March 15, 2005

I believe

The whole time this book thing has been going down I've been waiting for the punch-line. I'm a person who deals pretty well with disappointment (knitting has it's purposes) and even though the whole thing with writing a book seemed real, I reserved judgement. Sure, taking the manuscript and paying me and flying me to Massachusetts seemed real, and certainly if it were a joke it was an extremely elaborate one...but who knows what motivates people. Writing a book was such a dream job that I was careful not to get to invested. You never know. When they sent the contract I thought it was a good sign. When they read the manuscript I thought it was another positive move. When they had little mock-ups of the pages sent to my house I thought that if this was a farce designed to make me the butt of a very complex ruse that they were taking it a little far. Similarly, taking orders on Amazon should have meant that they intended to go through with it, but since I possess the traits of pessimism, low-self esteem and acceptance, I thought there was still a way for it to go wrong. I didn't get my hopes up. Editors get fired, publishers go bankrupt, warehouses burn and booksellers could decide they don't like my hair. Things happen and I was not going to be disappointed. Just because writing a book is one of the most fulfilling things that could ever happen to me and lends purpose to my existence and fills me with an exuberant joy that makes my whole self ache with happiness and excitement....
I was not going to believe. Not until I saw it.


Yee haw.

It's a real book. My name is on the front, my picture is on the back and the words that I scribbled on envelope backs and typed into this computer are printed inside. I believe, I believe, I believe. The publisher tells me that truckloads (that's the word she used ~truckloads~) are enroute right this very minute to the shops. I can scarcely breathe. I'm going to give one shameless plug for the book, ( I can't help myself. I really can't. I wasn't going to do it and then I did it anyway.) and then I'm going to go have a lie down. With the book.

If you are in Canada, you can get the book from here, or find a local independent to support here. If you are a Canadian bookseller, you can contact Thomas Allen (the Canadian distributor) to get in touch with the rep. for your area.

If you are in The States the Amazon link is here, your local independent can be found here, and if you want to sell it in your shop you can contact Storey Publishing.

Now, I'm going to go knit and read my book. I know. Even though I wrote it, somehow each and every word is freakin gripping. (I recognize that I should be ashamed a little about that, but I can't help it. I'll be ashamed tomorrow.)
My book. Holy crap.

Posted by Stephanie at March 15, 2005 12:35 PM