April 26, 2005

Walking in Memphis

Memphis is going to be a hard act to follow. I loved it. Yesterday morning I ate grits (grits are pretty good) and biscuits. Forgive me southerners...I believed until yesterday morning that I had eaten a biscuit. I was completely wrong. All pretenders served to me in my life prior to my epiphany yesterday were nothing that even began to resemble the wondrous item served to me yesterday. Crazy good.
(Please do not tell me it's because they make them with lard. I don't want anything to come between me and a real biscuit.)


The socks enjoyed Memphis sights yesterday, rolling around in a bed of azaleas. (Note to Canadians: Azaleas are not a houseplant. They are a huge bush, some as tall as the houses.) I have never seen anything like them. These ones are in Pat's garden (Pat was my lovely guide) and she let me visit them when I was absolutely gob-smacked by the size, number and glory of them. I kept rolling down the car window and saying "look at that!" She finally stopped the car, poor thing.


This one is for my Mum. Roses...in APRIL.


The sock visited Elvis on Beale Street. I loved Beale Street, they have streetcars, and the smell of bbq was intoxicating. (Even vegetarians know a good thing when they smell it.)


This one is for Joe. I went to Sun studios just because Joe couldn't. (Joe? This place is the size of the main floor of our house. I have no idea why we are paying for that huge space.)


Now...the best part. The Memphis Knitting Guild. I loved these guys. They co-ordinated with Sarah to get me to Memphis (I understand that Lisa was invaluable. Thanks so much Lisa) and helped get the word out. The signing was packed....I was honoured and stunned, and after the signing...


Dinner with the guild. I'm so delighted to discover that no matter how different you might think a place is...the knitters are the same.
Memphis was a pleasure and a delight. I don't think I have ever met nicer, more welcoming people...it could not have charmed me more.

Today I've already flown from Memphis to Columbus Ohio. Then driven through the prettiest countryside to Mount Vernon. The yarn shop is cute as a button and I can hear the church bells from my hotel. I can't wait to meet everyone this evening. On an another note, yesterday I visited four yarn shops. I bought something in 2 of them. I'm starting to do the math on this tour. I'm going to need a way bigger suitcase.

Posted by Stephanie at April 26, 2005 9:19 AM