July 26, 2005


Since the BBB (boring baby blanket) and I are still....well. Boring. How about some pictures from my first visit to New York City? (I told you I would get around to it. It takes me a while, but I get there. I haven't forgotten Boston. I'll do it soon.)

New York was one of the first things that I did for the book and I was awestruck.


I was worried because I kept getting all these emails from all these people who said "Seriously...you're speaking at Lord & Taylor?"
Several of the more convinced and concerned suggested that I double check with Sarah-the-wonder-publicist and see if she was maybe a) smokin' the stash (if you know what I mean) b) being misled by cruel New York Corporate types. c) Wrong.

I wasn't worried because I didn't know what Lord & Taylor was. (If I had, I would have been deeply concerned.)
Lord & Taylor (it turns out) is an old and established department store. The kind that sells "foundation garments on the 8th floor" and has the ladies who spritz you with perfume (if you are slow) on the way in.

As I walked through Lord & Taylor, accompanied by several official people at all times (they must have noticed me sizing up the exits) I started to worry. I knew there would be a microphone. I didn't like that idea. I knew there would be people. Usually I kind of like people, especially knitting people, but all of a sudden I didn't like that either. I made a mental note of the elevator location (always know the way out.) and stepped onto the 11th floor....and there were knitters. Tons. Lined up. (I will admit that for a minute I wondered who they were there to see.) I was hustled by the wranglers (Plural. I must look like trouble) into a back room where I signed about 250 copies of the book in 30 minutes. (Adrenaline. I'm sure of it.)

Now I don't know how I looked to those knitters. (Probably pale and weird. Oh, and sweaty. Let's not forget sweaty.) but this is how it looked if you were me.




Scary eh?
The after part was a hoot...I met knitters and bloggers and the friends of knitters and bloggers....there were so many that the world whirled quickly around me....oh, that may have been the wine.

The Ladies of the Drafty Table (the best knitting group name ever)


Our lady Kay (and a friend of hers who was completely charming, and who's name I have forgotten. I was a little overwhelmed.)


more bloggers....Juno, Cassie and Cassie, New York fabulousness.


It was big, it was scary, it was incredible, it was....New York.
All of a sudden I feel nervous again.

Posted by Stephanie at July 26, 2005 3:00 PM