July 16, 2004

Poor little socks

I love this yarn.


You know how it is with a yarn that is just so beautiful, every few rows you lay it on your lap and run your hands over it. I pull on the bobbles and lace, and admire the softness. Wonderous good it is, and a pleasure to knit. The two ends are done, and I'll make a decision about what lace to put in the middle sometime after I've triumphantly knit the baby sweater. I have stuffed the cotton into a clear plastic zipper bag prison and sent it to the rear of the stash. It has been replaced by a decent, upstanding, reliable wool purchased from my local this morning.


I may also have come home with a fair bit of baby wool.....


but we shall not speak of this, or how much baby wool this means I have in total. (I love 100% wool for babies. I really do. Discuss)

A while ago Aubergine sent a comment about the Dublin Bay Socks. He wrote:

I can't help but wonder about those dublin bay ones tho- they don't look any longer since any of the other photos. Could it be you're just taking the socks with you and _not_ actually working on them?

Ahem. A careful forensic examination of the photographs will reveal that while progress on the Dublin Bay socks is shamefully slow, they are actually a little bit bigger in each photo. I admit that I'm not making good time, but it's not like I'm not working on them. The problem is that they are my bus knitting. This is a problem because it's summer, and I don't take the bus. I ride my bike. Me and my little harlotites are in training for our annual family vacation which is always an epic bike ride.

This will be our third serious bike trip. The first year (when our youngest was 8) We rode our bikes from Toronto to Niagara falls. (200 km) Last summer we looked for more of a challenge and rode the 400 km from Toronto to Gananoque (The Thousand Islands) and carried our camping gear on our bikes, camping in Provincial Parks all the way there.

This year, after what should be a fabulous trip to Newfoundland to see Joe's family, we will meet Ken in PEI with the bikes and ride our way through the province. (Camping all the way) I know this sounds nuts, but I assure you that it is fun. It is a rather complicated way to wrangle a trip to Fleece Artist, but a Harlot's gotta do what a Harlot's gotta do.

Expect progress on the Dublin Bay socks to be slow as long as we are riding 20-40 km a day to get ready. I've explained all this to the socks, and they are looking forward to the Maritimes.

More details later, but for now....


I've been promised a recipe for cherry cake, and discovered that a 2mm needle makes an excellent cherry pitter.

Posted by Stephanie at July 16, 2004 2:47 PM