February 18, 2004

Slow learner

In an attempt to work my way through my abandoned WIPs (Works In Progress) I'm hauling them out, one by one and dealing with my "issues" with each one. I mean there has to be a reason for why an otherwise perfectly normal woman would begin project after project only to take about half of them and stuff them into the back of her linen closet. Right? Today's therapy item is 3/4 of what should be the back of Debbie Bliss' "Farmyard Jacket" from "Farmyard Knits", in Cantata Cotton Crepe dk.


I took it out and began the delicate process of self examination. Looking within myself for the subtle barriers to completion. What are the obscure and enigmatic reasons that I've turned my back on this project? The answer came to me in a dazzling moment of clarity.

I freakin hate it.
I hate intarsia with cotton yarn. I hate knitting yarn with no stretch, I hate trying to weave the ends in on cotton intarsia and I hate how many stupid little ends there are. I hate how uneven cotton intarsia looks and I think that Debbie Bliss is a masochist. (Brilliant, but a masochist)
I may also have a problem with cows. I learned all of this (except for the cow thing) when I knit "The Bird Jacket". I must be a slow learner. How is it that I continue to allow myself to be seduced by the finished product when I would rather wash a live emu with my very own toothbrush than endure the process?

Now the question becomes this...I've knit 3/4 of the back, do I rip it out? Do I force myself to continue? Will it make me a better person to make good on my intention to knit this? If I did rip it out, what else would I use the yarn for? Slow learner I tell you. Painfully slow.
Maybe we shouldn't discuss what else is in the linen closet.

Posted by Stephanie at February 18, 2004 10:48 AM