April 22, 2004

The morning after.


That didn't make the socks any funnier. (I'm considering whether I had enough chocolate and wine...perhaps moderation was my mistake) Today, since the socks have all but sucked the very will to live from my body, today we answer comments.
(Before I answer comments, I just want to say this: Ken, I noticed that you didn't comment. I actually noticed that you haven't been around here much since you started this whole entrelac thing. Don't think that you can get me into this and then just wander off. I have not forgotten that the socks were your idea buddy...you aren't just going to walk away from that. No sir. I don't care if you fear my wrath, stand up and take it like a man. I have linked to you so that my readers may take this issue up with you on your own blog. Stop that laughing.)

Dear Commenters:

-Thank you for the wine tips. I am going to the liquor store today to see if "better wine" (and not just "more wine") will improve my attitude toward the socks. I personally am not holding out much hope, but a decent wine never hurt.

-Thank you (I think) for the voyeuristic interest in me knitting these socks. I appreciate your thoughts (like "better you than me") and the way that you are popping by the blog to see how I'm doing much like you would slow down to look at an accident.

-Thank you for contacting my Nana.

-Thank you for giving me permission to abandon the socks if it comes to that. At present I am still walking around referring to myself in the third person and being all brave. I'm saying stuff like "The Harlot does not quit", "The Harlot cannot be defeated". It helps, the third person always does. Try it. "(Insert Your Name Here) cannot be silenced." See?

-Thank you for telling me that your Lornas Laces is doing the same thing. (Thanks for telling me that *now* especially. Not, you know, when I showed you the yarn or anything.

-Thank you for suggesting that I cast on the second one right now. Good thinking. Darned good thinking. I think I'll wait though, I never implied that I was going to knit both did I?

-Thank you (to Aubergine especially) for asking me about the heel and gussets. The impending horrors sent fresh waves of nausea through me, and re-doubled my efforts to have some kind of *accident* with the yarn. What was it you suggested? Having it stolen? I'l consider the possibility of taking a hit out on my knitting if the heel is half as bad as you infer.

-Thank you for calling me "inspirational". It's so wonderful to know that long after the (*&^%$!!! Entrelac socks have killed me/driven me mad I'll be remembered fondly.

Speak well of me....

Posted by Stephanie at April 22, 2004 9:51 AM