August 13, 2004


Driving along the southern shore of Bonne Bay near Woody Point, we were eating cinnamon buns, knitting in the car and watching for moose. (I take back the knitting thing. Mostly in Newfoundland I just hold my knitting. The views are so stunning that I don't seem able to look away long enough to move my hands, although I've started to ration the Dublin Bay socks. I'm only allowing myself a row here and there or they will be finished long before I show them Prince Edward Island.) The mountains looming over the bay were so spectacular that I decided that it was time for another rousing game of "torture the children by making them all get out of the car and stand at another scenic view while I take their picture". (They love this game, Joe too.) I lined them up, threatened to "pants" Joe to make them smile, snapped the shot and turned around, and there it was. A big sign by the side of the road.
"Aunt Maggie's Homespun"

We followed the sign, (no choice really) and found a charming house in Woody Point, with fleeces drying in the sun all over the backyard and the wonderful Margaret King (Aunt Maggie herself) smiling and welcoming us. She's a charming hostess, and her knitting is to die for. Maggie confirmed that I've been doing thrums right (She's a thrummed knitting expert.) and Joe admired her beautiful gloves and mittens. Turns out that Maggie doesn't spin the yarn herself, but ships off her fleeces to Briggs and Little, then they spin it, dye it and ship it back. Lovely stuff, and seems softer than other B&L that I've had.

Swooning, I chose yarn and made a big pile. I got enough of "Quoddy Blue" for a sweater (with buttons made from moose antlers), two skeins of a Salt and pepper ragg for Meg to knit a scarf, two more skeins for mittens....and handed over my credit card to take the hit. Did it really matte what it cost? When am I coming back to Newfoundland? Souvenir Yarn makes total sense. I brace myself.


I love Newfoundland.
(PS, Kathy, I bought you a present, but it's not yarn)

Posted by Stephanie at August 13, 2004 10:27 AM