Briefly in a Lake

I am trudging along here – still looking forward (rather desperately) to the day (28 days) from now when the Bike Rally is finished and things shift around here.  I am not even sure what I will do that day, though I’ve reached a phase of hopefulness where I start piling knitting projects up around the house so I can look at them as I walk by. I can only imagine that August 17th is a day that the Wild Knitting Rumpus will begin, assuming I am conscious.  Between now and then I’m trying to get all this done without completely compromising my sanity, family or what’s left of my relationships. (I have given up on the house, but have adopted AlisonH’s tip for floor cleaning from the comments on the last post, so things are better there.)  Last week some friends invited us up to their cottage, and my love for the Canadian wilds being what it is, I managed to find a way to get myself up there on short notice for three glorious days.  (Joe,  Megan and Elliot managed to stay up there longer, but I jumped on the train bright and early on Thursday for a series of Bike Rally Meetings that couldn’t be missed. You can only imagine the bitterness I felt leaving that kid behind in one of my favourite places.)

We spent the few days I was able to be there swimming,  trying to convince Elliot to  go in the lake (he was fine by the end, but resistance was initially high) and l tried to write to you, but I had to use nap time for Rally Business, and usually if he’s awake and we’re together, Elliot says “Gammy?” every 12 seconds, and I am helpless not to answer him.  I wanted to write and say that despite the state of my life (and improved status of the kitchen floor) I did finish my June Socks, and I had a good enough time knitting them that I’d happily start the pair over.

Pattern is Paragon Socks, Yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply in Cardamom.

They look fussier than they are to knit, which is something I like a lot in a pair of socks, and the pattern itself was memorizable – though not until the last repeat of the second sock, in my case, but if your head isn’t full of Bike Rally you might have more room for storing that.)

I’d tell you I loved the yarn too- but that should be obvious by now, since I think it’s turned up on the blog about three times in the last year or so.  Great stuff.

I’ve got the next pair of socks on the needles, but they’re just plain self-striping, because I see how things are this month and wanted to make it a little easier on myself.  (I can see now that this would have been a good month to investigate the perplexing world of hand knit ankle socks, but it’s too late now.) I finished the mini-pom-pom neck thing too, so I’ll get some pictures of that, and look! While I was walking around another pair of socks fell off the needles.

Yarn is Cozy Knitter’s “Celebrate the Night” (I think. I’ve misplaced the ball band again, which isn’t surprising since I can’t even remember when I started these, never mind anything else about them.)

Absolutely no pattern whatsoever, I just banged them out. Top down,  round and round, 2.25mm needles, 68 stitches, German short row heels over half the stitches, and my standard toe. (My standard toe probably isn’t yours because I’m opposed to the pointiness, we can talk about it another time.)

Into the long range planning box for them- it’s actually not looking too shabby in there, I remember the last time I did the Self-imposed-sock-of-the-month-club it was an easy Christmas, I was so far ahead. It’s a lovely thing to think about, since I’m so far behind on everything else right now.

Speaking of behind -let’s get some Karmic Balancing gifts done, because you all are amazing.  Team Knit is still inching towards their goals, and it’s you all we have to thank for it.  I  hope we’re going to make it. If you’re wondering what’s going on here read this:  and Team Knit this year is Me, Ken, Cameron and Pato. Please help us spread the word.

First, a wonderful gift from Tanja Luescher, she’s a designer who’s always one of the first in my inbox with an offer to help. We’ve never met, but I think she’s pretty great.)

Tanja is offering 10 ebooks (20 really, but we’ll do another 10 anther time) Kathryn, Sonja, Rita, Karen, Janis, Sarah, Susanna, Cara, Jessica, and Kelly can all choose between Stories of Inspiration, Selfstriping, Hubby needs Socks, The Cat Collection OR you these lucky knitters can create their own ebook of any 7 patterns.  Thanks all. (And I am going to buy the socks one. I think I found the perfect pair.)

Michele wrote and said that she has three gorgeous gifts that need new homes – thanks Michele!
Violets by Mary Scott Huff – the entire kit. (Michele loves this a lot, but is a realist about it’s future with her. I hope that Barbara M loves it and has time.
1 skein (1000 yards) of Tanis Fiber Arts pink label lace weight – variegated graphite is the colourway. Michele found out she’s not a fan of laceweight – so off it goes to Tamara G.
2 skeins (420 yards each) of Tanis Fiber Arts red label cashmere/silk twist – mauve blossoms. (Michele didn’t say why these need rehoming, so I assume it’s straight-up crazy generosity.)  Good news Sarah H, these are winging your way!

Mary E Rose is another designer, and Mary’s written to say that she’d like to give away a free pattern to TEN knitters.  I spent some time with her portfolio, and Smocked Leaves and The White Queen’s Shawl are two I’m putting in my queue.

Good luck choosing to  Lesley E, Brooke S, Wendy N, Dari T, Amanda G, Christine E, Nancy S, Kathy F, Sam M, and Cathy W. There’s a lot of amazing patterns there.

