August 5, 2004


There really is no time to blog today, but I feel that I must take a moment to thank my brother in law Ben for saving my life. When I staggered over to his house on an errand, Ben gave me a beer, listened to me come unglued about the insane work deadline, sympathized about getting ready for the trip and most of all enlightened me about the lifeline that is MMC. (Modified Macaroni and Cheese)


While away from his wife and children and eating like a bachelor, Ben combines these two elements, white cheddar mac and cheese and Pataks Mango Pickle in oil, elevating a simple dinner for the desperate into a heretofore unknown glory of boxed food. Trust me. Ben is a genius. Eat it and know what real inspiration is. (I understand that you think that Ben and I are both off our nut. That we have been driven by a childless state into believing that this is good food, when really it is a poison that I am now trying to fob off onto you so that we may all descend together into the abyss of overwork and weirdness that is my life. Eat it anyway.)

While I sit glued to the computer, frantically and (probably) hopelessly trying to meet a writing deadline, water for this inspired instant dinner is coming to a boil in the kitchen. I have eaten it for dinner, and am repeating it for lunch and see no reason not to solve my supper crisis tonight with it as well.

Despite trying to drink way less coffee, the poncho-a-thon continues, (as does my complete inability to take a picture that accurately depicts its colour).


My unfettered pointy poncho love shows no sign of abatement, though I did somehow avoid buying a Mango Moon recycled silk poncho kit at the Stitch and Bitch last night. It was incredible, I walked away. You should have seen me.

Posted by Stephanie at August 5, 2004 1:43 PM