February 14, 2006

Good thing apologies are free.

There are several people I need to apologize to.

1. Judith MacKenzie McCuin, for not only telling some people that I thought she was a goddess, but to confessing to her face that I would be perfectly happy to spend the rest of my life following around her lovely self, standing behind and to the left of her...never speaking, just trying to be worthy. There is nothing this woman could not make interesting. Nothing. Better than that, she taught me to spin laceweight...


That's a penny for scale. It's exceedingly fine, though I concede to it's problems (painful lack of ply-twist, just for starters) but I love it anyway. I'm thinking about getting it its very own velvet box. Anybody could spin that if they talked to Judith. She's remarkable, but I probably shouldn't have told her that and followed her around quite so many times. Sorry Judith.

2. Nancy Bush. What can I say. The woman is as inspired in person as in her books. I knit Estonian lace, I fell in love with Nupps....she's great. Really great. (I eventually did speak to her several times. She's very nice and not at all scary.) The apology? Oh yeah. Rose-Kim/Jessica and I sort of ended up sitting next to each other in Nancy's class, and, well. We both felt sort of bad about it but at 2:00 it was Knitting Olympics time and while Nancy did this:


We did this.


(Oh, hold on. I owe Jessica an apology too.)

3. Jessica. When Nancy came over to our table to see our Estonian lace, I put down my olympic stuff real quick but Jessica got busted. Sorry pet. Better luck next time. I felt bad, but not bad enough not to take a picture.)

(Note that while she looks sad and regretful, she has not put down the olympic knitting.)

I'd like to apologize to the crowd I spoke to that evening, for putting their pictures on the internet with a sleeve. (Cause you know....it's so much less crazy with a sock.)



4. I'd like to apologize to all of Knitting Team Canada, for bitterly muttering under my breath being regretful that I could not attend the opening ceremonies party. Their party looked like this.
Mine looked like this.


I'm over it, sure they had no fun without me, planning better for the closing ceremonies.

5. Sally Melville deserves an apology for how hard I laughed when she temporarily lost... and consequently searched for a misplaced double pointed needle, which was then located IN HER KNITTING.


(Apparently being a fountain of knitting books and information and travelling around the world teaching people to knit will still not save you from dumbass knitter mistakes. I don't know about you...but I love that. )

For the rest of today I'll be still be working on the first sleeve of Hardangervidda.


(Let's not discuss my slow progress and how very, very humiliating darned funny it's going to be if I'm the only knitter who doesn't get a medal.) Onward ho!

Posted by Stephanie at February 14, 2006 12:10 PM