February 3, 2006

We are many

My darling knitters...I am astonished.

The Knitterly homage to the Olympics will now have more participants than the actual Olympics in Torino, There's 2400 of them, and we're already at more than 2500 (if the update isn't there yet it will be soon) and you have no idea what kind of mess my inbox is. If it wasn't for Emma and S. Kate - both of whom I completely owe my sanity to, I would be a gibbering idiot, instead of someone who actually thinks all of these knitters will eventually be entered on the list.) We can all thank Kat as well, as she's the Official Librarian of the Knitting Olympics, and is doing a great job of keeping track of all the teams and groups. Leave her a note if she missed one. (Librarians love accuracy.)

What's rocking my world is that each and every one of the knitters on the list are striving for their personal best. I'm impressed with each and every name on the list because every name, every one of them is a celebration of two things.

1. Excellence in knitting. Every knitter on the list is trying to stretch their skills. Not everyone is cut out for self improvement, and I'm sure even if you are not part of the olympics you are busy striving for excellence in another element of your life...but all of these names are knitters trying to do it better. That elevates the craft. That makes it personal art. I'm proud of you all.

2. Challenge. Nobody tries to do better without challenge. It is the elevating force of humanity, and at the risk of sounding like a motivational speaker...challenge is good for you. A chinese proverb reads:

The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.

I'm a long way from perfect, but I'm closer for trying, and so are you.
Knit on.


All tinks sweaters, all the time around here. (Can you tell that my enthusiasm is weak at the moment? )


This here is the first of two sleeves. When it is done I need another the same (Bored? Me? No way. I'm just ummm....waiting for the olympics.) then I cut six steeks (two fronts, four sleeves) knit button bands and neck bands and I, my friends, I am outa tinkville.
This needs to happen pretty quick, since I'm out of town all of this weekend and next week, and I wanted to finish the Tinks before I started Hardangervidda. Did I show you the yarn?


(What? You didn't think I was going to knit it the way it is in the picture, did ya?) The choice of colours likely also tells you that I'm not knitting it for Joe. This ones for me. (The Olympic advantage of that is getting to do a 36" chest instead of a 48" one. I might be crazy, but I'm not stupid.)

Finally, go fill up Sandy's inbox. It's her bloggiversary.
Sandy is a consistent force for love and good in the blogosphere. I have the privilege of calling her friend in my private life, and I tell you this: If there is a gentle kindness leaking out around anyone, it is Sandy.
Sandy loves skies, so this ones for her.


(Sorry about the weather Sandy.)

Posted by Stephanie at February 3, 2006 2:34 AM