Itsy bitsy teenie weenie

I wasn’t going to blog today because I didn’t have much time, but a short post is better than no post so I’m going to write this, but I’m not even going to try to make it coherent.  Let’s do a list, shall we? Here’s some things.

1. We had Megan’s baby shower on Saturday here at the house.  I thought that you were only supposed to have a shower for your first, but the girls said I was being old-fashioned and I couldn’t think of a good reason not to celebrate getting a baby, so we did.

2. I made cookies.

3. I also made a romper (the pattern is this one) and then I hadn’t run out of yarn so I made a bonnet (no pattern I just know what babies look like) and the I still had yarn so I made shoes.

I am out of yarn now. All that from one skein of Rosy Green Cheeky Merino Joy – which made it a very good deal indeed.  (Colour was 62, Isar Pebble.)

4. The shoes are from 50 Baby bootees to knit, which is a book I love now and always have. It’s paid for itself a thousand times.

5. Elliot is staying here for 3 days and two nights while his parents celebrate the last gasp of relative freedom they have before the new baby thows them back into lockdown.  I admit, I’m a little nervous – we’ve been doing sleepovers to practice for this – and so that he can have people to hang out with when the little usurper arrives, but two nights is a long time for a boy not yet three.  I hope it goes well. Today was the first and it went just fine. We cooked dinner together, and he went to bed like warm butter on hot toast, so let’s just see if it lasts.  (I have purchased treats and are willing to use them.)

6. I have their dog too.  See above re: treats.

7. I taught Elliot how to peel a carrot. Together with the potty training (he is better at that then the carrot) he is just about employable.

8. I do not care to discuss the blanket (or lack thereof) today.

65 thoughts on “Itsy bitsy teenie weenie

  1. The romper is adorable! Never mind about the blanket; it will be done eventually. Have fun with Elliott and the dog (and may we have a photo of them together?) I think the Blog is almost excited as you about the pending new arrival!

  2. I think Elliott will do just fine. He’s adorable and adored and now can peel carrots! Little people love to learn grownup skills. Smart Grandma keeping him busy! The little romper hat and shoes are so sweet. I can hardly wait to see a little new person wearing them.

      • I agree completely. My new motto, worry about nothing, pray about everything. Haven’t quite got the hang of this, but trying. The blanket will be a “treat” all by itself. I kept my granddaughter for my son and daughter-in-law for a weekend to practice when #2 was eminent. So helpful to them, a blessing for me.

  3. You knit! You knit beautiful things. You knit beautiful things really fast! You make amazingly lovely looking treats for the shower. And now you tell us you make adorable cookies too! Enough already! Heheh!! You are amazing and could you please let us know how you get the extra hours in each day to enable you to do all the things you do! 🙂

  4. Adorable! All of it and everything about all of it! 🙂

    You are an amazing Grandma/toddler wrangler, Knitter, and Cookiemaster, not necessarily in that order! 😉

  5. Looks like snow today. Won’t that be a good day to stay at home and work out the Arches Lace section of the City of Fountains scarf? I lost count of how many times I started over, but I am satisfied with the first section of the scarf, which is the Checkerboard Stitch. Oh, yes, a reminder to do a lifeline before moving on. I expect I’ll be doing more than one lifeline before this project is finished.

  6. I just want to say that almost every time I read your blog, I smile. Sometimes I read it to my husband and we chuckle. Thank you for all the grins!

  7. I haven’t been allowed to have my 16-month old granddaughter sleep over, yet. I did babysit her at my house yesterday, instead of her own. But as soon as she got into the house, she chased the kitty to give him a kiss and tripped and fell against the kitchen island. Got a bloody lip. Maybe my daughter is right…

  8. No wonder you don’t want to talk about blankets — you’re too busy spoiling your grandson and grandpup! I can hear ZZ Top now…”She’s got treats; she knows how to use them…”!

  9. I had Grandson #1 at just over 2 for the overnights when grandson #2 was born. Scooped in up the day baby #2 gave signs of bing ready to come, Kept him till they were home.

    Folks are right ,in the grand scheme of things to master for his age potty training is more important that carrot peeling. But peeling is still good to make him feel useful and doing things with you. Makes him feel important.

    Hugs for the not-yet-done knitting and time with Elliot. ❤️

  10. I have treats and I know how to use them! Isn’t that what Grammys are for? When my son was Elliot’s age every time my mother came over the first thing out of his mouth was “cookie?”. Blew her cover fast

  11. Treats and Grandma’s just go together! Keeping him busy makes him miss Mom and Dad less, and reinforces that Grandma’s house is the fun place to be. The knitting will get done. Elliot will only be this size for a very short time.

  12. Amazing cookies. Elliot appears to be mastering everything that comes his way!

    BTW – my daughter informed me that “showers” for 2nd babies and beyond are called “sprinkles.” So apparently it is a real thing. (I’m with you – I thought showers were only for the first. However, it certainly seems like a good excuse for a party.)

