April 14, 2004

What are you trying to do?

After consultation with you guys, the mother of the child, and the child, embellishment has been accomplished. Snakes.


Slytherin snakes, to be precise. Harry Potter forever. (In case you can't tell, it is also important for me to tell you that these are highly poisonous snakes. Very Dangerous. As you all should know by now, if you are a child the "coolness" factor of an item increases in direct proportion to the perceived hazard of said item. Eg, garter snakes = not cool. Highly poisonous, choking snakes with big fangs and an evil plan = very cool. )

As I was discussing the embellishment of the boring sweater, there were those among you (you know who you are). Who suggested things that are, ahem, Not Cool.
To take the most extreme suggestion "rabbits" (or "bunnies" as the bigger thug child in the schoolyard is going to call them as he stomps on this unfortunate child's new sweater) are not cool. Even if the child that this sweater is for "really likes rabbits", he is not going to like the consequences of wearing a bunny coat. What are you trying to do to the kid? Why not just pin a note to his back that says "Take me out back and rough me up", or "Put my head in the toilet, Please" or "Lock me in my locker" or "Throw the volleyball at my face" or how about "Don't worry, I didn't ever want a girlfriend anyway". There is no way that this boy survives a game of Dodge Ball, or gets the cookies from his lunch or escapes a nickname like "bunny boy". I'm having no part of that.

Today, I'm going to finish the purple socks (yeah, good one eh? I'm laughing too.) and start thinking about what to do with my really good Lornas laces sock yarn.


Remember this? Well I'm sick to death of my standard plain sock pattern, and I want one that makes the most of the yarn, so we're going to try a little something here. Reader directed sock knitting. You guys suggest the patterns, I'll vet them and put the choices up, y'all vote....you pick it, I knit it. Go nuts.

Posted by Stephanie at April 14, 2004 11:27 AM