Technically not sweaters

Ok, I can admit it. There is a tiny, little, itsy-bitsy chance that I overshot a little on this plan.  I can say that because I’m supposed to get on a plane for Rhinebeck in the morning, and I am not finished two sweaters. I’m actually not even finished one sweater, though it’s a near thing.  Here’s where I am.

That’s the Must Have.  It is very nearly a sweater, if by almost a sweater you understand that I can’t wear it like a sweater although it very nearly almost has all the parts that you need for something to be a sweater, if they were joined together, which they are not. I am super close to finishing the button band (I cannot be the only person who perpetually underestimates the amount of knitting in a button band) in fact – it’s half cast off. (Almost.) I’ve got to sew the whole thing together, maybe tonight, and then sew on the buttons and then it just needs a quick blocking. I’ve blocked the pieces already, so it’s really just a quick bit of tidy up after it’s sewn together.  I think steaming will work, just this once.

This is a different problem – Remi is still mostly armless. The sleeves are only 3/4 length, and I have knit about 10cm of one, and I do have to fly tomorrow and then there’s tomorrow evening and then, well, yes, it needs to be completely blocked but doesn’t it seem doable? Doesn’t it? (She says, in a slightly shrill manner, with a hint of hysteria sneaking in around the edges.)

I’d actually think that this was all completely doable if I’d done anything else today, like pack, or wash the clothes I’d like to pack, or gone to the store to get the things I need to pack, or if I’d cleaned up the kitchen, or if roughly 3394 emails weren’t in my inbox waiting for me to finish answering them, or if I didn’t have a meeting this evening that I don’t think I can sew up sweaters at. (I think I can knit sleeves at it, so maybe all isn’t lost.)

Essentially I’ve worked out that I’m absolutely going to make it as long as someone else comes over here and does the laundry, goes to my meeting for me, and I hire someone else to pack while I sew together a sweater.

The important thing is not to panic early.

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  1. If the sweaters are not finished, Rhinebeck will still happen, you will be warmly encased in other sweaters, and the world will know that not even the Yarn Harlot bats 100. So catch your breath, pack what you have and have a great time at Rhinebeck.

    And I have to click on the Woman. Here’s to you, Stephanie!

  2. may you knit and sew together like the wind! if that makes any sense. But you will get it done. it seems like you nearly always do. Have fun at Rhinebeck. (you can finish at Rhinebeck and no one will care).

    • OK, so, explain this part of the plot to me, Presbytera (or anyone else who wants to pitch in): what’s the draw here, the motivation for setting unnecessarily ambitious goals (by which I mean it’s NOT like she would ever need to appear un-sweatered even if no new garment was created for the event)–??? Is the drama a serious adrenaline rush, worth sacrificing peace for?!

      Just really, really curious…

        • It’s Steph being Steph. She’s gotten so good that the traditional Rhinebeck sweater panic might not have happened, so she upped the ante. Anything to entertain the blog.

        • Sleep is overrated! I’ve seen you perform miracles before, and am very confident that you will get them finished to the satisfaction of everyone around you, even if not yourself!

      • You probably haven’t been here long. This is kind of a warm up for what Christmas is usually like. Its also reminiscent of what occurs when a close relative of Steph’s is 9 months pregnant and partially dilated. So… to answer your question, yes the drama is worth the adrenaline rush.

        • Oh, I’ve been here a long, long time! =) “Expected” and “usual” do not equal “understandable”, esp when one’s had as much intense stress in one’s life as Steph has in the past year or so…so I’m wondering if the drama-over-something-non-life-threatening, something in fact optional, is actually invigorating?!? You know, like a crisis that you can actually CONTROL for a change, since, if you chose to, you could actually pull the plug at any time…?

          • I think that Steph would have no problem “pulling the plug” on her sweater goal if she felt it necessary. I usually feel like her keeping us updated on the blog is a way to entertain, both herself and her followers and that she understands that it is only for entertainment. Also, I think she gets a rush out of it 🙂
            I do hope that she knows that none of us are going to be disappointed or upset if she decides to throw in the towel when it comes to any of these large knitting goals she sets for herself.

