September 23, 2005


That's what time it is as I'm ricocheting out of Boston on my way to Atlantic City to go to Stitches. Since I am not a morning person (if we understand that to mean that if you speak to me before 9am and say anything other than "more coffee honey?" I am going to cry) I will be brief.

-Boston is very beautiful. Very.
-Boston is old. (Very)

-Paul Revere may have been a real guy.

-Boston has a knack for the gentle art of the reflecting pool.
-Some of the nicest knitters live in Massachusetts.
-Bethe is charming company and a fine driver.
-The Boston accent is absolutely impossible to mimic without sounding like Thurston Howell the Third. Don't try.
-Christina at the Sheep Shack knows how to throw a heck of a knitting party.
-She had 10 balls of trekking sock yarn in stock.


-Now she has none.

Posted by Stephanie at September 23, 2005 6:03 AM