October 4, 2004

Hope springs eternal.

I'm out of my mind. I know that this is not news to any of you...but I live in a special and delightful world of denial. I wake up every day, having learned nothing at all from the previous 24 hours and proceed to make all the same mistakes again. Here are some things that I can't seem to get through my head.

-Every single morning when I wake up, I do so believing that this is the day that I am going to catch up on the laundry. I believe this fully and with satisfaction. The fact that I have never...every been caught up on the laundry, not once in my whole adult life does not deter me from thinking that this is the day that it all comes together. Every night when I have once again failed completely, I am shocked. (Note to self: Give up. Please. Before you hurt yourself.)

- I persist in thinking that a birthday party with seven 13 year old girls is going to be "just fine", and "not much work". (Megan's birthday is in August, but we always have her party later when school is back in) I even thought that I would sit and knit while they did their thing. Astonishing. Instead the shrieking, giggling, gaggle of pubescent girls ate, danced, and screamed their way through my sanity and a whole whack of food.

-I am a dork. I left the party full of whacked out teenyboppers Megan's friends to go to the Knit Wit launch party at Lettuce Knit. (Sorry Joe). When I told one of Megan's buddies that I was going to a party for a book about knitting, she laughed out loud. I am a dork. I don't know why I forget this. Any attempts to convince your average 13 year old urban girl that knitting is cool will be met with open mocking, pointing and laughing. It is also possible that they sneered. I can't prove it.
Hey Amy? When I came back with the book, one of the girls looked it over and said "I guess some of this knitting is ok". I know this sounds like dull praise. It is not. Remember the mocking. These girls are merciless and quick. They tolerate Megan's knitting because she is so cool that the occasional uncool action can be forgiven. I however, am a mother in my 30s. Everything about me is uncool. You should see my pants, it's a wonder I'm allowed to leave the house. The very fact that a 13 year old girl could look at superdork-mother-me, standing there, holding a knitting book... and somehow find a way to agree with me on any level, about anything, for any period of time? Well. The knitting in this book must be cool enough to transcend the 13 year old girl-geek filter. Congratulations and yes, the silken is not scritchy. You are right.)

-I think I knit much faster than I do. I have finished one sleeve and a front.


I am currently casting on the back for the fourth time, due to a string of moronic counting mistakes. Yes. Counting. The fates are not with me.

Posted by Stephanie at October 4, 2004 1:01 PM