      • I don’t know Stephanie, but I think her setting a goal like this is comparable to me setting a goal of reading 175 books a year, checking my counter and realizing I am three books behind. Oh, the “stress”!! Now I will have to spend every free minute reading! In reality it’s just a very realistic way to challenge myself. For me in knitting terms it would be knitting a sweater in 4-5 weeks. LOL Nobody is going cold for not finishing the sweater, nobody will be punished, nobody is even going to think less if me if I don’t finish my sweater or reading list. I just enjoy setting goals and pushing myself a little. And you bet I write about it on Facebook. I hope I don’t give anyone stress over such a personal way to flex my reading or knitting muscles.

        Ps I have to click on a very appropriate umbrella. It has been raining all day in my neck of the woods.

  3. Concentrate on finishing Must Have. It’s so nearly done, I’m sure you can finish.
    Take the Remi as your airplane knitting – you can hardly go wrong (as long as all the yarn is in your carry on bag!) and you might be lucky enough to finish. Isn’t Rhinebeck the whole weekend? You should be able to wear Remi on the way home!
    Good luck and safe travels. I have confidence in you!

  4. You are further along than I would be so go to it! The green sweater looks scrumptious btw. Have fun at Rheinbeck. One day I will be there.

    ps: I have made 4 sweaters this year that is a feat for me!

  5. Mostly armless, delightfully close to what Ford Prefect said about the Earth…… Now eschew them ovens and it might go close to actual sweaterdom. Love the texture in Must Have, yarn is glorious in its new incarnation!

  6. If I could make it to Canada in enough time to be useful, I’d raise my hand to pinch hit in the laundry and packing departments. Alas, will wish you godspeed from here instead.

  7. Does the Rhinebeck sweater have to be completed before Rhinebeck starts or can it be completed during Rhinebeck…. I’m sure the purist would say before but, I think we know what we could say to that. Carry on and I bet before the end of Rhinebeck that you’ll be able to get glamour shots of both sweaters being worn by you while there! Good luck and enjoy the time with your friends!

  8. I’m pushing on a project of my own, not for Rhinebeck, but because I want it d.o.n.e, so I’ve been following your travails. I believe you can do it …. even if in your hotel room in the wee hours and you wear it only steam blocked. As other ps have offered, I’d fly to Toronto to clean and pack, maybe even go to that meeting …

    Anyway, this gave me a good laugh … as off I go to do something about dinner, finish the laundry, and get to the next set of instructions on my sweater.

  9. I’m willing to bet that I will see at least one of these on your person at Rhinebeck. I’m sure there is someone you’re staying with who can help with that seaming, and you are a fast enough knitter that I know the sleeves on the pullover won’t take to long. And if you don’t finish one or both? It will be fine.

  10. Don’t finish either sweater. Don’t even pack and carry them. Take socks to knit instead. Wear one or more of your other Rhinebeck sweaters. Heck, take enough of them so you can wear a different one each day. If grilled by the sweater police, smile sweetly with a mysterious air and say nothing. Peace.

  11. Oh, boy. It is time to panic. Not only are the Rhinebeck sweaters unfinished, but JOE WILL HAVE TO PACK FOR HER! Be afraid, Stephanie, be very afraid…;-)!

    • OK, now THAT is a terror-inducing corollary!! Although actually, when called upon, he’s done a great job before–remember the impromptu trip to Vegas?!?

  12. That Must Have is just about the most perfect match of colour, yarn and pattern I have ever seen. It’s going to be glorious and I can’t wait to see the photos of you wearing it at Rhinebeck. Have a great time. Xx

  13. Steph – You don’t need to be a super-finished knitter. Remember knitting is something you enjoy for the mental challenge, the warmth and the beauty. You’ve already accomplished that.
    Have fun at Rhinebeck.

  14. I blocked a sweater in my hotel room the day before my wedding, and it was ready to wear the day of. You can do it! No one but you will know if it is still slightly damp. 😉

  15. This annual drama is part of the reason that I didn’t tackle a Rhinebeck sweater.

    I know, Stephanie, that you will probably have both sweaters completed before you leave. Relax and enjoy.

    Now, I am going to go do laundry and pack.

  16. I SERIOUSLY think you should SERIOUSLY wear them with a straight face just as they are. Everyone would just double over laughing (with you, not at you) and they’d ADORE you for being so seriously funny.

    Do it.

