August 4, 2005

I like Portland

Portland has wicked karma. Reasons? Glad you asked.

1. Seriously beautiful city. You can see Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens (Though when it blew, even though you could hear it in BC, you couldn't hear it in Portland. The sound travelled the wrong way. A waiter told me that. The top of the mountain is gone. Crazy.) The city is clean and beautiful and full of trees and coffee.

2. Right. Peet's coffee. I think they are really in Berkeley, but every where you turn around in Portland...Peet's. The glorious brown elixer of life has never been better.

3. This guy.


This dude was so charming about holding the sock. He kept saying "just hold it?" (What else would you do buddy? It's a half knit sock. It's useless except as a knitting project or a holding thingie. ) He was perplexed to a degree that I found endearing. I finally told him not to think about it too much, and that's when I got the snap. I love the way that he looks like he's given up, but likes it.

4. Fab hotel. Great beer.

5.. Powell's. This is, and I don't have it in me to lie to you....not even to defend Canadian bookstore pride, the best bookstore I've ever been in. The place is huge. (They give you a map. You need a map).

6. Stunning knitters. This is at Powell's where there was a microphone (which still totally flips me out. I don't know who they think I am.) and the knitters where a whack of fun. Portland knitters ask deep questions. Deep.


Check out the reciprocal blogging in this one. They're blogging me while I'm blogging them. If you think it's hard to explain your feelings about knitting? Try explaining that.


My favourite moment, when a lovely knitter confided to the other 80 knitters that she feels separation anxiety when she finishes a project. She feels sad to let it go. I thought for a minute, then (suspecting the answer) asked her how many projects she had on needles at once. Perhaps not enough?
When she replied "One at a time", the whole room heaved an enormous "Ohhhhhhhh" and knew instantly what she should do. More projects at once. Takes the sting out of finishing something. (Sort of gives you the feeling you never finish anything, but it takes the sting out of the finishing nicely.)

This was the pile of books I signed with my unreasonably long name after everybody left. (By the way...the hyphenated name? Big mistake. I would have totally made it shorter if I'd have known I would be writing it this much.)


See the sock? See the sock's new friends? In LA was presented with "Groupies" for the sock. These wee buddies for the sock made me laugh for....well. I'll let you know when I stop laughing.

Today was Seattle, (which is also a totally cool place) but I'm too tired to tell you anything. More tomorrow, after a morning flight to Vancouver.

Posted by Stephanie at August 4, 2005 11:16 AM