, Stephanie! I just finished my third Cecelia https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cecelia-2
    and will cast on for my fourth when the yarn arrives later this week. My kids are breeding like rabbits, and I LOVE it!! This is a fun, quick and squishy blanket and when knit with the Berroco Comfort Bulky very easy to maintain with machine wash and dry: important fact for the new parents.

  34. As others have said above, thank you for your kind words about Americans. I find I’m calling myself a Minnesotan after my state for which I am proud, but not an American as I am not proud of our current administration and their policies.

    Your baby sweater is perfection.

    I believe you will do fine on the Rally Ride. Your fierce determination will see you through!

  35. Thank you for your best wishes on the 4th! Yes, universal healthcare is long overdue. Sadly, that won’t happen in the US in the foreseeable future.

    And your flowers are beautiful! Someone keeps picking my roses by the street. I would prefer that s/he left them for all my neighbor’s to enjoy!

  36. About our healthcare system, a friend of mine who’s daughter at the age of four had the same cancer that took Terry Fox’s leg and eventually his life says, “you may wait weeks or months for knee replacement surgery but when you need it our healthcare system is responsive and top-of-the-line.” Her daughter just graduated from high school, has legs that look normal though one contains bionic bones and has been NED for many years.

  37. Is it weird that I’ve been reading this blog for so long that on Canada Day I thought of the Yarn Harlot?

    • Hooray! That’s how traditions get established: you do something memorable and enjoyable a few times in a row–thanks, Stephanie, for being part of our annual consideration of Canadian-ness… =)

  38. I am just starting my second Little Ivanhoe baby sweater for my friend’s new grandson.It is free on Ravelry,and the English translation of the original German is easy to read.

  39. I hope your Canada Day was lovely. I may currently be in the USA, but I made maple leaf cookies with maple sugar and felt duly patriotic.

    And thank you for the warm reminder that whatever’s going on with the government right now, America has a strong core of great value: Americans!

    As a dual citizen, it’s tough right now, but I have faith we’ll pull through.

    As for the baby knitting, I’m so excited to see the next beautiful thing to fall from your needles.

  40. The sweater is beautiful. I have been knitting prayer shawlsl with bulky yarn for over 10 years. Have finally tried knitting with DK weight and LOVE IT!!

    Thank you for your kind words about us Americans. We (my hubby and I) keep our passports up to date mainly so we can visit Canada. Niagara Falls is even more beautiful from your side. We live in Ohio so your country is close for us. May our countries always be friends!!

  41. Such a cute baby sweater! I used love riding my bike when I lived out west. The roads here are ao narrow and shoulder-less that it’s not as much fun. 🙁

  42. The little white sweater is utterly charming! My favorite baby sweater is Korrigan. (Ravelry link below)

    It’s lovely done in a solid or a tonal and the construction is interesting to knit. The pattern comes in multiple sizes which is very helpful. And it lends itself well to the use of beautiful vintage buttons. Also a perk in my book, it only requires minimal finishing work because of its construction.

  43. Happy belated Canada Day. We are long-time expat Ontarians, living in the States. We’re rational small-c conservatives who feel we don’t belong anywhere, anymore, and who basically can never ‘come home’.

    I’m not ashamed of anyone who thinks different than I do. I am ashamed of those who lump everyone (of any group) into one basket and revile them. It ain’t that simple, and the constant calling out makes it worse–is that the goal?

    While it’s enviable that one’s biggest medical expense being parking, there is perhaps the additional element of being fortunate to live in or very near large, enticing-to-doctors metropolitan areas. I imagine there aren’t a lot of bake sales held to help fund the buying of hospital equipment, or the driving of many, many, many miles for care, or much desperate wooing of physicians to “please come and practice here”, in T.O.

    Thank you so much for the link to the sweater pattern. It’s a perfect classic, for sure. The local pregnancy center will receive the ones I’ll make. No family babies on the way at the moment.

    Take care of yourself, Stephanie, and as always, thank you for sharing you life with the blog, even when you’re crazy busy.

  44. Happy Canada Day!

    I’ll second the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knits, but I have to say my latest go-to patterns are the Baby Yours and Baby Mine by… what was her name? Oh, yeah – Stephanie Pearl McPhee!

  45. Who the frick sees beautiful flowers in someones yard and thinks to themselves, “Yeah. I’ll have that!”. THEY BELONG TO THE PERSON WHOSE YARD THEY’RE IN

  46. Happy Canada Day to you! From what I know of the Canada healthcare system, I really like it. I work in healthcare, in the Insurance and billing part of it here in the great state of Minnesota, and frankly, I’m scared. I see nothing wrong with socialized medicine in a capitalist country. I see people struggling to pay for insurance, to pay for medical bills that insurance does not cover and to pay for medication. Do I get the medication I need or do I eat? Or do I have electricity? Or heat? I agree that the best part of America is most Americans. But it is getting hard to see the intolerances, injustices, and biases especially to our poor. So, if one would ,say, immigrate to Canada, where would you suggest one would start? America is becoming more about the wealthy.

  47. IThanks for all you do. It is appreciated by many! A suggestion for your knitting is Little Oak by Alana Dakos. Just lovely and suitable for a boy or girl. I altered the pattern slightly to make it more “v” necked as I find top buttoned cardigans are just too bulky for little babies necks.

  48. “Shake your booties” in Ravelry has the cutest baby booties I’ve ever seen. She has baseballs, strawberries, pumpkins, race car booties for nascar fans. The list is endless and wonderful and they are fast and small.

    Oh yeah the flower booties have to be seen to be believed.