    • THAT is AWESOME…if unlikely, since we’re talking about someone who cannot tolerate socks that do not match perfectly…!
      It would totally be one huge group-hug-in-joke between Steph and her Blog readers =)

  17. Enjoy Rhinebeck. You will totally have Must Have done (a steam block is totally acceptable in the circumstances) and Remi can get sleeves on the plane, and at dinner in the next few days. They’ll be space to block sometime before Sunday. It counts if it’s before you come home, not before you go, right?! It’ll be fine (not that it matters a jot, but hey, what’s life without goals?)

  18. Okay, it’s about the second blocking. God forbid I discourage entertaining compulsion, especially when I know from futile, but I suggest that that wee hypercompulsion might could be what gets thrown overboard.

    Yeah. I know.

  19. You are amazing!
    I concur with the commenters above that you should feel free to work on the pullover on the weekend.
    It may well be finished by the end of the weekend – which technically counts as wearing it at Rhinebeck.
    Great work on the cardigan including the button band.
    (If I can knit one sweater within a year, I am thrilled. Also I avoid button bands.)
    Looking forward to the finished photos!

  20. Oh man,, this is better than a suspense movie! I’ve been waiting for days to see your progress and now my blood pressure is rising as I await your next post! Knit on, Wonder woman!

  21. My one sweater is missing sleeves at the moment. I’d like to think I can make it happen but I’m packing an old sweater – just in case.

  22. I’m taking the side bet that both are wearable by Sunday. But then I’ve always been a fan of the long shot.

  23. Here’s a radical thought. Leave the 2nd sweater at home and finish when you get back. An alternative is just don’t block them until you get home. I bet that no one who doesn’t read the blog will walk up and comment that they look unblocked.

  24. Here’s a radical thought. Leave the 2nd sweater at home and finish when you get back. An alternative is just don’t block them until you get home. I bet that no one who doesn’t read the blog will walk up and comment that they look unblocked.

  25. I think all the knitters at Rhinebeck would find it hilarious if you put all the live stitches on a long circ and wore it draped over your shoulders….

  26. And Stephanie if all else fails and you do not get a sweater completed – you could wear a wip or not . But we would find out that you really are human after all if you do not get one done. Not a bad thing- just not fulfilling your own expectations – something I am guilty of all the time.

  27. You got this, you’ve accomplished more with way, way less. And screw your inbox, laundry and packing are way more important (especially if, like me, the clothes you need to pack are the laundry). And you can knit while the laundry washes and dries, bonus!

  28. A) Buttons are not necessary if one needs not close the sweater.
    B) Weather forecast is for upper 50’s / lower 60’s in Rhinebeck, NY this weekend.
    C) You are Canadian.
    D) Sleeves are not necessary if a denim jacket is worn atop the sweater.
    E) Sleeves are also not necessary if one is sufficiently warm.
    F) See B and C.

  29. Just chuckling at the comments, whose writers think you are asking for advice! or need it! Is it ironic that I have to click the pencil?

  30. I remember when you knit the first Must Have Cardigan. I admired it then, as I do now. I imagine the old one becoming a house sweater, and the new one an out-and-about sweater. Of course the fact that they are grey and green just underscores what good color choices you make. Enjoy Rhinebeck. It’s been many years since I’ve been, and I miss it.

  31. Pshaw. You got this! I saw the IG post with must have done. And there is plenty of time to fly through sleeves. It’s not like you would wear them bothe on the same day!

    Now get off the computer and go knit. The housework can wait until you get hone.

  32. That Must-Have Cardigan is gorgeous! Just the right color value to let the cables show beautifully! I made that pattern once in dark brown. I’ll always love it – the wool was from my sheep, Helena – but the cables don’t stand out as much. As sparks fly from your knitting needles, I’m cheering you on. . .

  33. I LOVE your outlook on knitting and life in general. Hope you had a good time at Rhinebeck wearing your TWO sweaters that you DID FINISH!!

  34. Did anyone else notice the seemingly large number of “half sweaters” at Rhinebeck? Is that a thing or did people run out of yarn or just get bored with the project and stop before finishing the body section?

  35. Steph, you probably won’t see this message since I’ve gone back 3 or 4 postings and time flies (now 35 days to Christmas).
    Wanted to let you know that you are looking very trim in the photo where you are modelling your almost completed sweater. Maybe I should take up long distance biking if it weren’t for all of the sweating (I’m in GA). We went from high 80s to 52 in nothing flat, a few nights in the 30s, and we’re dancing in the 50-60 range in the daytime. No snow, so I won’t complain. Keep it up girl, you’re lookin’ good.

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