January 24, 2005


So, I knit and knit all weekend and I didn't finish the mitten. I knit other stuff. Well, that and I engaged in my new hobby..shovelling out the front walk. (What? Don't look at me like that. What's wrong with you people. Did you really think I was absolutely going to finish like I said? You come here every day, you read the whole thing at the top that says "Yarn Harlot", you email me and say "Hey Harlot" but all of a sudden I don't remain faithful to a knitting project and wander off with some other tantalizing little fibre hussy and all of you are shocked? C'mon. Get it together people. HARLOT. What did you expect? Wipe the surprise off your face and get it together. I'm still giving away stuff today. I only fell down on the mittens. )

Ok. So now you are all wondering what could have tempted me away from my loving, faithful little MSF mittens and I have to tell you...it didn't take much. It snowed and snowed and my feet stayed frozen enough to give me focus, and I finished the fuzzy feet.


I've put my foot beside them for scale, but really, the best indication that they are freakishly huge pre-felting is that they can be worn as a hat. (No, I'd rather not discuss what prompted me to put it on my head. )


I felted them in three trips through the washer. because they are small, and because I was really behind on the laundry I felted them by just tossing them in Mr. Washie with the dark wash. Yup. Every time I did a load I tossed them in with it. When they were the right size...I put them in the dryer with the other laundry. How's that for a felting technique?


I love them a lot, and they are really warm and cozy. I made the ladies medium, which was a pretty classic mistake, since like every other thing I have ever knit for myself in my whole life...they are a little big. I labour under the delusion, despite being a pretty small person, that I am a medium. All three of my daughters, including the 10 year old, have bigger feet than me and I think I am a medium. Classic.

Thank you

Sit down, take a deep breath, and look at the total raised for MSF. You guys are incredible. Simply incredible. The generosity you have shown is absolutely boggling. The first deserving recipients of thank you gifts are below, (I've emailed the winners, to prevent confusion among people with the same first name, if you didn't get an email...it isn't you. If you think see your name here, check your email before you get excited.) and the party goes on all week. I refuse to say which day the mittens will be done.
(For anybody who wonders about these things....I used a random number generator to pick)

Laurie's beautiful handspun sock kit goes to Leslie B.


Susan's beautiful stitch markers go to Beth S.

2 skeins of Collinete One Zero in Cezanne from Shannon go to Kate W.

A copy of Knitlit, also from the very generous Shannon goes to Lizabeth C.

550 yards of a wool/silk blend handspun by Sandi goes to Sandy!


I know that goodness is it's own reward, but these gifts are a nice bonus...don't ya think? My most sincere thanks to Laurie, Shannon, Susan and Sandi for giving such wonderful presents. Feel the love everybody. Honk if you can't wait for tomorrow.

Finally, Laurie from Michigan made the adorable "Wool house" button that is new on my sidebar. Gives a whole new meaning to "cute as a button" doesn't it? Steal at will, but remember to save it to your own computer.

I'm going to go work on the mittens. Probably.

Posted by Stephanie at January 24, 2005 2:38 PM