July 9, 2004


Dear Dublin Bay Socks.

I am very sorry for what happened last night. I never meant for you to find out this way. I thought that if I took you to The Dream in The Park,


we could have a beautiful evening together, and forget that we haven't had much time for each other. I realized when I saw your low key colours and unassuming lace pattern that I still love you. You are so good to me and the children love you so,


and I don't think that we would have had such a good time without you there. When I saw you under the stars in High Park, with the trees swaying above us and the stage lights glittering off of your needles, I remembered all the things that I love about you. I know you suspected all along that there was someone else, and I shouldn't have pretended that there wasn't a problem.


I beg your forgiveness then, for accidentally jamming you into the same pocket as Lauries roving socks, I know it was a horrible way for you to have to learn about my vicious deception. I swear that I didn't know they were coming, I wouldn't have shoved them in your face like that, I didn't ever imagine that they would be in the front pocket of my backpack... I'll talk with them. I'll tell them to please stop following me around, It's just a fling, the flashy colours, I swear it. Please....after all we've done together, The water park? The movies? Riverdale Farm? Was all that nothing to you?

It's not you, it's me.

Posted by Stephanie at July 9, 2004 12:59 PM