  13. So I am quite often impressed with your knitting skills, but your culinary skills of late have almost been overtaking the knitting! Between veganuary posts on IG, then the gorgeous shower tea cakes, that puff pastry spiral thing and now these cookies? Your kitchen game is pretty darned strong.

  14. No matter where the blanket is, the grey ensemble looks super cute (the romper especially).
    The cookie decorations look amazing, was this done with storebought food dye or is it the one where you mix stuff with egg whites and then paint?

  15. The first thing I thought of when I saw the little guy peeling a carrot (almost as big as him) was that there are kids at college who not only don’t know how to peel a carrot, they are unaware that carrots get peeled. I’m so very glad that that is not likely to happen to anyone in your family. Also your cookie decorating skills are superb. Will Elliot be sleeping with his dog tonight? Hope so.

  16. Elliott and doggy sound like the perfect pairing. I’m sure each of them are happy to have the other at Granma an Grandpa sleep over camp.

    One of these years would you please share your vegetarian cookie n icing recipes please?

    Just like the miracle of birth, the blanket too will arrive when it too is ready to be birthed. And it will be beautiful and worth the wait for its appearance.

  17. lovely knit goods – that color for the baby is perfect. the cookies are out of a cookbook – what a baker and decorator you are. wow!

    Elliott is a lovely child and can’t wait to see how he loves his new sibling.

  18. A short post is definitely better than no post at all, especially when newly completed knits are on display! Love the completed romper and accessories! Elliot will be fine with you and Joe and your stability after the usurper arrives will be stabilizing for him. Waiting for that update!!

  19. Enjoy your time with Elliot, I believe grandchildren grow up faster then their parents did! Also, a fun wY to entertain said grandchild is to let them use the swift and ballwinder. Show them how to use it, I recommend they go slowly. This will keep him entertained for a good 30 minutes!

  20. When I saw the title of this blog post, I somehow thought, in spite of the fact that it’s winter, that you were writing about a yellow polka-dot bikini… :-))

  21. OGE Knitwear Designs has adorable stuff! Thanks for the tip.

    A child who can prep veggies is a treasure of inestimable value. Well done, Eliot!

  22. Here’s a Grandma trick. How about an iceberg in the bathtub?

    Cut the bottom 1/3 off a 2-liter soda bottle. Add water and freeze. At bath time, put it in the tub with child. After a few minutes, the iceberg slips out of the plastic container (which can be used as a cup for pouring).
    The top of the soda bottle can be cut to desired size and used as a funnel during bath time, too.

    Fun treat!

  23. I’m sure that you and the munchkin will be just fine. Kids are marvelously adaptable creatures (I wish more adults would retain this feature!). My eldest niece started enjoying extended stays with my parents when she was under a year old (week long for the first stay – my sister had to have surgery and there was *no* way for her to handle an infant during the first week of her recovery) , and has always had a blast, as has her sister. Spending that time with Grammy and PaPa has formed a very special set of memories for both girls, as they get to do stuff that’s completely different from home (campering, smores for second breakfast, swim lessons, working in the shop with PaPa, crafting with Grammie, etc), and has made it easier for my sister and brother-in-law to take time off as needed, knowing that the girls will not only be OK, but having a legit blast while their parents go to a couple’s vacay, or deal with life stuff, or just sit at home and chill for an evening 🙂

  24. Can you PLEASE write a cookie decorating primer (someday)? I want to create things that look like that and beyond maybe flooding with royal icing to start, I can’t even comprehend. Tools? Materials?

  25. Those cookies!!!! Good Lord woman is there ANYTHING you cannot do?!
    Sleepovers with Nana are the absolute best! The slip away all to soon so enjoy enjoy enjoy!
    What blanket 😉

  26. I had baby showers for each of my pregnancies (3 pregnancies/4 babies). Maybe because we were a military family and it was a different group of friends each time. I know people who hate showers and don’t want them and that
    is sad. I agree all babies should be celebrated.

  27. Question: how do you make the icing on the cookies without egg whites? Yours are always so beautiful and I could use a vegan icing recipe. Thanks!

  28. This post is so useful, I have looked all over the internet for it, thank you so much for sharing it. The article is so clear, without this post, I won’t be able to understand its use.

  29. I have known for many years that your knitting skills are legendary, back even before the first book/tour. But those cookies – dear Ghods!!! I tried to make frosted gingerbread cookies once, and thought I’d broken my hands trying to frost them, in far less detail than those. Is it a speshul majik?
    Best blessing to you, to all the family, and especially to Elliott and the new-to-come grandbaby.

  30. Having the shower after the baby is born is customary among many people in various branches of Judaism (and probably elsewhere, for all I know).

    Infant mortality rates were much higher 75-100 years ago; a shower afterward avoids a woman having to go home to a fully equipped nursery after a late-term miscarriage or a stillbirth.

    I like the idea of “sprinkles” for second or third babies, especially when the new child is nit the same gender as the older sib(s).

    When I can, I give yellow items, basing my choice on advice from a mom of two when I was single and going to my first shower:

    Practically every stain that a baby makes is some shade of yellow.

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