Christina has these three beautiful skeins of Titus (in Coal) to give away.  (What a neat yarn, 50% Wensleydale, 20% BFL, and 30% alpaca – most of that from the UK.)

Those three beauties will be making their way to Lisa H. Lisa and Christina, thank you!

Terry’s got two skeins of Knitpicks Hawthorne Fingering in Burnside that she’d rather inexplicably like to give up. (Must be just that she’s nice.)

That’s more than 600m of amazing that will be making it’s way to Julie A.

But wait there’s more! Brooke’s got two skeins of Three Irish Girls Yarn ‘Adore’ sock yarn, in the ‘Everlasting Gobstopper’ colourway, making it’s way from her house to Josephine P’s. I hope it makes her happy.

Still on the sock yarn train, Linda H has two ever so pretty ones – Sweet Skein o-Mine, in the colourway St. Andrew’s Summer – headed to Cathy A. Thanks both!

That’s it for today, a whole whack of gifts done, and I’ve emailed the 27 lucky winners, and the generosity in my inbox overfloweth.  There’s much more to come.  For now, I’m off to look over about 7 spreadsheets that contain more details about a small moving city of cyclists than anyone could ever hope to memorize, and hope to drill enough parts of it into my head to get this thing off the ground. Oh. I also have to figure out the cutlery.  Who knew?

24 thoughts on “Briefly in a Lake

  1. You have to figure out the cutlery???? Did someone give you a set of sporks or some antique asparagus tongs???

    Never mind. The actual bike rally is coming. All the planning is almost over. Chill the champagne (or screech), think of all the amazing stuff you’ll knit, and ride like the wind! (P.S.: The socks look great!)

  2. Can the cutlery be solved by a message saying “bring your own.”? Thanks to all who donated Karmic Gifts. There are going to be some VERY happy people out there.

  3. Lack of cutlery is a serious problem for most.

    Unless you’re the one telling Gammy that going in the lake is a little scary.

  4. Fingers were invented before forks and spoons, can easily be washed and don’t need to be put away…..just sayin’. I still can’t figure out how you knit and walk!! (Without running into poles!) When I was a kid I tried riding my bike and reading. I hit a car (It wasn’t moving). Ewe con dew theez!!!

  5. Lol every time you talk about your access to public transportation I’m gobsmacked and green gilled with envy. Now I need to race off the read the floor clearing post.

  6. Thank you, and I’m so glad that’s working out for you!

    So glad you got to spend time with that sweet grandson of yours. (That face! Adorable!) Mine his age has just started to ask for Gammy as well as Gampa, having mastered a new word, and his folks click on the FaceTime and we’re off! He was very, very excited when Shaun the (stuffed) Sheep started perching on our shoulders for those.

    Love the socks! (And just ordered some of that striped yarn a few days ago.)

  7. Glad to see your new post and hear you’re so close to the bike rally and back to knitting. Wanted to tell you this newish knitter (only learned a couple of years ago) decided to read your blog from the beginning. Up to September 2007 already! Inspirational! Have started on a variegated scarf pattern from your blog, late 2006-early 2007. Keep up the good work.

  8. The socks are great (but best of all they are DONE), the grandson is adorable and you, my lady, are just amazing.

  9. Dear Stephanie: I sincerely wish you all the best with planning the rally. Having planned a tiny (by comparison) two-day workshop earlier this year at work and losing myself in that process, I admire your grit and determination and energy, thank you and all the best to you! Lana

  10. I’m a long-time fan and I’m so sorry to see you having a rough time of things. I admire your persistence. I’ve always thought you have a strong character, a person to admire. Just wanted to say that. Sending love to you and your family and wishes for all your guardians and knitting goddesses to be your wings.

  11. I suspect that when the Rally is over, your first order of business will be a good long soak in the tub, followed very soon thereafter by a good long sleep. The knitting will be waiting!

  12. Your standard toe has become my standard as well, because I am also opposed to the pointiness of other sock toes.

  13. Sending you calming vibes and know that you just keep tackling the job of organizing one item at a time and eventually all items are done, and redone. Ask for help, if needed. Seems like a big job and should be co-lead like last year.

    Remember to ride a bit too.

  14. The glory of being Gammy. It is a bitter pill to swallow to leave behind such a wonderful place at such a wonderful time. Thanks to the effort and sacrifices made by you and the other riders many AIDS patients (most especially the poor, women and children) will have more time to be with their loved ones. Best Wishes.

  15. Oh, those yarns are incredible! I’m amazed at how you get everything done. Your life sounds so busy. I especially love that sock yarn with the speckles. Your socks look fabulous, as always.

  16. Hi, Steph,
    Happy trails, to you… Have a lovely rally! I’m sending positive thoughts in the direction of sunny skies, good coffee, accurate maps, loving friendships and nothing misplaced, I think you should give these spreadsheets to the chair who follows you (less re-inventing of the wheel, you know).
    Julie in San Diego (too hot lately, but still paradise)

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