April 10, 2004

Happy Fleeceter


See my pretty felted fleece egg? (Thank you Deni, for making it for me) See that it is resting on a finished front with a built in button band? Ha! Despite Aubergines reservations and the fact that I just broke with tradition, threw caution to the wind and boldly knit an attached button band...without even burning a skein of mohair at midnight under the full moon...everything is ok.

No locusts, no plague, no rain of fire or hailstones. In fact, it is a bright and lovely spring day. I'm taking that as a sign. The band is even, lovely and does not flare or pucker. I really think I'm on to something here. This could be goodbye to button bands forever.
I've put pins where I want button holes on the other side, and as long as I can work out a button hole I like, today should be the end of the boring cardie. Anybody know a buttonhole that looks particularly good in twisted rib? I hate button holes in rib. They always look wonky.

You know, for just hauling off and trying something like that without so much as a swatch (hear that? No Swatch. Sends a shiver down the spine of cautious knitters everywhere) that went pretty well. I've done some big frogging in my time, but the Boring Cardie holds a record for the sweater with the most risks taken with fewest consequences. As a general rule I expect to be punished by the Knitting Forces for my lack of respect and cavalier attitude. My list of offences for this particular project include:
-Not swatching.
-Not using a pattern, and not rewriting the notes I made after the cat...er, decorated them, but instead relying on my own memory to replicate the raglan shaping on each piece.
-Not knowing what yarn I have, what the fibre content is or how much of it there is. (I'm going to have more than enough, by the way. Turns out that I'm a neurotic mess. Who knew?)
-Giving the sweater a name I'm sure it finds objectionable.
-Mocking button bands openly, and within hearing of the yarn.
-Saying "this should be quick" out loud.

and yet...nothing. (Hold on, I'm just going to run into the other room to see if my knitting has burst into flames) This time, I'm either going to get away with it, without needing to so much as tink back one row, or I'm going to put my eye out with a darning needle during the making up.

Posted by Stephanie at April 10, 2004 11:07 AM