August 22, 2004

Almost Home

The bike trip is over. Our arses have not yet recovered, so I'm reluctant to sit here for very long. Thusly, I give you point form.
-PEI very beautiful. Seeming yarn shortage.
-PEI has many, many hills. (Actully, I do not believe that one single acre of it is flat. The whole thing is beautiful gently rolling picturesque hills that threaten to rip the muscles from your thighs if you are cycling up them for hours on end.)
-I loved it anyway.
-I am in Cape Breton.
-I went to Baadeck Yarns.
-I am having trouble making my new fleece artist friends fit in the suitcase.
-Kelly is lending me a suitcase. It only has yarn in it now.
-If they pick my suitcase to spot-check at the airport tomorrow, it will probably take me another 72 hours to get home, since I think that is how long they can hold you for "observation" at the institute for mental health.
-I am coming home tomorrow.
-Normal blogging (with pictures) to resume on Tuesday. (Barring the whole mental hospital thing).
-I miss you all.

I'm going to say goodbye to the ocean, watch the stars come out and hope for a little of the Northern lights.

Posted by Stephanie at August 22, 2004 8:34 PM