  49. Happy Canada Day to you, too. I’m so glad to hear that you have had an excellent experience with your health care system. I am in California, and I feel the same way. I was terrified to go into the hospital to have my hips replaced, and it was like staying in a very posh hotel. A grateful and cooperative attitude makes such a difference in your outcome. Your garden looks fantastic. What a nice mother you had, to weed it for you. That vintage baby sweater is fabulous! Right up my alley. I love the patterns that you choose. Enjoy your bike riding and the warmer weather…

  50. Drink fluids around the clock if you are going to ride in that kind of heat!

    I was skirting some fleeces on our screened porch in the shade for two hours on one of our hotter days…and think that I had some heat-related issues.

    Not that I spend a lot of time outside…and I do spend a lot of time in A/C. But I worry about you riding for hours in the heat…

  51. I am a slow knitter but for my toddler I’ve knit the Flax sweater (tincanknits), the Roar, It’s a Dinosaur hat (Kate Oats), and the wee Sharky-Pie cowl (Martina Behm) and they are big hits with my son. He loves that little cowl and hat so much, he wore them on warm spring days just because he wanted to!

  52. Happy Canada day to you from down here in the basement. Most days I wish I could emigrate, but it ain’t that easy. Things down here have gotten so ugly and depressing … I like to think of Canada as close to what we might have become had we not inherited slavery from our colonial past.

  53. Norwegian Fir, on Ravelry but I’m useless at links, is so unbelievably beautiful I have done it many times from baby to young child+. I never get bored as I vary the yarn and accessories. I have lived in England for 42 years, having been brought up in Washington DC, and we are celebrating 70 years of the National Health Service. In 2015 my extended. family of 12 were in three hospitals, had 4 ambulance journeys and were cared for by 12 wards/departments, while two work full time in hospitals or family practices. We are so privileged, as is everyone else living in this country. I happily pay my taxes!

  54. “The best thing about America remains Americans.” Thank you! I have tears just reading this..thank you…

  55. EZ’s Baby Surprise
    Mason Dixon Knitting first book baby kimono
    Inky Dinky set by Anne Hanson @ Knitspot.com

  56. I also looked for your post on the 1st.

    I love the Milo Baby Vest. It might not have as much “wow factor” as a sweater, but I find it a lot more useful.

  57. Happy Canada Day! So many of we Americans admire so much about Canada (definitely your healthcare system, probably not your winters but probably everything else, come to think of it) and are very very grateful for our years of peaceful neighborliness. So many of us are sad that one of our crazy cousins has temporarily moved in with us and is throwing trash and making a lot of noise and we very very very much hope he will go back to his own home soon.

    • Well said. And he can take his ill-mannered “friends” with him when he goes.
      I’m so grateful for those who see that there are so very many Americans who are horrified by what is happening in our country. Thank you for your support as we figure this out.

  58. My favorite baby sweater is EZ’s baby surprise jacket in a color change yarn.. add in some cute buttons and it’s cuteness overload.
    Julie in San Diego

  59. My current favourite baby sweater pattern is Norwegian Fir by OGE Knitwear, it comes in a multitude of sizes, so you can make a big brother/big sister sweater as well, if there is an older sibling in the mix.

  60. My favourite baby sweater is one I saw on your blog a long time ago. I am not sure where to find the link but I know that you will remember the brightly striped ones you knitted out of the Cascade 220 kits from Lettuce Knit. There was one for a boy and one for a girl. The boy’s buttoned but the girl’s had a tie or a single button at the neck. They were so cute that I knit them over and over. Since the flood my stuff is in an uproar but if you think of the name I would appreciate it also. There is a wee girl down the road that could use a sweater, none of her family knit.

  61. Kathie Popadin‘s Daffodil Booties on Ravelry is soo cute, but a small add on gift that I love. I like EZ’s Baby Sweater on Two Needles.

  62. I don’t have anyone for whom to knit baby things, but I really want to knit that baby sweater. It is beautiful! Maybe I’ll knit it and donate it. Sigh. No grand-babies in my life or my future that I can see.
    Those lilies are gorgeous and would be gone in the blink of an eye in my yard. Damn rabbits! Lucky they are so cute.
    Love the calla lilies, too. My favorite flower.
    Hope the heat has moved out and you can get back outside without swearing. I know the feeling!

  63. Hey Stephanie,
    One of my favorite baby thing to knit is Sweet Tee by Elaine Fitzpatrick, I’ve knitted it with many different fibers, a cotton/bamboo blend (lovely!) for summer, a woolly yarn (perfect for colder days, can be worn with a long sleeve shirt underneath and leggings). And another one is Cold Spring Baby Cardigan by Bonnie Sennott. Both patterns are on Ravelry.
    Happy baby knitting!

  64. I would never, NEVER have thought of putting bright green buttons on a white baby sweater, but they are absolutely perfect.
    Now all I need is for one of the nieces or nephews to have another baby!

  65. Catching up — thanks for the sweater inspiration. I have a young friend who appreciates my knitting and who is having a baby girl this fall. I think it might be perfect for her! With bright buttons!

    Also — thank you for still liking us Americans. ❤️

  66. Just want to say my mom was still helping in my garden when I was 49, and she was always dusting my house, too. I was blessed.
    My favorite baby sweater is Lillie’s Little Sweater from Cottage Creations. (Sorry, don’t know how to do the link to Rav.). But sometimes I have to call it Louie’s Little Sweater, lol.

  67. I know this comment is a little late, but my all time favorite baby knit is YOUR Nouveau-ne baby sweater. I made it for my first grandchild and my hard-to-please DIL LOVED it. She had my granddaughter wear it until the bottom of the sleeves reached her elbows. It’s an amazing little sweater — so beautiful and fun to knit. (And btw, if you’d entertain the idea of making it in larger sizes, I’d gladly re-purchase. Each size.) Anyway, you need look no further than your own creations!!! Thank You for such a beautiful pattern!

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